This is not survival game. It is foundation builder simulator

Has anyone ever seen the official pvp servers? It’s just a huge amount of foundations that take up a quarter of the map at best. What is PVP here? The winner is the one who started earlier and built up the entire map with foundations and storage facilities?
I have checked already about ten 60 ## servers. The situation is the same everywhere.

P.S. I think it would be correct to add topics with different names here, but EXACTLY the same problem:

  1. Put building cap in PvE
  2. TOS v/s Landclaiming
  3. WTF! The map is 9 days old! Closing off Map Areas
  4. Rewarding Limits (for buildings and companions)
  5. The problem with this people is that they don't know what they have on their hands

*If I missed something, write in the comments, let’s collect all the discussion of overbuilding in one place.


Looks like a typical official server to me.

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This is why private servers are so popular.


Server numbers and Tab button identifying these ppl then post it. No offence but for all we know that could be your single player game.


Could be, but its a fact, this is something that has been complained about before so many times and there are many suggestions on how to address this issue, but there has been close to none solutions from funcom to help with it.

I don’t mind big bases that are actually used by the players, but the current building system gives a lot of freedom to abuse it.

This is, in my opinion, the worst part of this game.


Add the same upkeep as rust and problem solved. Simple.


Just let them have fun on their dead servers, playing minecraft.

It’s not even fun to fight against guys like these. They dont put up a fight.
You beat them once and they start running around naked with repair hammers, Fortnite-ing you.
They only show off size of their penis if they can outnumber someone on horses. Ridiculous :,D

Make gods the nukes they were in EA. That thing is gone in 60 seconds.

My opinion is the same from D1 and never was “too popular”.
You should be allowed to build a restricted amount of “pieces”, so you can use them all in a single big base or different lesser outposts, but the entire concept of build how much you want is wrong, unless:

  1. in single player there is no reason to limit that: you are the only active builder so ok.
  2. in dedicated “builder” servers where the purpouse of gaming is minecrafting rather than fighting, (but even here I’m not so sure that complete freedom would be a right choice).
    But in the end having a build limit should be an iron rule, not only to protect the gameplay of a community in a multiplayer game, but also because (my opinion) having a limit is more funny and intriguing than having none.
    Having a limit of what you can build makes you think of what you should do and also make your gameplay different at any different run: once you build near the river, another time you build in the desert, then in the highlands and so on.
    If you get tired or bored in staying in a certain place you can abandon your construction (resetting your “pieces limit”) and rebuild elsewhere, maybe saving your favourite objects in a bag and carry them to your new future house (unless you get robbed in the meantime ^^).
    The build limit should be, of course, rationalized… I don’t know 3k pieces? so you can have a base of 3k pieces or 10 bases with 300 pieces each (numbers are totally random here do not count them as true)

Again, in single player mode this is really not a problem but having limits is more engaging rather than having none, have to choose what you can do (and where) makes you more caring of your homebase, I don’t know how to say that in better words I’m sorry, but “less” is more engaging than “more” to me.

I would also restrict religions to 1 for player but this si an entire different story and would need a REAL differentiation between religions, the religion system is simply a (partially failed) cosmetic aspect nothing else, should be more deep and expanded about it’s meaning but, wrong topic here :stuck_out_tongue:


You clearly overestimate the capabilities of the avatars.

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I can see that you didnt play in EA. :smiley:

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This is a huge problem… this isnt being creative its being disruptive… I am all for freedom to build but what we have here are people ruining the experience for others…

There are so many options to fix this

1- Complete server wipes every said amount of months exampe would be say every 3-4 months wipe the server with or without the ability to retain level

2- Make decay timers for individual foundations and building pieces and not that if there connected they refresh

3- Make a limit on how much you can build as an example if your single you can say use 2000 bldg materials… for each member in the clan you gain an additional 2k … kinda like what they did for thralls

The problem is… the game has been out for a very long time now… if they havent fixed it now I dont think they will… its a major issue… I even reported a clan that blocked obelisks and even dungeons with huge walls… and this was about a year ago… and now those walls are bigger… and higher… and worse… they never did anything about it… they dont care …

I dont think this game has much going on past this particular expansion … maybe thats why they quit caring about it I dont know… either way I think this is a shared issue among alot of players… and it isnt just for pvp official servers … its for all official servers…

There used to be servers like this, they called them blitz, and they were gone for unpopularity, they should still exist imo.

I don’t know if having different counters would affect the server or client performance in any way.

Limiting player’s like this is too aggressive in my opinion, , but this combined with an upkeep cost to maintain building past certain amount of land claimed or building pieces placed could work well.

Having different servers with different rulesets could also work, for example:

  • PvE-B (for building) as a builder’s paradise, pretty much as it is now.
  • PvE-S (survival) same as the other but with a strict building limit and with harder PvE difficulty
  • PvP-R (relaxed) just like PvE-C but with 24h pvp times and no raid times, strict building limits and harder PvE difficulty
  • PvP-H (hardcore?) PvP with raidtimes and strict building limits.
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We don’t really need wipes, just a better method of how land is claimed and how we fight decay.

As posted in suggestions before, Land Claim Flags, (they wouldnt have limit or extremly high one for Online) But they could get players to rethink there large bases. And better guard them.
(aka, Flags can’t over lap, or be placed over no build zones. It would prevent land locks, blocking and force player to claim better spots and set up better set ups. And remove the need for spider webs for reseting the decay. )

Wipe server werent really popular in 1st place… Most of them would be which ever clan blocks off server 1st, gets the server. It wouldnt really solve issue, inless you were one there 1st, and Alpha everyone off… (boring)


This is griefing, griefing other players is bannable.

Harassment and griefing

Regarding the building system, although freedom is encouraged through the sandbox mechanics of the game, please remember that there are other players sharing the server with you. We reserve the rights to act upon in cases we deem necessary, such as but not limited to:

  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, resources and other areas of the game.
  • Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other player’s access to resources and building spots.
  • Irresponsible abuses of the building system leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.
  • Special consideration against these cases will be taken in PVE and PVE-Conflict servers.

There will be no refunds of materials or inventories should you or your clan be affected by an admin intervention.

Bullet point 2 and 3 are applied.


I don’t want to report anyone. This is not the fault of those who are building. This is entirely the developers’ fault. They have every opportunity to restrict construction somehow. But they don’t. Why should we blame the players for using the most effective way to defend their base?
Moreover, these rules are terrible. Do they not give any explicit criteria for when spam becomes spam? How many foundations do I have to build for this to be spam? Therefore, I’m not too fond of unofficial servers. Admins interfere with the gameplay, and this is very often not fair game.

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When said items are placed only to block or stop players for areas or content. Lots just blankets mass
Amounts of land cause they don’t want players to build or do anything there thus it’s spam and when said spam is having too much that it negatively affects servers performance. But it’s the players fault if they don’t care or just want to build all they want, the servers is for more than one person not just them. And some people are given warnings banned first not permanent.

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I agree with @Morlang. It’s not player’s duty to monitor compliance with the rules on the entire server and report IF THEY THINK that the rules were violated. Especially considering how inconvenient the reporting process is and how long it takes for the admins to investigate and take actions. We are in all right to demand a better moderation for official servers. Better reporting tool. And building restrictions.

The problem is that most of the buildings are not meant to prevent anyone from a building. These are several bases with protection from trebuchet + vaults spam. The more vaults you build, the better because it saves resources. But as a result, entire servers are built up in this way.

How unrealistic in a open world sandbox game… at this point it is griefing.
You don’t have to report them, but if someone else does Funcom has the right to ban them.

For example, if someone shares a pizza, you don’t take 3 slices so the last persons to get pizza get none.
Funcom shares the server… players that claim this much take more than one slice.