Devwipes and Reports on PVP Officials

Yes I recall that discussion well and appreciated your insights.

Staying on topic here is integral to moving the discussion further.

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i actually talked about this, six months ago, they called me a madman.jpg (thanos reference)

This is not new, in that occassion i was baned for blocking the spawn of a leopard near the eye that never closes. that was what the ban message said xD, “block content of the game” XD

Now, looking back i do agree that the base was big, but at the moment i did NOT know that .
i can show a screenshot but yes, the base was too big for today standards.
i builded the base around the gigant god bubble, i mean, is natural that your base has the size that the god bubble provides, right?
Well, funcom disagreed.

my point is that the rules weren’t clear enough and now its happening the same but its probably even worse.
you can get banned from pretty much anything.

i suggested a building limit per clan but idk if that will actually solve the problem.

I read this entire thing when you posted it and kept up with the discussion. People were so unforgiving but I understood what the concern was… my clan and I have witnessed the report wars on other servers and when they made the Zendesk changes it flipped the table.

As I understand it, it’s not a building piece or size issue insomuch as the impact it has on the server as a whole… sounds kind of, backwards?

From what i understand, base that are too big affect the server, i understand that.
as for what affects the server and what not is another story, fence foundation for example, i understand was one of those issues but they actually fixed in game, you cannot make fence foundation stacking anymore and that is what i think they should do as well, just limit what your want to limit and end of story.

now sure they can reserve the right to remove a base that they consider “too big” but actually adressing in game will make most of the work.

is that or they should be more flexible with the rules and how they act.

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Yes they definitely do. On another server I established on a clan had multiple gigantic bases that were interconnected with landclaim spam from noob river to the north… crazy spanning “roads”, blocking passage, POI and boss spawns.

I was always roughly at 300+ ping but the rest of my friends couldn’t even play, they’d stutter, teleport and rubber band everywhere. It was atrocious.

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Just a suggestion, if they add servers, to add servers with Periodic wipes. (Note, this is highly unlikely will happen). If it did, these servers will only allow players to transfer within this type. And they would be limit in number initially to confirm popularity first. PvP Wipe servers > PvP > PvE-C > PvE > Private (for transfer movement). And if they end up being empty, to be understood they could be repurposed after the next wipe.

Otherwise, some will be upset if you wipe an active server and others will be happy.

Other note, not sure what time frame of the wipe will occur (every 3 months, 4 … longer or shorter), which gets more complicated. They would have to pick the same time for all the servers to be fair.

I have no comment or suggestions on report issues.

That is my two-cents for PvP Official servers.

Do you think my base violates the tos? Just curious. :slight_smile:

I wonder if you can find it. :slight_smile:

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Reading through all these topics, I have to admit this has occurred to me as a possibility as well.

But I think this is more likely. Although if so, it’s an incredibly poorly designed system that isn’t fit for purpose. The whole point of reporting is (supposedly) to notify a person so they can come and use human judgment. If concentrated reporting causes some coding switch to be tripped that auto-bypasses the human investigation part… that defeats the purpose. It makes the report system super vulnerable to activity that should instead be raising flags. Getting more reports against a single clan in a week than there are active players on a server should, if anything, cause the system to ignore the reports and alert a person. Not autoban the target :man_facepalming:t2:

Also @Ethel, did you just say that you report everyone everywhere you go, to raise awareness of how bad the reporting system is? I’m uh… not sure that’s helpful. If there’s people out there doing that, then no wonder there are so many people coming here and saying “I don’t understand why I was reported!”

I hope I misunderstood you.

It is definitely autobanning. Not sure the specifics as we’re all trying to determine… only suggestions as to what it is.

But like I pointed out, many of the clans who were affected did not do anything wrong. This is happening on other servers I have found out since making this post.

I am from a pvec server where many clans including my clan where banned.
I try to figure out what exactly was the problem and what we can do better in future.
But there is no response to any details over zendesk.

Most of the wiped clans where playing every day and have map rooms and some outpost what maybe was the problem but I don’t know everything about them. I also have the feeling it was a bot that cleaned the server… But why the biggest building on the server which is on the noob river survived? I never saw anyone of this clan online they only update the decay timers. I don’t have any problem with this building and would not report them.

What was then the reason for our ban? There is no building limit so its not that some can have to many building peaces… The land claim was two ‘full’ bases and a prototype that should replace my first base in future. I wanted a better location for purges. While I was building the footprint the admin wiped it and the next day we where banned for 5 days. But this I on
know only because I asked over zendesk.
There was no message like i saw here posted with a date and a reason.
That’s over three weeks ago and the ticket was closed automatically… The thread about this was closed too. So I reopened the ticket but I think I don’t get any response.

Since this day we don’t know what we should do. Its a bad feeling coming online and don’t know if everything is fine now… Our bases survived the ban. Is it allowed to place a map room for some time anywhere? Should we change or rebuild our bases? Are we blocking a special spot we don’t know? I was looking in single player but there is nothing…

It seems that the other banned clans have the same problem. I don’t see them online anymore. But their main bases are refreshed.

There are some new players and I think they get banned too in near future because placing map rooms. And building wheels. But they should not be banned.

That’s a bad situation… At the other hand I am willing to open a private server, pay for it and invite all these clans… but after testing around with gportal I need more admin tools… For example this function how the admin wiped my own base in one click. (playstation… There is no option)

So it is no option for me to open a private server.

If its not a bot who do that. It would be good if the one who do the wipe just write one sentence about what’s wrong… But not only its land claim… Maybe adding a screenshot…

But how it is now it don’t help anyone. Also how people who start playing and are not in these forum know about the tos? There is no message and no link in game…


This right here… how are players supposed to adapt if we don’t know why we are getting banned?
Why can’t we get a simple warning?
“ your building in g6 is blocking a spawn of a deer”
“ your thralls are to close together and causing server lag. Please space them out. You have 48 hrs or will be banned”
“ you have been reported for beating your enemy in battle so they must be right about their false reports “

Please remove this banning feature because I guarantee the majority of the official playerbase is over it. Some people are sick of making alt account in order to keep playing.

I’ve been an online/MMO gamer for over 15 years, never broke any game rule/ToC.

Funcom just gave me my first ban EVER. And I have no idea why, when I try to log in it says failed to retrieve ban detail lr something among those lines.

My clan wasn’t abusing/breaking any game rule.

I guess thats the PvP meta; if you can’t fight a clan, report it and get it banned.

Way to kill the playerbase.

no, you understood correctly.
if someone is falsely getting bans is not a issue of who is reporting, but rather who is judging if you deserve it or not.
in PVP people will report you for almost anything they can.

imagine someone who i wiped is falsely accusing me of something, is most likely that i will get banned regardless if i deserve it or not.

and in this case i KNOW most people didn’t deserve the ban it is my fault or the one who judged wrong? thats on funcom, not me.

Reporting people you know don’t deserve reporting is a dick move. Period. This sort of crap is why I don’t play official pvp servers anymore. Most of the pvp games I have played in the past have been ruined by one thing and it wasn’t the devs. It’s people being people. The system may not be perfect but people using an already faulted system in a deliberately incorrect fashion and than shrugging blame is pure rubbish. The people reporting for no reason are the bigger part of the problem. The system can’t get it wrong if it’s not brought before it in the first place.


oh i don’t have a doubt what kind of move is.
but here is the thing:it happened to me already.

If i am innocent i should not get banned, period.
kinda miss when there was no admins around at least you could play the game, even when people blocked me the resources xD and yes i have the videos of that.

That’s still a stupid mentality. It happened to me so I’ll do it everyone?? An eye for an eye and the whole world ends up blind :man_shrugging:

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maybe i should not get banned for having a base.

So you chuck a tantrum like a child and report everyone on your server :man_facepalming::+1::+1: you do you I guess.

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Yes because if the system worked correctly none of that would have happened.

do you get it? we are trying to solve a problem here.

Lol :joy: yes that’s the perfect way to solve the problem.