Banning is not enough

So, in my 3,5k hours of conan i’ve only been wiped by exploiters so far. Either people meshed inside my base or had speedhacks and what not to place bombs inside the structure without breaking anything else (no there hasnt been a flaw in building there was literally no way to enter without breaking something first multiple people checked). I reported all those incidents with video proof and if i couldnt proof it with a video you could have just read out the event log/base and easily see yourself that blowing beds first without breaking anything else and the whole base being intact isnt possible.

Why do i even bother to report these people if the clans that suffer from it get literally nothing in return while the hackers just go ahead and buy a new acc + game and do the same sh*t all over again. Like dont get me wrong how the new guidelines get handled for landclaim and stuff like that is nice but if a clan (or multiple ones on the same server) lose hours and hours of playing by unfair 3rd party programs or what not there should be provided something more than just a standardized ticket saying: “Yeah sorry nothing we can do, kbye.”

Its just really playerbase-unfriendly to handle it like that & i think you could do more to show the suffering clans that you actuially care and dont want to lose more players. I know its impossible to go through the whole event log and restore every single bit of it but giving out some kind of “starting kits” or do a mini rollback if multiple clans on the same server get hit should be possible if you react fast enough. Just SOMETHING other than a stupid standardized message.


Cheaters are a pain in the butt in every multiplayer game. You know, some people don’t see any problem about cheating. It always leaves me baffled how they cheer when their victory was not honorable or fair. I would feel shame. On Conan I never encountered cheaters, but maybe because pvp isn’t my thing on this particular game. But I played every fps on the market a lot. And by a lot I mean thousands of hours in very demanding clans/teams. Not a pro, but experienced. Cheaters were a problem everywhere. Major companies can’t solve this problem, as hard as they try. It’s very unlikely Funcom will. What you ask may not be possible. These guys must receive hundreds of complaints. Can you imagine the workload your proposal would imply? So yes, it seems fair what you seek, in an ideal world (where you wouldn’t need to ask it to start with). But I very much doubt it is possible in reality…
I wish you good luck and remember : that which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.


I encountered cheaters in other games too & i understand that its a hard task to get rid of them but the thing here is, on a conan server you spend days, weeks hell even months to get all the stuff you have with the result of getting raided by someone using a program where you cant do anything about it. If this happens to me in a shooter i might lost the 30 mins round which sucks too but its not comparable to the amount of time it takes to play conan especially if you play pvp on officials. And with multiple game dev or normal dev friends i know there are more possibilities to compensate than what we actually get (which is nothing to begin with)

BUT anyways thanks for you words and time! :slight_smile:

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It’s a valid point, but what you lose is not the issue. Getting rid of cheaters is. It’s practically impossible. If they open the precedent for compensation, it will be like a dam bursting. They would be flooded by requests and you can be absolutely sure cheaters would be on the front line.
It really, really sucks, but probably it’s not ill will that prevents them from doing what you ask. It’s the can of worms it would open.

Unless conan is ONLY almost game where ‘‘hacking’’ is impossible atleast for most official servers and this sounds like private server stuff… i think i play conan from like when it went out of early and was on discount, i mean i never found ANY cheater. more like bug users or griefers that build mega tru map and killing others in pve but really never hacks , i mean u can try even search hacks in google, there is like one suspicious link that ask 30 euros for it and well ye… for my view conan is only game that is really hacker free ( not counting exploiters in privates )

I can show you multiple videos of people speedhacking. I have been wiped like this twice now. Also encountered it in open world pvp. There are hackers. Just because you havent seen them yourself doesnt mean its not a problem which other people suffer from.

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Speed hacking seems to be confirmed. Never encountered one myself, but it’s a common complaint among players.

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OP, I won’t say you are wrong in anything you are saying. What I will do is point out that most of what you said is unfortunately, not feasible.

If Funcom decided to repair everything that hackers, exploiters, and cheaters wreck, the backlog would cause more problems than it would solve. They would need to set up a system to where your identity in game is linked to you outside of game. This part is relatively easy (though a bit more complex since the game isn’t designed for it, but not impossible). Then they would need to setup a means to get you the reimbursement.

This would either take significant development time, or it would need to be done manually. Since the former isn’t going to happen since it would negatively effect the future content progression and development for the majority of players, it needs to be the latter.

So assuming they can link you to your character on a server. You do a report, they respond, they investigate, and then they analyze what they need to do. Then they either reimburse or not. To this for everyone filing reports would cause a backlog.

Now hackers, cheaters, and exploiters are getting banned less frequently because time in responding to reports is taking longer. Now they are causing more mayhem which clogs up the system even more. To put it shortly, there are more bad players than the community can handle in the manner you are seeking. Or to be more specific, a socio-cultural one. I could go into the definitions and reasons for this, but its beyond the scope of not only this thread, but the entire forums. But I will say this much, if you have children, and see them acting like dicks when playing video games, smack them (or whatever positive/negative reinforcement that is legal, ethical, or moral in your culture/jurisdiction). Or if you have adult(ish) friends who do nasty things, check them on it.

I’m going to say something many aren’t going to like to hear. But the truth is what it is. PVP on officials simply isn’t worth it. Its gotten to the point where they cannot reliably prevent decent players from getting wiped out by indecent ones. I would have thought that having to repurchase the game each time would have been enough to keep people in check. But apparently accounts are too easily accessible or some nasty people have managed to get a disposable income and selected to use it to harm others.

If you play on a private server, this heavily mitigates their ability to do this. I won’t say it prevents it 100%, as I have seen someone I knew personally go total jerkface on someone on a private server. Of course by doing so, they lost more than their access to said server (and others, as word gets around), as I no longer associate with them. But fortunately their ability to continue doing such things was dealt with.

I know many have reservations about private servers. But I would pose this. If being wiped on a weekly basis is the norm for you now, what do you have to lose? I’ve seen many PVP servers have large communities for the span of 3-4 years for many of them now. You don’t get large communities like that for a single server (matching entire data centers of officials compared to a single private server) by exploiting the playerbase in a nasty way.

I personally put fun over principles when I play my video games. We’ve got enough stress in our lives to be worried about particulars. Every server (private or official) is going to have its shortcomings. What you have to decide is if those are serious enough to prevent you from having fun.

I think I could do without having to refarm basic materials on a daily or weekly basis because someone has hurt feelings. But that was my personal decision. You all have to make your own. If the issues listed by the OP aren’t enough to move, then by all means stay and accept it. You’re not wrong for making that choice. I just don’t agree with it.


You know what I think when I play pvp on officials? Carpe diem. Enjoy the day, because tomorrow catastrophe may hit you. I always build small and very hidden. I play smart and when I am outsmarted, I just laught it off. Some guys are better than me, play in better clans, you name it. But I have fun in a very different way than when I play sp or pve. When a problem beyond my comprehension occurs, I accept it as a bizarre act of Nature. If I feel like it, I start from scratch. If not, I take a break, focus more on another mode or another game and that’s it. But this is my way. I understand some people like to achieve stability in pvp and that’s something admirable. It means you play well, probably have a good clan and so on. I never had a good clan and most times it’s just little old me against the world (although in real life I’m 6.1 tall! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) so I never expect much. It’s survival on daily basis, really. When I get cocky, I tend to get punished after, but man, when I succeed it’s a real thrill! :laughing:

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That’s true, as long as things remain the way they are. There are ways to address these issues, although none will be very popular.

One way would be to offer “premium” subscription servers. Those wish to play on them would pay a monthly subscription, and in return those servers would have dedicated admins, clearly defined SLAs, etc.

There are several other ideas beside that one, and I was going to write my typical wall-of-text post discussing them, but I lost the motivation.

No offense to anyone, but it’s all been discussed to death and back, and Funcom doesn’t seem inclined to do anything beyond attending Zendesk reports (which can take weeks) and patching whatever holes they can (which usually takes months). I’m getting burned out from trying to talk about these things and never seeing any results.


Still you always make good points.
I wouldn’t mind premium servers tightly run, but I’m afraid I belong to a minority. We shouldn’t have to pay to play without cheaters, but to be honest, your idea seems the only viable way to deal with cheating effectively. A well payed team of server admins 24/7 on premium servers. But you know how it goes… the rich can afford quality while the less fortunate can’t. I deal very poorly with that harsh fact of life, although being fortunate myself. I wouldn’t like to see this in gaming. It’s enough seeing it everywhere else. Some of the best players I ever met aren’t rich and they deserve quality as much as anyone else. Even if your idea is probably the only that brings results, it would break my heart seeing it implemented.

RIP 002 :cry: They wiped our base too. After 3.5k hours and playing since day 1 it’s over for me too. Utterly disappointed in the anti-cheat in this game. It’s the best and most beautiful multiplayer survival out there but I give up. There is no way to win against cheaters and the way they have free reign on PvP Official servers is a disgrace. In its current state the game is unplayable.

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It’s a shame how several clans on the same server can be wiped without anyone interfering. The people we reported are still not game banned… so why bother? No one cares anyways. Even if my imagination on how to handle bans and help the people who suffer from it are out of reach or hard to realize it is still a shame that those cheats they use go on for multiple years now and still no fixes for it.


In 10 years time when all gaming will be on cloud, finally the cheating will end.

where was your base? and do you know how long the person was on the server before you got hit? its not uncommon for people to log out inside places like the gutter, crevice, keyhole etc then 6 months or so later when they log back they are inside someone’s base. if they had bombs on their inventory or your benches are in the open you can get wiped from inside. because i’ve seen this happen more than a few times and i’ve logged in inside someone base after taking a break i make sure every crafting station that can make dp, tar and jugs is in its own room behind a door and all mats for making dp are in chest in other rooms.
not saying that’s what happened to you but it is fairly common and if you look at the logs it will appear you was undermesh raided

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It’s was steamed by a guy on huya where you could clearly see they speedhacked and my mates also got a video proof with it.

I can tell you exactly what happened:

At 18:28 or something my mate checked the playerlist on a website. He said „hackers logged in just now check the names“ the funcom id‘s where numbers like this: 9737294899276361 and the clan name was „B“

Not even 5 minutes later my mate got killed by bombs from those exact people. Nothing broke before and he saw no one. I killed myself to get back to the base while one of us tried fighting outside and said „at least on of them is speedhacking“

I tried to pick up stuff out the benches while we checked where the bombs coming from. No one inside nor on top or anywhere on sight just some people zooming around underneath the base. We all got killed sooner or later and the beds where gone first. We walked back from the desert and every single on of us got killed with speedhacks again. I was able to save a little bit of the loot because I sneaked up while the others run in all the time to distract them. During all of this we found one of them steaming and offering „special“ services. So you can basically pay those people for doing this to clans or whole servers :slightly_smiling_face:

well if you got video proof turn it in. i haven’t seen anyone using speedhacks on any of the servers i play on yet but there is a player that is suspected of it by other clans. i do suspect two players on different servers of using an esp hack though. one of them i’ve done a little testing by logging out in various areas of the map in well hidden places with good enough gear to steal and every time i log back in on that server i’m looted by the same player. the other one makes a b-line straight to you when you are way out of range for a healthbar to show up way to often for it to be a coincidence

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I did report them. Multiple people did since they were attacking them the same evening. The server is now at like 20 people from being full during raid times since they wiped like 8 different clans on that server the last week. My initial thought with this post was that they have been banned since my ticket turned into solved. But not even :slight_smile: everyone told me „funcom support is better now they actually ban people“ but other than bans for freaking landclaim I haven’t seen those punished who really should be. Still. After 3 years. Just sad what kind of possibilities to cheat still exist


Yeah… agree. Umboris may have something for us on this though…