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Whaaaaaa? I’m starting a thread about building limits? Well hold on.

So lurking again and what say all of you about not a foundational limit but a construct limit based on # in the clan? So for instance instead of putting out a 10K limit, how about a limit of 4 constructs (IE any structure that can be selected for a purge) plus one for each clan member?

That would limit the amount of satellites and therefore some of the issues with thrall wheels around Sepermeru or shallow grave spots around the unnamed city and various base holdings everywhere.


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Personally, I think I could play under these constraints, but I do have a couple of observations about the idea.

First, Funcom would have to get rid of the trick people can use to make two separate builds share the building ID. I’m not sure how expensive this is, both in terms of development effort and in terms of a possible performance hit for additional runtime checks, but that would be on Funcom to figure out. Without that change, though, this idea won’t work at all.

Second, anyone evaluating this idea should understand that this wouldn’t eliminate the need for server moderation in any way at all. People would still be able to hurt the server performance by building, they would still be able to wall in other people and/or resources, they would still be able spam foundation webs, etc. In fact, this would encourage some players to try to make their outposts connected to their main base via foundation snakes, and admins would have to work at stamping out such BS until those players got the message :wink:

Other than that, sounds like a pretty decent solution to an actual problem. I’m sure different people will have different opinions on whether that problem is important, but the solution is on point :+1:

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You’re idea is sound. I would set the limits a bit lower. Something like not per person, but maybe something like 1-2 and +1 per 3 players.

Use your idea alongside one that limits refreshing and you might actually have playable servers. They won’t be perfect, but they will be playable.

I’d have to test it, but I think pippi bluboard ignores the ‘trick’ when copy and pasting. So you might have that issue out of the way already. Don’t wait for this to be tested, it has to be done in multiplayer since the feature doesn’t work in SP afaik. I don’t have a MP server that I can really do this on easily.

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rheeeee I have a Pavlovian response I cannot overcome. rheeeee


I still think the building limit would be better not with an arbitrary number of pieces used but with space. If they implemented a crest system where you can build x tiles out within a radius of the ‘crest’ (some physical object in the structure that grants land ownership) that is the best solution.

The only problem with that idea now is the implementation of the portals. There are two ways around that. You could either:

  1. Solo’s are boned, you must have more than one other player in your clan in order to build secondary structures and own them. Each person in the clan can have their own crest, meaning every clan can have at least one structure per player.
  2. Each player can have two crests, one small and one large.

All of this is moot though, I am slowly giving up on Funcom with doing anything further that is logical.

I would say the same thing I have every other time this infernal subject has come up almost every other week. Hard, emphatic ‘no’ to adding building restrictions to Conan Exiles. The issue is a behavioural one, and players who conduct themselves responsibly and abide by the rules should not have their own play experience limited or diminished because a subset of players act like juvenilles. Sorry erjoh I like you. But restrictions are not the answer to the issue.

No thankyou to building restrictions.


I would heart this a hundred times if I could.

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I see another problem with it. People could just build a ton of structures on various alts and accounts and then join the guild to merge the building into the collective. There’s no “reasonable” way of protecting against that without redesigning these systems that would be a whole lot more work.
The only way I could see this work is with a hard-cap… say 3 structures per clan max that would never increase regardless of the number of individuals joining and maybe 1 without a clan, then increase that based on numbers but only up to 3.

It still seems like a very ineffective thing though and not worth many development hours imo. as it doesn’t really deal with anything important in a surefire manner.

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actually a health limit for the game , on talking in officials, would be zero, in actual state those server cant support any building big or small. if the officials are the showcase for the game then its is ruining it. Sad having to say that, but when i was playing early the game as reaching 9 fps on wilderness and zero-one near buildings. And the cpu, mem and gpu resources was barelly being used.

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