Building limitation system

I will write as briefly as possible because no one will read a long text.
Сonstruction restriction: the more you build, the more expensive each next element is.

The number of elements can be measured in some building units (for example, one foundation T3 = 1, wall T3 = 0.7, foundation T1 = 0.15, and so on). Let’s say you have already built 100 building units. Now, you will have to pay an additional 10% of the resources from its base cost for each new building. For example, a black ice foundation costs 15 ice, 6 wood, and 3 steel reinforcements. Then, when installing the foundation, you will lose from your inventory (2 ice, 1 wood, and 0 steel reinforcements).
Likewise, after 1200 base units, the foundation will require an additional 120% of its cost, and so on.
Of course, the exact percentage of the price rise is a debatable issue, but such a solution will limit the spam of buildings on servers. Most likely, at the same time, you need to nerf the avatars, but this will make the game more attractive for people with everyday lives (not nolivers).


The idea is interresting, but it will not work. Simply because there is unlimited ressouces to collect.

Best is an upkeep like in Rust + a limit of building pieces (1 000, 5 000 10 000 …).


The problem isnt people building big; the problem is people spamming just to spam, which is already against the ToS. The larger workstations already incentivize people to build larger so a penalty would go against that very philosophy.


What makes you think that this won’t work? It’s one thing to spam buildings when they cost 100% of the base cost, another thing when 1000% or even 10000%. In the end, the price of foundation will be higher than the price of a bombs to demolish that foundation.

Strict limiting is not very appropriate. Because if you didn’t have enough limit to complete your base, you would have to redo everything. In addition to the fact that the strict limit does not fit well with the clan mechanics. If you multiply the number of buildings by the number of players in the clan, people will attract “dead accounts” to their clan to increase their building limit.


People spam buildings because of the avatars. Any compact base can be destroyed in 3 minutes. That’s why I added that avatar nerf also necessary.


Build base to a certain cost per item. Join an existing clan, leave, build something else. Repeat.
The idea sounds interesting, but leaving/joining clan should be reworked so that you can’t donate your builds to another clan.

PS. Now that I think about it, this has to be the best idea I’ve read so far about building limitation.

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Yes, I thought about that too. But in this case, the bases will not be connected. And you will have to run to update them constantly. Well, as an option, when joining a clan, you can damage all buildings by a certain percentage depending on the difference in cost. And for the repair, you will need an increased amount of resources.

P.S. By the way, there is still an option to leave the base cost unchanged. But to make buildings damaged. To fix them, you will need several resources, already taking into account the extra charge. This will make it more convenient to build temporary structures (required only to climb somewhere). But probably this will need some modifications to the repair system because now it is not very convenient.

That may be one reason but a more significant one is just they are being dbags. I’d be a supporter of just a land claim restriction setting. Build as tall as you want but the square footage can be no bigger than X with a server setting to be adjusted later for optimization.


Your system sounds very good. In the long run players will be more willing to give up spamming and build decent for once. I like the repair cost idea as well, as it will be a reminder to reduce your builds and optimize them.

This system may work well for PvP but it would be horrible for PvE. Not to rain on your parade but this is a sandbox game. It is designed to encourage building diversity and inspire creative expression through building. Which is one of the reasons Funcom has added so many building DLC’s to the game. No offense, but I personally hope none of these ideas are ever implemented.

As @darthphysicist pointed out:

If spamming foundations for land claim is the problem, and that is already against ToS, perhaps a more effective way to enforce that rule is required. Stifling people’s ability to build creatively is not the answer IMO.


Well, in general, yes, I am more focused on PVP. It is generally not possible to play on official PVE servers. The whole map is built up there. As for ToS, it’s complete nonsense. The developers do not enforce any specific rules when spam is spam. Any PvP server is a vault spam. And who decides when it breaks the rules and when it doesn’t? Is trebuchet defense a violation of the rules? Is 20 vaults a violation? And 50 vaults? If some clan gets banned for spam, it is always banned for rules that no one knows.

Well I think it helps to consider the ToS a set of examples with the overarching theme of “don’t be a tool” and from there its Funcom’s judgement. It’s impossible to establish a concrete definition of a tool, but we all know one when we see it.

This is clear. So much so, that you are willing to break PvE to accomplish your current goal.

I have no idea what this means. I play strictly on official servers and single player without issue.

I am sorry you feel that way. As I said, perhaps a better way to enforce the ToS is in order. However, not a method that alienates all PvE players and undermines one of Funcom’s core game features.

Funcom on official servers, an admin on any private server, of course. This is not news, nor would it be any different if I went to play another MMO.

Your proposal does absolutely nothing to fix vault spam or potential trebuchet violations. Not sure where you’re going with this, but if you see a violation, do your part and report it. Obviously Funcom needs your help to improve their servers, for everyone’s sake. If you play on a private server, perhaps selecting one with an active admin will improve your experience.

This is confusing to me. If a clan get’s banned for spam, then obviously they got banned for spam. This is a rule that everyone knows and is mentioned in ToS. In fact, it’s been a majority of the discussion here in this thread. If a clan truly gets banned for an ‘unknown’ infraction, then they can inquire as to why at the Zendesk.

As someone who mainly plays PvE, this is a most needed feature in official servers.

As much as i love seeing great buildings and the creativity of other players, many of those accomplish nothing but taking landspace for other people that ight want to play.

Also, it’s so easy to abuse the current system that its the most common practice to spam foundations or builldings only to ensure nobody else build nearby.

That without mention those who only login once a week to refresh decay timers…

The game needs an Upkeep system, for those who are actually playing the game shouldn’t be a problem.


It’s an interesting idea, but o think an upkeep cost should be better.

For example:
They could make a station/bench like the feed pot where you put materials inside it to get consumed by the nearby construction pieces.
For every x pieces that has on a range you should pay Y cost per day or it will decay really fast, losing it’s hp, making it vulnerable and decaying after reaching 0 HP.

A system like this should help a lot.
Because people who build in a lot of places Will need to make a lot of these upkeep benches and keep them fed.

The more pieces on a range, the higher the upkeep cost, it could scale exponentially so as not to harm people with small bases or not exaggerated constructions

Imagine a clan needing to pay 100.000 bricks/10.000 shaped woods/5.000 steel reinf/ Daily.only because of landclaim…
It should end the problem with large landclaims.

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PvE bases are typically very large, elaborate and use a lot of building pieces, probably more than most PvP bases. An upkeep tax like you’re describing would be devastating for PvE players, and again, stifles one of Funcom’s first and primary game features. I realize that you guys have a problem with spam but you are going about it the wrong way. It feels like you are trying to recue a kitten from a tree by burning the tree down.

If the average PvE player had to pay even half of that on a weekly basis, the forums would be flooded with complaints. I still think your biggest ally in this fight is the ability to report rule breakers.

Perhaps a server setting that would allow PvP servers to toggle a tax On/Off while leaving PvE & PvE-C servers alone?

I would like to see Funcom explore various methods to limit the number of building pieces available to players. New players could have a set number as (X) where each level would earn them (X) amount of additional building pieces. And in addition to that, time played on the server would gain them (X) amount of additional building pieces. Lastly, afford players a way to grind items that might allow them to earn more building pieces. Much like fragments of power do for feat points. This would prevent new players from spamming foundations across the entire map. And it would also allow older players to feel less restricted (if at all) by the limits. Again, I am not advocating to be a ■■■■ with the limit. But I am acknowledging that some people really push the limits of the server, and wreck whole areas of the map. That should be what single player is for. Multi-Player should be a little more thoughtful, especially if they are not gonna have active moderators babysitting the servers. With the implementation of a concept like this there should be some sort of benefit. I would suggest the decay system get a rework that is a little more lenient.

an upkeep system just wont work for conan. especially for how you need to build for pvp (stacking and then land claim so people can’t build ontop of you) Land claim radius is honestly too small. its like 10 foundations or something.

…on PVP servers.

…on PVP servers :smiley:


Likewise. A well-designed, configurable upkeep system would most likely be the best solution for all game modes…

…but I’m not holding my breath.

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This cost i suggested is for an hypothetical alpha clan with a lot bases, landclaim and etc…
as long as this clan is active, this won’t be a problem.
But everytime between the wars, only some players of a clan still plays with the same frequency.
So to maintain everything it’d be costly. This is a very clever and good solution for PvP and even for Pve.

Let’s say. Someone plays Conan exiles for a while (5 monthes) and builds everywhere… castles, roads, maps and etc (on a PvE server).
Then he starts playing less often for whatever reason. (sick of the game, things in real life, etc.). He just needs to login 1 time per week to reset decay timers. if he had to pay a upkeep cost, he would be left with only what was needed, leaving room for new players to build and assume the position he had previously, on the spots he occupied.

But it’s relative when you say PvE bases are much larger than PvPs. we are talking about building pieces, not the space they occupy.
On a PvP base, you have 3.000-4.000 building pieces on a space of 9x9x9 because of PvP mechanics. and removing fence foundation or stacking are not the answer, because if they do so, people will stack common foundations and the spam will be even larger.

The upkeep mechanic i’m proposing works like the feed pot. it has a effective range, it gather the number of pieces inside this area and calculates a upkeep cost that you need to constantly feed it to keep your building pieces safe.

The larger the area, you need more of this “pots”, it will require more attention from you to keep the buildings and a constant farm.