Admin abuse has become toxic

Im currently facing my 6th ban, everytime its been for “excessive land claim” and everytime my base has been built smaller and smaller. This time a base with only 6000 building pieces and less than 75 thralls total was somehow excessive? Nothing was blocked off. I kept to myself and never raided anyone on the home server. Didnt get involved in wars because all people do is cry to funcom and report people. Im just not understanding how or why an admin thinks its cool to demolish someones hard work in an instant and do no investigating. Clearly people are abusing the admins and spam reporting just because they can and the admins just go along with it and let it happen. Seriously i know someone just spam reported my base instead of raiding me. Im just so tired of logging in to my entire base missing, it has happened way too much. Funcom sells dlc and we can’t even build a proper base to withstand raiders without people crying to funcom.
Funcom you guys need to stop banning and decaying peoples bases all the time, its beyond annoying. Its a sandbox game that literally tells people to survive build dominate and when you do, you just get banned. This game is just beyond toxic now with all the wrong people getting banned.

Im not ban appealing, i started this post to have a discussion about these absurd bans. When i say my base was under 6000 pieces built it means foundations anticlimbs doors etc its not just blocks…
Anyways im a bit disappointed to get a message saying my post is hidden now? For what?


It seems to be the theme with Conan at the moment, people getting banned left right and centre . They have to do something about this immediately or else they will only loose more players, I know of 3 10 man clans leaving conan for good for this exact reason. And it’s mostly just other clans reporting because they can’t wipe you it’s stupid


Why ban people for building? At this point a 5000 piece base will make the current state of the game lagg. And if that’s the case of them being banned for their base causing “performance issues” then optimize the game better.

If they combine dropping new content/ adding a twitch drop when it comes out/ making free for a months at the same time / make all dlcs on discount/ make all servers 50 at least/ give x5 exp and harvest rate. all at the same time the game will pop off for a bit

On officials these days the building part of the game consists of a small cube base, anything bigger and youre in a constant risk of being reported by clans wanting your stuff and banned. It doesnt matter if youre not blocking anything. Its just a matter of time. It is so sad to watch the state this game has gone to.


I’m mostly a solo player so I’m unaffacted by this, but I want to voice my strong objection to this admin ban/wipe practice. It’s absurd. Admin must interfere only in special cases like cheating or bugs.

The first time I heard about people being wiped for “too big bases” or “blocking resources” I thought it cannot be true. Isn’t this what the game is all about? How are you supposed to dominate anything when you cannot block resources? And now there are bans for literally no reason? Report = ban?

@ Funcom: I strongly suggest that you remove any reporting and rely on tech means to catch cheaters or measure base sizes if it matters so much. You have the databases - run a damn cron job with a query that selects the largest ones. Besides, people lie, and are lazy, and don’t really want to play the game - just get the loot without doing much. So free the time of your admins to do what really matters - keep servers alive.

@ the good hardworking players of Conan Exiles: if you make a petition to Funcom about this issue, you have my signature.


Maybe for PVP servers. On PVE(-C) servers, we have no in-game recourse for dealing with griefers. Blocking important resources, walling people in, walling off obelisks and dungeons – those are some examples of crap PVE(-C) players have had to suffer before the rules were established.

Contrary to the popular trope, it’s not purely about base size. That’s one of those popular myths everyone loves to spread, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I know it’s popular to keep that particular circlejerk going, but even the post that started this thread should be enough to disprove it.

The same goes for the “report = ban” trope. No, it doesn’t. Go look around for complaints about admin bans and you’ll find plenty of posts from people who said it’s not fair they got banned but when they reported someone who had “an even bigger base”, Funcom said they investigated it and it didn’t break the rules. So no, a report doesn’t automatically cause a ban.

Are the rules clear enough? No, they’re not. Are Funcom admins transparent enough about how they apply those rules? No, they’re not. Do we need that to change? For sure. None of that requires perpetuating the same falsehoods over and over.


Any chance you took any screenshots of the base - that you could post on here? This is obviously on an Official server where rules regarding server performance and issues with block-building (not, as you say, in your case). Just a questions: have you thought of shifting to private servers?

Base sprawl, especially horizontally, may not only block spawns and resources, but also make the server creak and groan. This seems to be the case for both vertical and horizontal sprawl. I know FC made a huge difference a few years back when they made bases render in only when closer to the base, but it has always been an issue.

It is horrible that a lot of innocent player builds get scooped up in the toxicity of PvP Official spam builds. With revenge builds out there being thrown at servers when one clan or player is banned, or when a player tries to go against a large clan or group of clanless players that want to ‘dominate’ a server, all result in a server either crashing frequently, losing performance, or just messing with the resources of the hosting server farm. FC took so much flak way back when block-builds were a thing. Each time a ‘solution’ was released, another exploit was hatched and used. And innocent build-players get caught in the crossfire.

Did the move to private servers years and many thousand game hours ago and not looked back. On private servers we occasionally see the servers kicking big-base players out with disconnection messages, but it is a known and, as private servers are usually actively admin-moderated and rules-governed, dealt with quickly and (hopefully) fairly.

Yes, we all wish that it was practical for bans to be managed more fairly with FC messaging the prospective player first, warning them and why and giving them time to make amends, but it is not always practical. I have several servers and keeping an eye on players just on those is time-consuming. Luckily, at least I don’t have hundreds of servers to deal with and mods allow me to quickly see how big base-builds are and when they are being exploity or spammy.

I would recommend looking at private servers out there, or even renting your own server where you can make the rules and manage your and your fellow players performance.


Depends… was it 3 block wide by 2000 blocks long? LOL…

I kid but number of blocks is meaningless unless you have screenshots. And if this is your 6th time to be banned and you don’t have screenshots then… well, I won’t say it but…


Maybe for PVP servers. On PVE(-C) servers, we have no in-game recourse for dealing with griefers. Blocking important resources, walling people in, walling off obelisks and dungeons – those are some examples of crap PVE(-C) players have had to suffer before the rules were established.

Two points about this:

  • it can still be detected in an automated way, no real need for it to be reported by the players;
  • the above pretty much sounds to me like the definition of domination. Fair access to all dungeons and resources doesn’t. But I won’t argue about it, a PVE(-C) server type makes no sense to me in this universe and I’d never play on one;

Funcom said they investigated it

That is as much proof as anyone else’s unverified claim of the opposite. You said yourself admins aren’t transparent enough.

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So, more lag due to expensive calculations. Hmm.

Never ever forget that your case is investigated because someone have reported you :man_shrugging:. Since it’s your multiple time for banning you have to start seeking for different answers. Surely you do somethings really wrong to get to this point, so maybe you have to appeal all your opinions about how you think this game is to be played and accept every other opinion as helpful feedback. A lot of people learned this game “wrong” and still ensist to the same mistakes, blaming all the others than their game play.
I will give you a fast example why admins are not toxic.
I speed up my car on 200kmh every day to a street that say max 80, but because traffic police never got me (nobody reported me), I never get a ticket.
You speed up your car with 85 kmh and you get a ticket because they got you (someone reported you).
Most of the times the person who gets the ticket blame police.
Police officers are not toxic, they just do their job.
They say “hey my build was way smaller than others”.
Or even worst believe that they ain’t going to be banned because others in this server have builded multiple times bigger… THAT’S WRONG, my dear friend.
The logic is simple as it sounds…

If you cross lines and someone will report you you will get banned.

No matter what others have done to this server, no matter at all…

So. We are here for you, all of us, gamers and @Community to help you with this issue.
Place your thoughts, your questions, anything you do and think you do right, to help you get answers that surely will help you not to ever be banned again and enjoy your gaming hours.
Above all, stay in the forum, read the rules and the conversations here, this will help you a lot to correct your gaming mistakes and enjoy your game without fear, it helped me all these years and I am pretty confident it will help you too.

Take no offense, I beg for it, please. I want to help, player to player, nothing more. Let me, us, help!!!

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please use the Zendesk Form to apeal a Ban.

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