Suggestion: Add a building limit to prevent bans

I see endless threads (mostly negative ones) regarding the official guidelines specifically the land claim rule. Wouldnt it be a good thing to just add building limits now that we’re able to see our placed building pieces? Of course it needs to be adjusted for pvp and pve seperately (higher limit for my pve folks) and should be a reasonable number so you’re not too restricted.

It is somewhat like a guide then on how much more you’re allowed to build but as long as the limit isnt reached no one should be (randomly) banned just because someone else decides they dont like the size of their building(or just dont like the clan and report them for land claim to get them banned((yes that happens on pvp officials))

Ofc, if someone disregards one of the other rules with their building like blocking resources or excessive claim around the base it still should be bannable below the limit.


funcom currently isn’t even banning or wiping due to size of base exactly. it’s the land claim the base takes up or the lag it causes based on placables like chests or fire torches.

Conan just needs what myth of empires and rust have at this point. an upkeep cost which also increases your land claim. The more you upgrade it the more your land is claimed but also costs more to upkeep per week. Anything built outside of those areas decays incredibly fast.

with that funcom can do away with this garbage wiping bases


Its hard to judge, no one ever shown the size of their base or where it was build, but I haven’t seen all threads I start to ignore them cause I’m no judge, the server owner is.

I have a pretty huge base myself (with arguably some useless space) but I haven’t been banned. Only placed the essentials, but the building themselves are already giant (animal pen, altars, maproom…).

I don’t think building limits will work, because you can still be a toxic builder but “be within the limits”.

I have no other solution though, just keep in mind playing with other players on a shared space.

Thats why i said if they disregard any other rules regarding building they should be banned anyways but its all in all hard to judge yeah.

I just feel like thats an important topic which needs a solution because it leaves so many players dissatisfied at this point. Being constantly worried about your building because mates tell you: “I got banned for a building in that size” is just stupid. Im pretty sure some of the people who think they got banned because of their building actually got banned for something else they did BUT i know a lot of people i trust as in i know they’re not exploiting or anything and they still got banned with the only possible thing being their base. So im just brainstorming for solutions at this point xD


Maybe the moderators should warn before they ban
With a warning someone can adres the issue, if the issue isn’t resolved the next week they will get banned.

But this will obviously cost more time…


But they are banning for stuff you didn’t do and could prove you didn’t do. Like say…using external software that you don’t even know exists.

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You need to accept that they can ban you for any reason or no reason at all. This is how servers like this work. You don’t have any sort of right to play on a server rented by anyone, even one rented by Funcom.

I would warn that the attitude you have been taken is lessening the amount of private servers you have available to you. If you don’t wish for singleplayer or your own private server being the only way to play the game, I recommend changing that attitude. Starting with ceasing the creation of such threads about your ban. Accept the consequences and move on.


I think that is not that easy. If they ban people they should tell you the reason.
I don’t know how it’s work in other country’s but I can not open a public room (for example a shop) and ban you because I don’t like your face.
There is an anti discrimination law. Of course I have the right to say you break the rules and not allow you to enter my shop… But I need to say what rules… Else i get a problem.

I don’t want to tell that funcom do any discrimination…anyway they always tell you for what you get banned. But I would wish if they can add some details. Me and my clan was banned for 5 days too. For land claim. But I am not sure what breaks the rules. If i take a look at the post from umborls who try to help to get a better view on the rules i don’t see anything wrong having more then one functional base.

But I think you are completely right to move on and find a private server. It’s not worth playing on public servers in the long term… You can be always banned for anything

this is actually a good suggestion
as for adding a limit per clan, if pve players are worried they could disable that option for pve and is only relevant for pvp.

The current pvp meta is report wars
if you are a clan who likes having war on official you will get banned at the first random report.
and this is 100 % confirmed to be the case.

i like how funcom got rid of stacking since they considered it an exploit, they actually fixed it in game.
now the next step is to fix the limit of what a clan can build so we can avoid getting banned for “bases too large”

Now if funcom was banning not due the size but rather because you blocked 1 damn gorilla, a useless hyena or a random leopard with a tree and a rock.
Then we are all in trouble.


Can I get that info. Reason just because someone post a video about submitting a ticket does not mean that is why you got banned as someone who actually saw something submitted a ticket and there was a problem. So unless you can give information of who got the person banned and why then this is speculation. Now if devs did see a real reason from that video which they could most definitely could result in a ban if someone video all base builds on server and report them for land claims but that not true but do notice that a world interact for a recipes was built over but the clan did not know it was there gets wiped that means the reporting person gave a ticket and did not realize that they build over that and just thinks that they were banned cause he submitted a ticket. Thus you need the ticket submission and person and video/pic plus a detailed reason in all forms to understand Stanton why but if someone just spammed ticket as said above and on several server then yes people will possibly get banned cause??? And it broke the rules

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My concern when I read this is that I love building and also love to decorate it. Statues, fountains and all of the pretty things I bought in DLCs.

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Upkeep for buildings could help some but placeables should have no upkeep as that could easily wind up with extreme materials numbers to decorate at all so I feel you on decorating and building

Suggestion: Add a building limit to prevent bans

No!!! No thank you! No way! Not ever! Go limit yourself on a dedicated server or in SP and leave us out of your evil control-freak designs for world domination! :smiley:


Well while i wont say its 100% confirmed - i do know what several clans (friends of mine mostly, i know they arent cheating or anything some of them are too new to even know about that stuff) got banned due to their buildings without any warning or explanation. And i know that there is some truth to the “report meta”.

I cant tell to which extend because i believe some people who claim “i dont know why i got banned its due to my building mimimi” just use that excuse to cover up for duping bombs or whatever and try to get a jail free card with crying.

But there is a problem with the current system and i also believe everyone who bought the game earns at least 1 line of reasoning to why they got banned: Like = banned due to land claim abuse or banned due to abusing a bug. Some kind of notification so people can learn out of their mistakes. But if they dont know what they did wrong they will eventually do it again and the frustration about bans is bigger if you do not know a reason.

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It’s not just size or land claim, there is also the mysterious “server performance” issue.

Not all build pieces are even remotely equal when it comes to server load.
A tool this one might find useful is a display showing the current load in the area… Some areas already have a fairly high load even before building starts.

While this one infinitely prefers precise and consistent rules that can then be enforced in a consistent and reasonable way… There are many moving parts at play that a piece limit persay won’t address.


I get the feeling that it is a small minority of people reporting larger bases located in good PvP locations so they can claim the spot for themselves and get loot. Probably the same people that were using bomb exploits and making undermesh bases.


My guess is that it’s a mixture.

  • Let’s call them “naturalists” who just don’t like to see buildings where they think meadows and forests look better and report people violating their sensitivities.
  • People who are reporting actual spam (like those spiderweb foundations some people lay down.
  • People who want to use a map asset that is being covered by some inconsiderate or unknowledgeable player.
  • As you say, people who want the locations for themselves.
  • People who are jealous of beautiful builds.
  • People who hate eye-sore ugly builds.
  • People who try to get an advantage by looting demolished bases.
  • People who can’t win in a fair PvP fight - so they game the reporting system.
  • People who become offended by some remark or playstyle and try to exact revenge by getting the person’s base wiped and the player banned.
  • Every combination of the above and probably several other motivators I’m not thinking of.

I dunno what the percentages are between these categories but I think it’s clear at this point that people are gaming the Zendesk system too often and getting away with it. Honestly, it wouldn’t even be so bad (nor as often manipulated) if the solutions didn’t include sudden base wipes and player bans. But Funcom has openly said they see such remedies as actual “punishments” so until that mindset changes and they stop seeing things as an “us vrs. them” scenario I don’t think we will be making any progress in this area. Reporting will continue to be used as a weapon by players and FC will continue to ban non-cheaters and wipe their bases without warning and without articulated explanations.

And it absolutely doesn’t matter the number of pieces used for any or all of the above conditions to trigger a report. Funcom has stated this directly if it isn’t common sense at this point.



Then spin up your own server and leave the toxic environment of public servers behind.

Telling people to leave public servers behind is not the solution for problems like this. Its an ignorant way to minimize a problem which should be worked on properly.


Or even better, instead of sending rent money into the void, use it to invest in your home network and run a dedicated server locally.

But while running away from the problem might be an immediately viable solution for some it doesn’t actually fix anything for the public and may even contribute to an early demise of the entire game - leaving you unsupported and looking for something else to play.