Building Limits Anyone?

Hi All, First let me say I am new to Conan and love it. Its everything ESO should have gave Skyrim fans. So bless Funcom for that. About 3min into a game on a official server I ran into a blockade of foundations…go somewhere I am sure but no where at the same time. :slight_smile: does anyone else think it might be a good idea to limit the build process to something like fallout 4 settlements ? I m just saying…

it would be a limit for those who want build amazing cities etc…not a good idea, game would be less good with a limit like that. Go on a private serveur with admins, maybe…Admins and report system (what send coordiante) for annoying structures on official servers would be the best solution.


I think building “amazing” cities should perhaps be limited to private servers, it’s about survival not minecraft and if it helps servers im all for it

In fact, it’s both (about sutrvival and about building), and a sandbox too, limits for sandbox games is a bad choice…


Well that the alfa-clan build one big linked base on the hole map and block Everything is not good for the game. And of you lock bach on old topics its a big demand for some limitations whit good surgestions on how to do that.

Yes we need to be able to build a big home area but not to be able to let that home have tentackel walls to the end of every map corner …

Conan exiles when it started funcom wanted people to build a amazing cities and castles and compounds but there always will be the douche who wants to block stuff off I destroy these people. And I have more then four two main big bases and several little hidy holes throughout the map so no a limit would be no good for me as I have several stash houses

“Harvest resources to craft tools and weapons, then build anything from a small home to entire cities piece by piece using a powerful building system. Place traps, elevators, and defenses, then deck out your creations with furniture, crafting stations, and more.”


and Building is what conan exiles players prefer, so no reason to limit this, this would be a mistake:

But yes, game would have admins on official servers.

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yea its designed for a pvp server but [quote=“Shadoza, post:9, topic:64372, full:true”]
No to limitations.

Building is part of the game when you ateast in theory can blow the wall and take controle of the area but in pve you cant do that and are permanently boloced and cant do anything about it and thats whay its a need to do somthing about it If Funcom restricted building, they could lose that part of their player base.
Placing limitations on a sandbox game will starve the players and kill the game’s entertainment value.

wich server you on?

Well like. Right after the intro you see the lady building and getting armor and then building a giant city.

So I think it is right off the bat given that you are gonna make a city.

Also with the religious alters, animal pens and such. You kinda need to build big

no i pay for my own server and if i want to cover the map thats my choice i would’t but its still my choice. i understand what your talking about tho i rented my server for the same issues your faceing the offical server i was on trolls were burying all the resourse nodes on purpose. they almost had all of jungle closed off.

the problem is there is no moderation on offical servers even on my server i run into this issue i ban the people who do it but on ps4 you don’t have all the admin tools you need to destroy some structures and determined people can suck up alot of my time had to spend 3 hours destroying foundations off the most popular iron farm.

but once you hit 60 and have higher leve tools you relize that survial is not the purpose of the game food and water are so easy to get i have 3 improved refrigrators stocked full that i end up throwing thousands of meat out daily. the combat is a joke you can take a thral and solo any boss in the game without fear of dieing.

so if survival is a joke and combat is so easy its a joke only leaves building if you limit that whats the point of the game? might as well shut down the server and delete the game cause isn’t anything to do.

Well said.

And I add to all this with a big no to building limitations.
Im on a PvE server, we have these guys that have cut off the passage north of the Arena Entrance (the one that goes through the mountain to the lake on the other side, and by arena entrance I mean the one by the river that goes through the snake). And another guild has built AT THE ARENA ENTRANCE ITSELF!

Like… seriously. On a PvE server?

They have totally cut that passage away. Wall goes all the way up to the top of that passage. The second guys have just made it a hassle, thats all. Even worse, they have nothing in that passage itself. Its just used to cut us off from their city, which is cutting most important paths to the Blackhand Ship thingy camp all up o.O

  1. Its a Pve Server. Nobody can do anything about it and destroy it.
  2. What are they so afraid of in the first place for such a structure? Its PvE. Nobody can touch your stuff anyway. In a Tier 3-4 Purge location which is just easy to defend (and they also have a zillion pets).

I just don’t get some people. maybe its just me. I build my city nice and open. Defend choke points. And let everyone roam around about in it like its a little town they came by to. Like Sepermeru. I don’t remember a huge wall enclosing that city off did it??

Then I waltz off and enjoy visiting other structures and towns from other friends myself and occasionally drink ale with them, sit in their kitchens that they kindly invited me to and eat my stomach full. (Luckily nobody has trolled me yet and got me in their house, locked the door, and left me there :smiley: … that would sting. Worst hangover ever forcing a bracelet removal and item loss. lol)

Building as much as you want is what makes this game gold. And the size of the map and places you can build is crazy big in the end. More than enough for everyone.

Which brings us to another point I wanted to make. Limiting building wont stop griefing. That passage that guild blocked off is so small, even with a limit they could still block it off. I’d say perhaps some more restraint to building in certain areas?

idk. I do enjoy the elevators and bridges others have built on the same server for the purpose of all of us enjoying them. And more limitations are not always the answer either. One said elevator one built is on the sinkhole, takes us all the way down to the Undead Dragon so more limitations around critical locations could also ruin such other immersions of the sort :man_shrugging:

Reporting for griefing then? Even that could perhaps be seen as a bad idea. I mean, what are the rules then? What is considered ok and what not? Why should people then be building with the question “is it ok to build here” in a game within a world where you are meant to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women :smiley:

Id say at that point the only choice left is to just fly off to another server. Personally I checked like 5 servers before I settled on one I liked. Not that there was anything particularly wrong with the other 4, I just liked said one more than the rest, chose my spot, and parked myself there and started to build :slight_smile:

On a second note/thought, if a guild has grown large enough that they have built a quarter of the map then one can say they have pretty much rendered the server useless. They might as well rent out their own server at that point since they obviously like to play alone.

So, with that in mind, perhaps a very very very LARGE limitation? Idk, like 4 map squares max for a guild? Thats kinda large enough isnt it? Should be rather huge and leave enough room for a lot of spots to build with large cities? More than 4 squares? idk. And if said limitation would be added, then how will one know how to calculate it for multiple cities? Each one can be 4 squares? So, how far off till a new settlement counts as separate. And if not separate, how does it count up with the other settlement? Accumulative?

It all goes down a dangerous path at that point imo. Limitations are always kind of a no go zone for such a game that can possibly completely ruin everything. What else is there to limit? Structure number? So what happens if someone wants to build his/hers personal tower of babel and reach the clouds? Why should they be limited and not be able to do this?

All said and done, I guess I come back around to my initial suggestion. Find a server that suits you. Might be a crap suggestion, but, idk, it might work. Sure there are some annoying peeps every now and then. It happens. Kinda the issue of any online game really. Next choice is to play privately at that point if its such a hassle unfortunately. You can try to get an admins perspective on it through a private message, in the case it is something completely ridiculous. idk.

Safe flag areas and link together the non building areas and impotat pathwayes need to be done. And how big Thos safe flag areas its up for testing on testlive

And Another reason plater build those walls its to link up ther outposts so they just have to log in and direct reset the decay time on all ther outposts. The safe flags can do that so you reset all decay time when you tag one off the flaggs.

And dont com whit a NO, com whit an beather way to solv the problem!

Haha I’m on official someone blocked off those as well it’s clear now lol

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