Bases lost on Official servers after Update

Hello, I am sorry if my formatting isn’t standard but new to posting here.

A PvE official server I have been on for sometime now has had several bases completely destroyed following the most recent update. I did a sweep of the forum and have submitted a ticket, but I am not seeing many reports of the same thing but hoping to get clarification.

The affected clans are either well respected in the server and have been around for a long time, or were clans that stayed to themselves. So, I am hoping to get some clarification or reasoning behind what happened. Was one clan reported, and then admins did a sweep of other bases in the server? One on the server claimed their event log said “foundation destroyed by admin” so this is my suspicion, but there was no communication with any affected parties. How can others continue to safely play on a server like this when other have hours of work poofed out of existence with no reasoning?

Exiles, is this normal? Thanks in advance for any help or clarification.

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i saw a lot of users play the blame game and it’s not fair. we’ve been all helping eachother for years.

agreed, but the hope is we find why and how to fix it (if possible… starting to feel like no one cares and especially funcom gives no f***s)

Is this also 1513?

Yes, sorry, im just seeing there are two threads

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You guys probably overbuilt over the years and broke the guidelines. Sorry but they never rollback or warn when they do this.

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Yes, this often happens based on my observation. Also, they sometimes ban and delete nearby bases by mistake, thinking they belong to the offending clan.


I’ve seen this happen based off of a six month old report. Some nice fellows with a 4x4 shack. :roll_eyes:

That’s off topic though. They probably won’t clarify and sorry to the people wiped.

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WTF… i get if people genuinely offended. but if so much of the server is affected, is there any chance for a rollback or complaint that actually results in anything? or it hopeless to fight this?

server is basically dead if they leave. but i guess funcom doesnt care about a handful of players who have spent 1k+ hours…

I’m not even one of the affected but this still seems insane to me

Not known funcom to ever change a ruling.

I am curious because I have heard it a few times before, just how does seniority put you above the ToC of a server?


Given what I’m reading about the current capabilities of hacks and since this seems to be confined to one server, so far, it will be interesting to see if the clans affected are banned after server reset. If not… Well, that has some pretty dramatic ramifications.

What would it say about the state of the game if you can’t know whether your pve base was admin deleted, lost to a bug or destroyed by hackers…

Other post that was closed suggests that it was admin wipes.

Either way, wherever there’s a benefit to the controller hacks can and will be used. PVE is no stranger to exploits.

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Its the when you call for “divine” intervention, they will focus on all the sinners and not just the ones reported on.

The sad truth is that anyone can go to a server and report to stir up the pot and all of those that are vested get punished while the noob that reported is not.

However I strongly suggest everyone (regardless of server type) review the TOS for officials and critically evaluation their bases to ensure it is not breaching and if there are grey areas that your build is obvious to the intent of the TOS (which is usually the concept of keeping all players in mind when you are building).

Which clans were impacted on 1513?

I hope it wasn’t the clan that maintained all of the Teleports.

In a nutshell:

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This has a very simple answer: File an appeal on the support ticket site.

Those are filed here:

…and here’s how that would go:

If the action was taken by an admin. it gets reviewed to make sure it was a proper hit (which it almost always is) and if so, no further action is taken. That’s the end of the flow chart there.

But if the action was NOT taken by an admin, then that’s when things get remarkably entertaining from an outside observer’s POV and complete and total hell from the POV of a developer.

So, that’s what you would do. But odds are, esp. on a PvE server, that the action was legitimate. You would not BELIEVE how many bases are in violation out there. I know of one group on a server that won’t be mentioned that has taken over the entirety of a map grid.

We just don’t care about it. But if someone came along and filed a ticket, there would be a LOT of wipes on that server.

(Not my stuff, though! :D)

You can’t file an appeal for a suspension.

The in game chat yesterday, it was asked if they checked the logs. They replied that it was an Admin wipe. They started throwing another clan, who was not on at the time, under the bus accusing them of false reporting, yadda-yadda-yadda. Today all those that were saying they were falsely wiped have been banned. Funcom investigate reports and act accordingly.

There are alot of comments stating that there should be a warning, first, there is. It’s on your screen every time you logon. If you don’t bother reading it, that’s on you. Second, I and others have in the past as a courtesy, have mentioned (warned) clans with massive footprints that they could get banned due ToC. I’ve even posted the link in chat for them. The result is me being told off and insulted. In the end they get wiped due to land claim abuse and the server performance is better.

On 1513, there many experienced players that build fantastic bases keeping within the ToC who are more than happy to guide less experienced players on understanding how to keep within the ToC.

Sadly, one of the offending clans openly stated in chat that they had over 4500 hours in the game. If that is true then they should have known better and did it anyway. No excuses, understand you made a mistake and move on.


So are you implying you’re the one that reported them?

You see, that’s why I don’t bother warning people.