Upkeep idea to counter large builds

So been playing some rust on consoles.
Just perplexes me how Conan can’t integrate at leastvthe tool cupboard for decay and upkeep.
I would love something similar, where you used silver coins, gold coins, or alchemists base to upkeep.

Idea is based on paying to have the base stay in your ownership. If timer runs out, then fir 24 hours someone else can deposit and gain claim of the base. after that it decays.
Can even have a thrall (taskmaster) that reduces cost per day.

Silver would have lowest decay value, gold mid, and alchemist base sets a very high decay. Again just an idea to add responsibility to building large.


Seems interesting as a private server option.

A few questions.

How large is “large”, is it anything over 100x100 and how about the vertical 100 walls up within this limit?

So, now we are locked in the base to craft coins?

What happens when the builds are now be concentrated near the chests or mines crowing one spot, slowing down and crashing that area?

Also, I guess they have to wipe all the coins you made ahead of making this suggestion. :grinning:

How does this “counter large builds” there will still be a large base anyway just someone else is in there?

After all if this maintenance, when am I allow to play the game again?


i never played rust or another survival game as much as i’ve played Conan Exiles, but having a method to counter the abuse of the building system and the spam of buildings in official server is something i’ve always been craving for.


Better idea would be to remove the purge bar and have purges randomly spawn when you’re offline. Also have purges with 200 npcs at once. That will teach the weekly resetters.
This will “upkeep” the entire server in a week, enough to keep only the active players in the game.
As a matter of fact, wasn’t this the original idea behind the purge? To actually prevent server overbuild? Hello?
Sometimes I start to lose faith in this game for what it has become. Purges can’t purge anything, thralls are like terminators 1v20, maelstrom has become cosmetic, the temperature system “dealth with”, and harvest rate is 2x on PvE. Is this game turning into a facebook game?

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The problem with this is people on conan have been building big for 3 years now and yes funcom made this problem them self’s they should have had this handle a long time ago believe it or not when they do put restrictions on building alot of people gonna quit. I really don’t think upkeeps are gonna stop big builds i to play rust i have seen big builds on rust all you need is resources people will farm on conan just like they do on rust.

Lmao if only funcom was in the business of running off their customers

The “running off their customers” already took place and you missed it. :ok_hand:

On pvp servers, I thought “upkeep” was when you repair your base…

Idk… as long as I can turn it off. I run my own servers so I don’t have to deal with other people’s bad server habits.

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Large as in spamming.
Easiest…not that the scripting is easy…is just count foundations, fence foundations, pillars, and any of the large items (map room, altars, etc). Those are the basic spammable eyesore. the claim arra would have that number generate the cost

The cost can be as simple as 10 per item I listed. for each tiered “fuel” I describe is set amount of max decay…silver 3 days if full.

And yes, the crafting bug will have to be fixed so one could actually craft larger qty of them.

nothing wrong with used large bases. The problem is the refreshers who can kill off the spot by logging 15 mins a week.

If you can’t get coins and gold by now, then you need to hit up YouTube.

The cost would be tweaked to insure it 8s something that takes some time. If you can’t Maintains 100000 pillars, then d9nt build it. Simple as that.

Not interested, it’s not how I personally play the game. But, you are most welcomed to perform this task if you enjoy it.

That’s cool. Just playing on multiple server…the biggest issue on most and what keeps new players away is the trash spammed every where with no real fix to counter it. So just tossing ideas so people have consequences for spamming and being greedy on officials

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The system should evaluate if theres any workstation connected/working, if not, the decay system is 2x 5x 10x…theres no reason to have block just 4fun…or for griefing/claim

I’m totally fine with large builds, everyone should have the right to

Griefers are the problem

And huge boxes, if you don’t like building, don’t build a huge box, you can built a small box too you know xD

An upkeep of 10% per day of original cost (wood, stone, …).

  • a server wipe every 3 months.

Not big on wipes…too many players who actually play get caught in that net.

But 10% of cost of the main items used to spam would at least be a start. I just figured for scripting sake making a station in a claim area that calculates a finite type of building piece and using a smaller “fuel” to paycheck cost helps to ease calculations.

Well, I do like the idea from @fito of rewarding players for small builds instead of upkeep or penalties that may affect casual or new players.

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Just an example…
a 10x10 base.
100 foundations for floor
the 10 layers high of foundations totaling 359.
1 map room on top
1 Altar inside.
1 Claim Table to put the payment in.
ceilings walls and doors do not count .

that would be 461 costing pieces. let’s say it is 1 fuel per 10 pieces.
46 silver gets 3 day to no ownership
46 gold gets 7 day ownership
46 alchemist base gets 14 day ownership.

The setting could be turned off or adjustable for privates.

Some work around is use pillars to gap the stability, door ways to make outside walls. But for pvp raid that would be a plus…doors and spread stability make raiding easier.