Devwipes and Reports on PVP Officials

I’m going to start this off by first saying that I frequent the forums, read a lot of posts, read the posts provided by staff and refer to the ToC. I’ve also discussed various situations with Conan players and kept their advice and words in mind.

The purpose of that is to ensure that I, as a Conan Exiles player, keep informed and that I am following the rules.

I realize with this post speculation will arise regardless of what I say here. I am not going to attempt to assure people that everything is above board for that reason.

This is not a “wahhh I got devwiped because I did something wrong and don’t want to admit it” post. If I do something wrong, whether I know it or not, I accept it and do better…

However, it appears that there is indeed something wrong with the report system and how reports are handled.

The server I am on has become tainted. 8 clans in 1 week were devwiped and banned. EIGHT. Admins visiting multiple days in a row.

While I agree some of these situations warranted action being taken, specifically 2 with the possibly of 2 more which were ambiguous, the rest did not make sense in the slightest.

The reason given each time is provided in the screenshot. If we ask for further clarification we get the same response.

I will note that some clans that were affected had less than 4k building pieces, were not blocking POI, were not being toxic, racist, undermeshing, causing lag, stacked, gigantic bases or walls, hacking, exploiting or anything you can imagine would be a legitimate reason.

Some of the players on this server have suggested Admins are cleaning house for 3.0. Don’t know.

It has also been suggested that there are targeted mass reports. This has been an issue for months especially against 10 person pvp clans. Easier to get rid of a clan by sending in 20+ reports… this has effectively caused an exodus of players to leave the game.

So I wonder, is this happening on other servers?

Again, I accept consequences for my actions, however, I do not know the real reason when it has appeared that my clan and the other clans followed ToC and the forums.

What is happening?



Some clans cling to the exploits and cheats they have discovered. It’s normal for them to use cheats, but the real focus is just to fix the exploit and move on (not away).

Agreed but again:

“I will note that some clans that were affected had less than 4k building pieces, were not blocking POI, were not being toxic, racist, undermeshing, causing lag, stacked, gigantic bases or walls, hacking, exploiting or anything you can imagine would be a legitimate reason”

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is that… 1587?
and you by any chance are major? (judging by your name)

Hi, i am the leader (or co-leader) of the south american clan it was there. (char name, aerith)

if you are who i think you are, i do agree that your base wasn’t really that big, and to be honest, neither it was ours. maybe the problem was the MASSIVE enemy base we had right beside us.

what happened there was something i never seen before.
i was even wondering if the admins are even real persons or just bots who acts to every report.

What was really our crime to all those clans? HAVING A BASE, this is the problem with current rules especially if you are a 10 man clan in WAR.
How do you support a war effort when the buildings needed are so massive and even having to protect those buildings?.

What was more surprising was seeing even 3-5 man clans recieving the hammer.
The only who survived was the dude from insurrection but i think he is solo or duo.

Now, if you are not who i think you are, i apology for the confusion and ignore this message :stuck_out_tongue:


It is really unfortunate that this is what is happening to PvP servers especially, and I believe most players will recognize this term; Ban Meta. No one wants to raid large bases anymore, so they just report them and let the devs do the work. There are also groups that are known to report all the large bases they see upon entering a server, so they can “wipe” it and claim “alpha” status over it. Generally, these groups report using their accounts and alt accounts en masse, which floods the report system and gives a much higher chance of the devs taking action.
Another thing to consider is this; what should one do with their thralls in the case of a dev wipe? If they’re given to another clan, would that be dangerous for that clan as they have association with the old banned group?
Also, if another group builds in that space after the initial clan is banned and their base deleted, are they asking to be wiped as well simply for building in that location? If the location itself is the issue, why not offer a “Building is not allowed here” notice as is done with other areas already?
The ban system as it stands right now is very easy to abuse overall, and unfortunately there’s not much we can do about it- or to avoid it- unless we know the rules beforehand. No one enters a server and builds up with their clan thinking “I’m going to break these rules!” If we knew what was to be avoided more clearly, I feel like far less people would end up banned. It won’t address the issue of people spam reporting bases they don’t want to raid, but it would at least help somewhat.

Things to know would be stuff like;

  • Where is building actually allowed?
  • Going off of a low average for the more densely decorated areas of the map, what would a build/block count look like for clans?
  • What methods are considered acceptable for PvP groups to use to defend their base, if stacking, courtyard walls and thrall kill boxes (courtyard areas with lots of thralls inside that stand between the base and outside) are not?
  • How are we supposed to build anywhere that won’t stop resources from spawning? If blocking a tree from spawning is cause for a ban and base wipe, is there anywhere that’s safe?

My apologies for the long post, but there’s a lot to this issue that needs to be addressed if it’s going to ever be solved. With the addition of purchasable content coming in 3.0, having accounts banned left and right for breaking unspoken rules is a huge concern though, and this is a very good example of why things need to change.


Hey Aerith, yes.

I agree with you on a lot of points - something is wrong there and we can point fingers at who but ultimately it is the Admins that make the decision.

This is why we don’t report bases.


we actually do, remember when i said that we were going to report after?.
Because of course is easy for us to just report and not play the game.

but where is the fun of that?.
we actually have plenty of experience in report wars and there wasn’t a single case where our report didn’t end in a ban or admin wipe.

NOT A SINGLE ONE. one would say, wow, people likes to break the rules.
But the truth is that we report anyways even if we, ourselves considered that it didn’t break the rules.
(like in your clans case).

And surprise, surprise, it happened again.
admin wipe of more innocent players. (of course i consider myself innocent as well, our base wasn’t really that big)

Why do we do this?
Because people needs to realize and know how stupid the current rules are.
What is even more surpising is that even things like a map room, a stables, a wheel of pain or animal pen IS considered land claim

So my question is, How does funcom expect us to play the game if we aren’t even allowed to have the most basic of things?

its even funny that in next update they will add another TP network, but of course there is no way you can have that in officials without getting banned

and yet here we are.

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This issue is currently plaguing console official servers as well

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Given that the thread has transitioned into a specific instance as opposed to theoretical discussion, I suspect it will be closed by moderation. While I am hesitant to overly contribute bearing that in mind - I will say this; We are absolutely at the discretion of the ban review team. They have provided us with as much guidance as they are comfortable with in the TOS and subsequent addendum, but make no mistake there are MANY questions as to how we are supposed to conduct ourselves in PVP servers and remain within their judgment.

We tried and failed to conduct in significant productive dialogue with the ban teams leader here on the forum. The only meaningful gains in clarity we made were in regard to walls and villages as seen in the edits to the addendum. It is unclear to me if we failed in communicating our questions fully (I blame the lack of moderation for this specifically) or if the scope of our questions were greater than they wished to provide answers for - given that they would later be beholden to those answers.

I empathize with your desire for a clearer understanding of what is and isn’t allowed with the ever evolving metas on official PVP servers, I do not think you will find it.


In that case… To anyone reading through this post, I will ask that you disregard the posts referring to specific instances and instead please focus on the core messages within this thread. Many players have strongly negative feelings and experiences regarding the topic, and because of that it is always going to generate some such comments. The issue itself, however, is not something that will go away on its own unless something changes; and I’d much rather see things change for the better than continue to get worse, to the point where we may lose our community all together.


As an an example:

I submitted a report on a PvE server.

These players built in the Exile Lands on the Scorpion Queen’s place which caused some resources to disappear, as well as enemies in said dungeon.

This was considered illegal and said player was banned.

Such situations can also be viewed as an evil act against other players.

And that’s why a ban is passed as a judgment.

There are many different reasons why a ban can come into effect.

The above is just one of them.

ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ

I hope this thread stays as it is a serious issue and it’s far to easy for someone who hasn’t been affected by this treatment to just simply say nothing will change or follow the rules. I watched the live stream and saw countless comments asking about the banning. One could say maybe they didn’t see it… it was asked many times instead they answer questions about poop being added to the game. All we want is to be able to play official servers without being banned. How can anyone consider buying a battle pass when you can be banned at any moment on official servers. People need to stop ignoring this issue and pretending it doesn’t exist. If the update was simply getting rid of the banning system I for one would be happy with just that.



i love this game and the only thing i need is being able to have a base for the most basic things you need.

thats pretty much it, i am not asking to quit moderation entirely. just let people have a base, thats it. specially for 10 man clan who need to have a little of everything to be able to do stuff.

like i said before, the problem will get worse if they add stuff like the TP that is going to change the meta PVP and not change how the report/rules work.

The issue here, as being demonstrated, is clearly how the report system works.

I would hazard a guess that their procedures include a certain number of reports for 1 “issue” being an automatic devwipe and ban. Of course, I do not know, this is a guess.


There will be people who report for others existing. How that report is addressed makes a huge difference in the outcome.

I agree that there needs to be a method to address problems but let us circle back to the OP at hand - the system is flawed both in game and Zendesk.

i honestly think is a bot, we have done this a lot and is always the same, report, wait 1 or 3 days, someone gets the hammer.
is clear that they don’t even check who they are banning, the day we got ours, 3 clans were deleted, but some where left alone, that tells me that they don’t actually check the server, only the reports. we reported back and everyone who got reported got their ban.
even if WE even think their base was fine, and it was true, yours didn’t even had a trebuchet to defend and only 4 temples in total.

and yes, the temples are important for pvp, both for gods and some meta stuff like antidote, ambrosia, yog feast, zath spear… ect.

the system IS broken and i dare anyone who disagrees to try have a base in pvp official.


I’ve considered it being a bot yes.

Reporting someone for 3 hyenas is really ridiculous.

That with the scorpion queen wasn’t ridiculous, because outside and inside the dungeon there were no more opponents and resources.
So this was wrong.
Silver could only be won if you had the silvervein nose.

Several players had also written to the clan. After 14 days without an answer, we were all fed up and reported the clan, that was the only option.


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I had to clean this thread. Please keep your comments on topic and constructive.