Rewarding Limits (for buildings and companions)

In Short :shorts:

Hey :wave: Below, I will present what the problem (of constantly increasing numbers of buildings and companions) is and how to encourage players to self-limit without imposing hard boundaries at all.

Simply put, it’s better to reward players for small builds than for maintenance or penalties that can affect regular or new players.

:arrow_heading_up: The Problem of Continuous Growth

Currently, players are rewarded only for increasing their army and expanding their kingdom. In three years of playing, it was easy to abuse, even accidentally (or out of boredom).:

  • Every day we play to get more companions, better ones and to feel safer or gain more prestige.
    • We catch companions if only to make them a living statue that presents new armor and has no other task.
  • We create higher walls and continuously occupy new land that has no owners for our own benefit (or to disturb others).
    • By creating a fish farm.
    • Blocking the fast travel Obelisks.
    • Enclosure of rare resources or your own base.
  • We build structures that make the game easier and easier.:
    • Infinite Maprooms.
    • Slaughterhouses for World Bosses.
  • We accelerate the arrival of the Purge by building unnecessary structures (entire cities!), and don’t waste time on cleaning up after ourselves.

We do this because the game allows us to do so, and there is no profit or reward :gift: for limiting ourselves. :eyes:

:fire: (painful) Solutions

Many solutions have appeared on the forum. Such as: fees; hard number limit; increasing costs; limiting the land that can be claimed and others. Even the game developers have proposed a companion limit as a solution.

Admittedly, I would agree to any solution now, but deep down I feel that the limits are cutting the imagination of players. And I don’t want to agree to that! :hocho: :love_letter: :thermometer:

Therefore, I took some time to find a solution.

:carrot: Carrots better than a Hammer :hammer:

Players could benefit from one BUFF depending on how many companions and building elements they have.

  • A .(1-4) Someone with a small base should get a BUFF to speed up building and reduce crafting costs to quickly match the rest of the players.
  • B. (5-8) Someone with a medium base should get the best BUFF to increase army strength and building durability or extra gathering resources.
  • C. (9-12) Someone with a large base should get the same BUFF as the player with the medium base, only with a smaller percentage of it.
  • D. (12+) Someone with a very large base should not get any BUFF. The only reward in this case is having unlimited buildings and an army numbers.

:thought_balloon: Some Thoughts

  • What is needed for the whole idea to work is a BUFF’s that are good enough to encourage players (who have never limited themselves) to get the rewards they provide. BUFFY should be updated with each new content (dungeon, landmass) and provide support for that content.

  • A player doesn’t have to limit himself to a medium base to get the BUFF’s from point B (5-8), he can hit point C (9-12) and will have them, but they won’t be that good.

  • Each stage could have more sub-stages, increasing the possible variety.

  • Tiers of companion and building element could be counted differently.

:memo: Note: Over time, I will describe more in detail and show that breaking this simple reward assumption into smaller stages will increase the possibilities, strategies and adapted to almost every playstyle.
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Such a system does not require the player to have only one base, it does not limit the space, does not require fees and does not increase building costs. The system only rewards us, not punishes us for playing.

First, let’s show players what bonus they have (only one of course).

Suppose rank 6th is to increase the strength of a structure and rank 5th is to increase the strength of your companions.

When we log out of the game, we should make sure that we leave our base at the appropriate level (for example 5th for PvE or 6th for PvP).
However, when we play, we would most like to use the companion strength BUFF.
This means that when entering the game, we should demolish something and build something when we go out. Just stick to the line between the 5th and 6th level. Theoretically, for this purpose it is enough to build / destroy one element.

If someone attacks a player (PvP) on level 6th, it will be difficult for him to destroy something, but when he finally destroys a few building elements, the BUFF will change from 6th to 5th and the army will resist the invader better - this is a hidden mechanic.


:male_detective: For Role Players

Probably the solution looks not realistic, but it is enough to describe it. In the previous post, I showed 14 levels (including zero and above twelfth), Each of them would have a description:

  • 0 . You are an easy prey for any exile. No one can survive long without shelter, build something.
  • 1 . The only thing you think about now is to build a shelter, it is easier for you to carry materials and you create building elements faster.
  • 2 . You have so little that you divide even the smallest amount of resources and reducing the cost of crafting.
  • 5 . Your Kingdom is prospering, small enough for you to control every aspect of it and large enough to force your will on other exiles. This is a truly the greatest power.
  • 9 . Though your Kingdom is great and mighty, corruption has seized its way into it. You control it with difficulty, force obedience to your enemies and army with a strong hand.
  • 12 . You have trouble maintaining power in your own Kingdom. Countless mouths to feed eat up supplies quickly, so you collect whatever you can to survive the dark ages ahead.
  • (Above) 12 . Your kingdom is limitless, army countless. Everything you gain from your immense power is lost before it gets to you.

If I were to give specific numbers to the size limits of the buildings. The size that would be enough to play.

Expand the inserted post to see the screenshots. :framed_picture: :camera_flash:

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I decided to add an important sentence to the first post. This is a great summary of a topic that is definitely missing here. Hope @h3rb1 doesn’t mind. As this is not an exact quote, here is the original post:

:memo: Note: I have to clean up :broom: this topic a bit and add what is still missing. :jigsaw:

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:information_source: Notice: Below I present only examples, certainly they would not be the final values.

:bar_chart: Examples and more calculations

Click to see (out of date) calculations

If BUFFs depend on building elements and companions, then we need to unify the value to one thing. Let’s call it for example Kingdom Points.

The building components could be worth from 1 to 3 points (depending on their tier level).

Same with companions, but they should be more valuable, so I would suggest:

  • 3 per companion / pet T1
  • 6 per companion / pet T2
  • 9 per companion / pet T3
  • 12 per companion T4

Greater versions of animals could count as T3, so it would be optional to have more animals to defend buildings instead of only T4 humans.

:muscle: BUFF Level number 5

If we assume that 370 is the base number of building elements (as a reminder, the first 4 BUFFs are to support new players, the next ones are to support active players from the best one to worst).

370 * 3 (T3) = 1110 Kingdom Points

I would suggest that the optimal size of the army (warriors, archers, dancers, bareers, animals and mounts in total) for a relatively more enjoyable game will be 300 Kingdom Points.
In that case, you could have exactly:

  • 100 companions (T1), or
  • 50 companions (T2), or
  • 33 (T3) companions plus 1 (T1), or
  • 25 (T4) companions
  • or variations:
    • 50 (T1) and 25 (T2) companions
    • 15 (T4) and 10 (T3) and 5 (T2) companions
    • 10 (T4) and 20 (T3) companions

:pencil2: Note: For higher level BUFFs (weaker ones) it will be possible to have several times larger army and structures.

Summing up buildings and army 1110 + 300 = 1410 Kingdom Points, let’s equate them to 1400. :scissors:

Of course, players could use different tiers of building elements or give up several walls to use points to power the army. Or vice versa, have fewer companions to build larger structures.

If we exceed 1400 Kingdom Points, we simply get BUFF 6 (out of 12).

By evenly dividing the points into the lower BUFFs we can give you exact numbers.

  • BUFF 1. will be given with 1-280 Kingdom Points
  • BUFF 2. is 281-560 Kingdom Points
  • BUFF 3 is 561-840 Kingdom Points
  • BUFF 4. is 841-1120 Kingdom Points
  • BUFF 5 is 1121-1400 Kingdom Points

:boom: Higher Level BUFFs

In order for more people can use BUFFs, the upper limit of the last one (level 12) should be several times greater, for example 4 times. We can quickly enumerate all the BUFF limits.

  • BUFF 6. will be given with 1401-2000 Kingdom Points
  • BUFF 7. is 2001-2600 Kingdom Points
  • BUFF 8. is 2601-3200 Kingdom Points
  • BUFF 9 is 3201-3800 Kingdom Points
  • BUFF 10. is 3801-4400 Kingdom Points
  • BUFF 11. is 4401-5000 Kingdom Points
  • BUFF 12. is 5001-5600 Kingdom Points
  • No BUFFs above 5600 Kingdom Points :skull:

:mag_right: Summary

The difference between the first levels of BUFFs is 280 Kingdom Points (it’s easy to get to better BUFFs), and the difference in the higher levels is 600 points (so that as many players as possible can use the system).

The upper limit is BUFF level 12 (the weakest of them) with max of 5600 Kingdom Points, which means that players can have it with:

  • 5600 (T1) building elements (no army), or
  • 1866 (T3) building elements (no army), or
  • 1866 (T1) companions (no buildings), or
  • 466 (T4) companions (no buildings)
  • or any variations in between :fish_cake:
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At the very beginning :baby_bottle:, I was just wondering how to solve the no build limit problem. Every way I could think of :hot_face: or read about :cold_face: on the forum has been harmful :cry: to players in some way. When I finally started figuring out how to reward :gift: players for self-limiting, I knew I needed to add companions to this topic.
But now I came up with something more! :pizza:

Although recently I play only singleplayer, I visited the official server during the 50kk Kill event. I found a lot of fish farms there and started to wonder if this problem (completely built-up rivers and water sources, through fish farms) could be solved. The answer is YES! :eyes:

Currently, there is no build limit, no limit of companions and no limit of items placed. But it’s not about the items themselves, but more about managing the place, what we store and how many workstations we have.

If we also added the amount of slots in chests (and other objects :basket: :handbag: :shopping_cart: :briefcase:) to the BUFF system, any item that could store other items would become more valuable. And having a lot of fish traps or furnace would make no sense. It would be better to only have one object (or only remove the trap when using it) to get a better BUFF in the system or have a larger army or structure instead.

It will also be pointless to keep unnecessary resources in countless chests.

Note: Since my idea includes a build, companions and slots limit, the calculations :abacus: above are not valid and I have hidden :see_no_evil: them. Only geniuses :face_with_monocle: like :+1: to read :yawning_face: so many numbers :100: without any pictures :framed_picture:.


Best to reward for playing the game instead of punish for it :dizzy:

Coming back to the subject of companions (and especially the introduction of the population cap), there are many ways that players don’t have to waste all the work they’ve spent collecting and training unique NPCs and pets.

Here is one of my earlier suggestions:

There are also some players who stop playing Conan Exiles for some reason, but don’t want to lose their progress, so they just renew the decay timer in the hope of getting back in the game sometime.

We should bear this in mind if any building limit is ever introduced. A counterweight to this would be something like a bank or buildings that could be packed and deployed when the player is actually playing. The point is to keep the player’s progress, no matter what is happening on the server.

Here is another one of my earlier suggestions, telling more about it: