#6459 big base are wiped

Hello! On #6459 server we’ve got our base wiped today. 1 hour ago it was ok, but now (10:14 CET) we have no base. How this possible? We aren’t cheaters, undermeshers or something else. And as i can see, base of a undermeshed clan still stand on this server!.. Can i get some information about this? We had a cruel war on this server, 3 weeks long to get what we’ve got here.
Clan: Black Lotus

Did it block something? An pass or spawnarea?

Nothing important, no there is no NPC spawn or something else. Pass? Maybe through cave, but you can use another pass, we didn’t block something. i can see this cave builded on eeeevery server, and it stand still on some servers right now where i play. I don’t think it’s a reason because we didnt block anything important!


what does the event log say?

Nothing, just things lost stability, like it has been dismantled.

Which type of server are you on, PVE, PVE-C, PvP?

possible causes I can think of:
someone dragged a World Boss to your base, damage was taken.
Your base was attacked by other players.
Admin action was taken on your base.

I would recommend making an inquiry with ZenDesk

Other than that, I am at a loss.

It’s PvP and i pretty sure it’s admin action.

Funcom? up!

I don’t understand this.

If you are asking for FunCom to comment on this issue here, chances are not likely, the Zendesk link I provided is you best official channel to get an answer to this (if they have one to give.)

I don’t understand why i bought game with all DLC, played 3 weeks on pvp honestly, according the rules, got wiped by admin and cannot get an answer nowhere. Here, in zendesk, via mail. Nowhere

its seems to me that you are convinced you were wiped by an Admin.

What evidence do you have to support this?
Were you previously contacted by Admin regarding your activity in game?

I don’t play the PvP side of things, so I am not sure if players can destroy things without it showing up in the log.

Because it’s not raid time, it cannot be decayed (i was online in 10:00 am, base was COMLETELY destroyed in 11:10 am after server shutdown). Log haven’t enought free lines to show ALL things what happened, there is only "bla bla bla lost STABILITY). Nothing wasn’t able to dismantle this base in THIS time and with THIS speed exclude admin’s dismantle action.


happened to us aswell, entire base gone, log in to see bags everywhere…

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Please do not keep bumping threads. A member of the community team has already instructed you to submit a Zendesk request for this matter. We’re aware of this report and similar reports and looking into the matter. Details are sparse at the moment, but as soon as we know more we’ll let you know. Thanks for your patience!

Hey all,

We posted an announcement about this situation:

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