(Feedback)Please, add a building limit per clan (PVP SERVERS)

Hello funcom, i guess this has been talked earlier, but since the rules for construction on officials are too ambigious or open to interpretation, can we just save the problems,bans and destroyed base by admins and just add a limit on how much big a base should be?
maybe 40x40 on foundations? maybe certain amounts of walls?

at this point i am even scared to have a base at all.

Maybe another solution would be make the benchs, altars, stables or other massive estructures smaller?
since on pvp you need to close all that stuff so it doesn’t get stolen by other players.

So, please, can we clarify the rules, put a limit, or make estructures smaller so official pvp is playable again?.
Or nerfing OP building spots that make raiding unfair for people who don’t have certain spots.
what do you think?.


IMO, they’re only “ambigious” (sic) to people lacking common sense and to those who like to push the rules to their limits. Being testy like that will of course get one slapped eventually. Please no hard limits! Such limits wouldn’t solve anything anyway as so many have already pointed out in the many other threads discussing this topic.


The ones who lacks common sense is funcom.
is not possible to build a base with everything a clan needs without making a base with a good size, and with that i mean, at least one altar, stables, wheels of pain, animal pen, the t3 benches, so i need you to imagine how i can fit all that and still close it so other players don’t steal.

we need a hard limit. period.

1500 Building Pieces for a clan of 4 at the time. That’s what I used to have every T3 bench, with altar, animal pen, and stables. No wheel of pain since we just placed and picked those up as needed. Even made it look pretty. Of course this was for PVE.

You sure you want a limit with that information?


If you want a limit then go to or rent, a private server and implement one yourself. Don’t punish others because you can’t figure out how to build a base reasonably.


My issue is many of the buildings will look a specific “meta” look with the “optimal” amount of blocks placed in the “optimal” position to “optimally” allow for “optimal” use of the resourses allowed by hard limits. shivers


That outcome would not surprise me in the slightest.


No, we don’t. Especially not an across-the-board hard building limit for official servers.


Only issue be performance issue outside that I don’t see reason why

Here we go…

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You haven’t even made argument why it is needed.

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Thats fair, but here is the thing.
funcom has been banning bases that they consider to be too big.

So, if i am in a base that holds 10 people, and we are at war with other clan.

There will be things that we need to keep the war effort going. And at the same time, close it so stuff doesn’t get stolen.

when i was building i was taking in consideration this: the god bubble.

so if the god bubble (the big one) has certain size, its only reasonable to assume that i can build inside there, right?
Now this reasoning could be wrong and i can accept that and adapt.
but of course it would be after i got banned.

i was in a recent war on official, the war was going well, both sides reached a stalemate and neither could attack the other But suddenly, our clan got banned because “we blocked content of the game” (we didn’t)
okay, i guess, i tried to follow the rules and not used a single exploit or stack or anything and still got banned. in the building spot, there wasn’t a boss or not even a mob other than some trees.

Since we got reported, we decided to do the same to our enemy and surprise surprise, not only they got banned the admins deleted all their bases.
And is kinda weird because to be honest, i didn’t really think that their base was breaking the rules, i just decided to report because their base was as big as ours… of course funcom disagreed and the end of the story is that the two clans got banned.

i don’t know about PVE, but on PVP either the rules should be even more clear, have a limit or just nerf OP building spots that gives unfair advantange to people who don’t have it.

i try to give this feedback as a passionated pvp enjoyer, because to me, PVP is the best part of this game.
because i want that wars be in the game and not reports wars.

i don’t want to turn this into a “war” between pvp players and pve either. all i am trying to give, is my perspective.

Feel free to disagree. we can discuss this all day.


It’s good you want to give feedback, and I agree that report wars are no fun. I hope that PVP-ers can chime in with more discussion-related ideas to help come up with a solution that works for PVP. As a PvE–er, I do not want a building limit or too many restrictions, but that does not mean that PvP-ers can not have more clarity, in fact, I think Funcom should consider the different playstyles and treat them differently.


100 % agree my man.
Pvp and pve are 2 totally diferent styles.
and i totally understand that people don’t want their experience affected by the playerbase who enjoys one thing or another.

And yet i have to raise my voice to explain the current state of pvp building.
How i can make a base that is large enough for 10 people, be defendible and at the same time as small as possible?.
When some estructures, benchs, or other important buildings need to be placed and closed?.
if someone has the best way to be able to all of that, please, i will really love to know how, i don’t want my clan banned again, i want to keep playing on pvp servers.

So what should i do? i cannot build inside my god bubble, neither on open field because i cannot stack, and neither i can make apex bases vs alphas who have infinite DP because it will just going to be destroyed.
all i can hope is that some caves are open and even the caves aren’t large enough for all the things i need XD
i just want to play the game xD.

i am the builder of my clan i am feeling like i am being nerfed more and more to a point where i am even scared to have a base XD.

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Perhaps, since you have a PvP perspective, you could come up with some PvP-only building restrictions? I see PVE posts all the time about how they would suggest handling building, but not too many posts from the PvP side with suggestions/ideas or examples. (Unless they are buried by the angry rants, no offense to anyone who is banned, I get why you’re upset).

I think Funcom would potentially consider 3 different rule sets for the 3 official server types; PVP, PVC, and PVE as long as players were very clear and in agreement on what rules would be efficient for each.

oh, my top suggestion would be not being able to build at all in certain building spots that let you put a drawbridge such as the keyhole on g10
or desertter gutter on D8 or eastern barracks on K7 ect,ect.

There is just no comparassion between a drawbridge that can be repaired with just 1 person vs 39 people and open field where you need to put walls or foundations to prevent players from passing and you can be attacked from all sides.

The difference between 200k HP and 70k or 100 K is just massive.

other option would be just nerfing drawbridge to 100 k. but i guess thats another discussion.

thats already there, there are some “meta” spots that is just a massive difference between “meta” building locations vs other places or even open field.

I guarantee if they set the limit to 1000 per player in a clan, you all would never get close to the bannable limit they have now.

I’m not familiar with this, or the terminology “deserter gutter”. Is the goal to make building in PVP more even across the board for clans so one clan can not take advantage of specific locations on the map? Sorry, I’m just trying to understand your playstyle :slightly_smiling_face:

I love building. Hard to accept a hard cap.
Imo… We keep getting more placeables and benches. With these come building bigger to place then instead of replacing. I think benches should be a upgrade feature. Start off with basic, upgrade to improved and so on. Those only keeping 1 bench. Smaller builds then.
I’ll be the first to admit. I have to have all benches for rooms. Such as a Armorer room.
On officials it needs to change somewhat.
But have at her on private and single…
Again just my opinion…

I think you’re jumping to conclusions and maybe not trying your hardest to understand the conditions by which they demolish bases. I haven’t seen them demolish for size alone - but maybe they would if it was truly ridiculous - like: OMG, WHAT THE HECK - MASSIVE. Here’s something I wrote a day or two ago - it might help, I dunno:

(Server transfers and base sizes - #12 by TeleTesselator)

I’ve personally been watching and noting this issue closely and as objectively as I can. It seems to me that size alone within reason, is not an issue. We are all just kind of guessing at a lot of these things but this is what I’ve come to believe - and is also what is reflected in both the spirit and language of the rules to most rational people.

  • Bases are deleted because they cause (too much) server lag:
    • Bases using stacked parts (like >2 or 3 back-to-back fence foundations as walls etc.)
    • Bases that are actually too big. 5k parts is very large, 10k is flipping HUGE, more than that and it might be too big. That’s parts - not placeables.
    • Bases which use too many placeables. I don’t use placeables much so I dunno what number is too much but I imagine it’s in the mid to high thousands and be in addition to an already very large base.
  • Bases are deleted because they are built in the wrong place:
    • Bases in any area of the map that has a name or an icon very close by and on the same general elevation.
    • Bases that block passages otherwise difficult to traverse.
    • Bases that are built too close to known no-build (can’t place blocks here) zones.
    • Bases that cover too many or otherwise important spawn points.
  • Bases are deleted for taking advantage of exploits.
    • I personally don’t understand this one but players are calling this “undermesh” exploits. Apparently there are some vertex or flatness errors in the game’s polygonal maps which players can slip through or behind - and instead of fixing the polygon mesh, Funcom is just telling players not to go there or build there. So, whatever and wherever that is, don’t build inside (or “under”) there.
  • Bases are deleted for taking up too much area or spamming.
    • Bases that use too many orphaned blocks or block-groups littered around. And “too
      many” here is like more than 4 or 5 maybe. Seems people do such things to try and expand their land claim area and/or keep neighbors farther away. Not cool, says Funcom.
    • Bases with large expansive footprints are deleted. Thinking about this rationally will exclude you from deletion but for example a foundation area of 60x60 foundation blocks might only be 3.600 blocks but that covers too much of the map. Lay out a line of 60 blocks and you’ll see what I’m talking about. :astonished:
    • Bases that are satellited all over the map will likely be deleted. One large-ish base per clan is enough for almost any sized clan. I suppose you could get away with two, but a lot of clans are building five and more. No! says, Funcom.
  • Bases that are too weird will be deleted.
    • Bases using blocks to spell out political messages.
    • Building phallic symbols or obscenities as your base.
    • etc.

I think I covered them all. Beyond these things you should be safe. It seems like mostly common sense when you think about it for a minute. There have also been players who claim their base was deleted because Admins were just acting on reports from enemy players without actually checking if the base violated anything. I tend not to believe this but I suppose there could be rare instances of that happening. So, I dunno, be nice to your neighbors maybe? -=shrug=-

Asking Funcom to limit EVERYONE because you can’t limit yourself is just too funny!