Admin Wiped our Bases & Such

The other day, I signed onto Exiles official PVE server 3730 and my clan’s bases were all wiped, we lost almost 90% of our stuff. Named thralls, greater pets, legendary weapons, tons of resources, etc. Crates and freezers filled with stuff, years worth of grinding, acquiring, etc gone in an instant! Checked the event log and it said Admin demolished them. I managed to salvage what little I could. We will never be able to put that much time into getting that much back. All because the Admin selfishly wiped us. No reason given, nada. Haven’t replied to my messages either. Today I spoke with another clan and the same thing happened to their bases. What the hell is going on? Funcom has really lost their shit recently!

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I ask, has anyone on 3730 recently had their stuff wiped by the Admin? Are they gearing up for a full on server wipe or merge, or permanent shut down? I’ve noticed despite a lot of players on today a lot of areas in biomes, highlands especially seem somewhat bare when there were a lot of bases littered about. We regularly check our bases, this was the first server we played on years back and this never happened to us before. We’ve had many of our bases in the same spot since then and it was fine, no issues. Now, suddenly wiped out by a psychotic, (petty) power hungry admin. While there are other clans abusing the rules and still have bases all over.

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I noticed a couple of key words.
PVE and Bases** (plural).

As ironic as this might seem; When is the last time you read the rules?

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Recently as in yesterday

But, Also did you catch where I said “ While there are other clans abusing the rules and still have bases all over”.

On a guess.
A reckoning is coming.

And the fact that we’ve been playing on that server for years, having several bases with no issues with admin and had several players have no problems with our bases. One player brought up one of my bases (volcano) because he couldn’t get around it. I fixed it and it was fine since, but that was last year I believe. Technically he could get around it but I made it easier.
We’re also on other servers, same thing we have multiple bases and nothing has happened. To be honest, there are clans with more bases and much larger still intact.

Best guess, funcom admins are going to be going on a rampage and wiping servers. Maybe Funcom should stick with fixing their game before dishing out unnecessary punishment to faithful players that pay their bills and fill their pockets. Just a suggestion

Especially those who aren’t problem makers. Hell we even help clean up the servers by demolishing decayed bases. To help with performance issues and lag that causes players who deal with it grief, my girlfriend included. Since I moved over to ps5 I don’t have that problem but she’s on ps4 and has died from lag and being trapped In bases that didn’t pop up right away, happened to me when I was on ps4 too. so I feel for her and others

Greetings exile,

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