Devwipes and Reports on PVP Officials

Lol :joy: yes that’s the perfect way to solve the problem.

i mean, can you deny the results? we are actually talking about it.

you can take it as a form of protest.
if the game dies for this, none can say we didn’t tried.

So the only way to get people talking in the forums was to mass report everyone and THAN post about it? Just posting about it before you reported everyone you came across wouldn’t have gotten people here to talk about the problem :face_with_diagonal_mouth: ok. I’ll see my way out here I think. I guess this high level of common sense is beyond me.

check the date.
who listened?
Almost nobody.

Good day.

No it’s on you. Because Funcom would never have banned them if you hadn’t reported.

I’ll take it as sabotaging players of q game your salty with, no better than a child that upturns a game board. Don’t cloak yourself in righteousness. That isn’t what you are doing.


Maybe, or someone else could report them and get them banned for the same unjust reason.
And the only reason why i did it is because i was banned first for the same unjust reason like i said many times, i would rather play the game.

sabotage? and what did they did to me? didn’t they “sabotage” me first?
What we are supposed to just forget about it?
i play this game for war, and if the war is a report war, then a report war it is.

and it is a form of protest. why did we get unjustly banned?. i understand if people don’t want us around in their server, we usually clean it and then leave.
but we didn’t actually break any rule.
No hacking, no undermesh, no flying base, no stacking, not anything.
Well i guess we blocked the spawn of 2 crocodiles and 1 bird in dagon xD.

And is funny because even if we reported THINKING that they were innocent, the one who in the end determine that is funcom so if you are innocent IN THEORY there is nothing you should worry about. and funcom crearly disagree with everybody, apparently, and is not an isolated incident. ask people, is happening in almost every single pvp official.

even if we didn’t do it is going to keep happening and happening because this is just how it is now and nobody seems to give a damn.

just wait until the new TP arrives and see,in a few months from now multiple people getting banned for having the audacity of having a TP network.
and is not going to be us.
mark my words, if nothing is done in a few months you will see the same post by different people and i am going to ask them:

Hey, I’m just gonna break into my neighbour’s place and steal his TV because someone once stole my TV. If I don’t do it, someone else might. Maybe if we all steal each other’s TVs the cops will finally man up and stop everyone from stealing TVs!

Unless it’s automated based on how many reports.

Everybody gives a damn. There are constant complaints. But you and other people with the same logic are the ones creating this report meta. You are why it “keeps happening and happening.” You’re doing it! This is blowing my mind.

Yes, you are supposed to forget about it. It’s a stupid video game and if you ignore it when someone cheats instead of BECOMING THE PROBLEM, the problem stays small.

This is like when someone uses hacks in any PVP game. I shrug and say “f%*^king hacker, oh well that’s life, back to the game.” What do you do? Buy hacks off some shady website and start flying around invincible one-shotting people? Jfc.

Yes it’s a war game but when you go outside the game to win the war, you’re not playing the game any more. Obviously. Chess is a war game… should I arrange a chess game with someone and then break their kneecaps outside the freaking chess club? Is that part of chess?

I’m sorry that happened to you, it’s terrible, but you can’t justify what you’re doing.

I have to ask, what is the intent of this thread? Is it looking for answers so you can go back to playing within the rules? Is it looking to adjust the rigidity of the rules so it allows for more diverse/larger constructions? Or is it looking to just vent frustration?

If you’re trying to do more than one of those or all of them, you’re very unlikely to see any progress to improve your situation. The reason being is everyone has their own opinion on how things should be, and are simply never going to agree on every single point from every angle. Its pointless, this has been done over the last year by dozens of people and it usually just leads to locked threads, either because people insult each other, insult Funcom, or just go on ridiculous tirades.

So let me nip this down. If you answered to the two latter questions, allow me to put this into perspective.

First the idea that you want more leeway when it comes to building. This is very much unlikely. Official servers operate on a no-wipe basis. That means they don’t have the luxury of wiping servers when they take a performance hit. This is a decision they have made, and judging by the livestream, they have not only doubled downed, but triple downed, quadrupled downed, and now quintupled down on this. Wipes are off the table. Period. Wipes are now only the purview of private servers. If you still disagree with this, there is a discussion on this. For this however, we are operating in the reality that they will not ever happen. Sure they could potentially change their minds, but I will wager this discussion will not be the one to change that fact. So we’re not going to bother.

With that said, server performance is a factor. Sure, your build that takes up a ‘moderate’ amount of space may very well not have a impact on a server. The argument people have is that they didn’t see a change in the server when they completed their build. You’d be correct. A single person can build structures in excess of 500,000 building pieces and even place 500 thralls (I know, I’ve done it). And the server will not miss a beat.

You are not the only one who plays on that server. I will repeat. YOU are NOT the only one who plays on that server. Even when you are logged in and it shows 1/40, you are NOT the only one who plays on that server. In addition, you are NOT the only one who will be playing on that server.

From what I’ve seen as a server admin and one who does monitor server populations on more than my own servers that I play on. Server communities for 40 man servers can be anywhere from 100 to 500 players or even more (it tends to go up nearly exponentially the higher you go, with 80 man servers seeing communities in the 2000-3000 range). I’d imagine because of the no-wipe nature of officials and the policy of allowing for players to refresh their builds, that those estimates maybe underestimating the actual population.

So allowing every individual large 100,000 builds is going to degrade the server something terrible. And judging by the performance these servers do have. They have erred in favor of the players already. That’s right, they could be more strict than they already are. Not only can they, but they probably should at least IMO, they should favor server performance over building. But its their server, they can decide how to run their own stuff. Its not my place to judge.

So overly large builds have to be taken care of. Whether or not they are affecting performance. Because if you let one have one. Everyone gets one. Everyone who played on the server. Everyone who is playing on the server. And even those who might play on the server in the future, tomorrow, next week, next year, or however long they intend to keep the server up. But again, I will say it, you are NOT the only ones playing on the server.

Of course I’ve only spoken of one aspect of a player’s responsibility when it comes to keeping within the rules. This applies to where you build, what you block, and all that other stuff. You always have to keep in mind that you are not the only one building on a server. If you’re blocking a boss spawn and allowed to do so, then someone else is going to be able to do it somewhere else. Instead of picking favorites, its best to disallow everyone and keep a same standard. Let’s be honest, double standards are toxic.

We’ll move on, and make this next one relatively quick. Rants and venting. I’m not going to say this is wrong. Especially if it is done respectfully, and even gives opinions and feedback without insulting fellow players or developers. We don’t personally insult our waitstaff at restaurants or fellow customers, let’s not do it to Game Developers and other players.

Unfortunately, while it can be useful for the devs to see what changes players would like to see, it would be the slowest method in seeing a resolution. I mean I would guess you all would not want to be banned now so you can enjoy the game now, correct? I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this, but what is the priority? Do you wish to see results today, or a few months from now? I would say its probably both. You want things to be improved over time, but you would also like to play without being banned. Why not have our cake and eat it too?

So in this regard, you should give your positive feedback, while also learning how you can play the game in a manner that won’t run you afoul of the rules.

Which brings us to the first question from way earlier. Are you looking for answers so you can play within the boundaries of the rules? At this point your answer should be yes. If it is not, then I recommend not playing on officials until your positive feedback yields results. Otherwise, FC is simply going to make that determination for you, in a permanent manner. We don’t want that.

So let’s address the report meta first. The report meta is actually real. Its real on officials, its real on private server, its been real since the 1990s when online gaming became a thing. The idea that you can report a player whom you are hostile with in order to remove them from the equation is tempting prospect. So people do it. All the time.

The question is, how effective it is. It depends on the process used by the authority. In my experience, its not that effective in Conan Exiles. Not from a mechanical standpoint. Many of you have a weird idea on how Zendesk works for example. Some of you even think Zendesk is this fancy thing developed by Funcom. It isn’t. It is simply a third party tool used to make tickets and organize them. That is it.

How do I know this? Because I can use it on a private server if I wished. It isn’t even that expensive to do so. Check it out for yourselves. You can use it for Conan, or you can even use it for personal projects. All it is, is a web interface that allows you to make a report that goes into a queue, and a server admin from Funcom can look at them in order (or prioritize based on type selected, however they have it setup), and then use that information to investigate.

That’s right, to investigate. Which they do. This isn’t automated. They actually have to login and check things out (in regards to building). The only thing they do not have to login for is violations done in chat. There they can simply check the server log (a simple search in a text document, which is helpful if you can say what time and exactly what was said, makes the search work faster). But for excessive builds, or things blocking areas and resources, they gotta login for. And again, they do this. I’m not going to talk about hacks and exploits simply because this thread isn’t about that, and because their methods are going to be obscure simply because its easier to catch people doing these things when the methods are unknown on how to catch them. But either case that’s off topic.

However, I will say this. The report meta is effective when the victims are in violation of the rules. They don’t police the servers on a daily basis, they don’t have the manpower to do that. I can tell you from personal experience that even with multiple admins on a single private server doing 24/7 coverage, we still miss stuff. We still miss A LOT of stuff. Like the majority of stuff. Our actions against building violations is usually either assisted by mods, or done by players reporting. Which means even on private servers, report meta still works.

Of course, that assumes if the victim is violating the rules. If they are not. Then we close the report and ignore it. Or action the person if we suspect its harassment. This one is a little easier for us to do, we know our players, and we can better easily discern intent than Funcom will ever be able to do. They can action people who do this (and they have), but I would say its tougher. Just being honest. Its the nature of the beat managing hundreds of servers versus one.

But this means if you are not violating the rules. You are immune to the report meta. This is a fact. There have been several posters here (who are not very popular with some of you) that have survived report meta. They’ve even invited it. They’ve not been banned to this date.

From what I’ve been reading in this thread. There seems to be some misconception on how this game is supposed to be played on officials. I’ve covered the fact that you all are not the only ones playing on a server, so I won’t belabor that.

But it seems the common theme is Clan A will be getting bullied by Clan B. Clan B has a larger structure and intimidates A. Who then violates the rules to in their opinion, survive and combat the harassment. They get hemmed up because of the report meta and cry foul. There is a problem here. We don’t know exactly who reported Clan A. It could be a solo player who happened to see the base and reported it. It could be Clan B deciding to be jerks.

In either case it doesn’t matter. Throw the emotion aside. An overly large base (or other rule breaking method, large bases aren’t the only thing some of you are doing, I’m simplifying, and this will be requoted if you try to nitpick this detail) is against the rules for whatever reason it was built. Even in defense.

I get it, it sucks to just suck it up and take it, and then rely on ‘tattling’ if someone is breaking the rules and you’ll get actioned if you try to even things up. But stuff the pride. Its not about you. Because at the end of the day, what is worse? Losing a base to someone violating the rules, or losing your ability to play on servers you enjoy on? Take the licking, report them if they are breaking the rules. Or take the loss if and move on if they aren’t.

You don’t have a leg to stand on when you break the rules. You just don’t. You’re just going to cause negative feedback. Get posts deleted, and then have absolutely no solution at the end of the day. It is a waste of time to go that route.

Again as I said before, you can give constructive positive feedback about the rules, and the causes of said rules. But understand that those things can’t be fixed instantly. Allowing you all to build bigger is something they do with every patch. But its a process that takes time, iterations, and doesn’t yield instant results. Its a fact we all have to deal with.

Personally I would love to allow 70 (or hell, hundreds of players for that matter) players on a server I manage to be able to build million block structures, build wherever they wish with no detriment to everyone. Even with mods, better hardware, and other facilitations that is a fantasy. And will likely be a fantasy forever. But allowing a tad more on officials is something feasible. But don’t hold your breath on it happening soon. It may come with 3.0, or 4.0, or 5.0. Who knows? They’ve heard you, they are hearing you and they are at least trying. This is evidenced by the fact that they have improved the game’s performance drastically on the server level over the last four years. Seeing it happen again would be amazing.

But for now. You want to play now. You need to adjust yourselves now to do that. Play the game you have. Rather than trying to play the game you don’t. You all have your own solution right now, right here. It will get better, but that’s latter. For now the solution is on you. Do your part while FC does theirs.

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Getting wiped and banned for land claim is very very strange and it’s as if funcom doesn’t understand their own game.

Benches got bigger and new benches added, Stables were added, Animal pens were added, Map rooms were added, new alters were added.

How does funcom expect me to build a base and not have land claim for other buildings?. I need animal pens, I need wheels of pain, I need stables, I need alters. Ontop of all of that we’re getting new benches again in 3.0 so bases will need to become even bigger stretching more land claim.

We’ve all seen the thread of what funcom deems bannable.

If this is what’s considered too much land claim I think it’s safe to say official servers are doomed due to the fact almost everybody can be dev wiped with a simple report.

You login you play the game you’re defending your base and your loot from regular players, you’re defending your base from exploiters and hackers and to top it all off you at the mercy of everyone on your server to not report you.

Land claim spam bans and wipes should be reserved for those people that spam grids and grids of foundations. Not because someone built some houses or wheels/shrines/stables/alters/animal pens outside their base.

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I only had to rebuild my base on the inside to include the last objects from the last update.

Also with update 3.0 I will do the same. My bases are always small and everything fits in what I need to play optimally and enjoy it to the fullest.

Hello everyone,

If you have questions or concerns about the status of your Conan Exiles account, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.