A simple solution to lag, high ping, foundation spam ... on PVP official servers


@Ignasi please look at this.

There is a simple solution, we have to look at RUST. I do not like this game, but there is some interesting things in their building system.

  • The Tool Cupboard, a sort of claim area item (9 foundations radius). https://rustlabs.com/item/tool-cupboard
  • You have to protect the Tool Cupboard.
  • You have to be active to fill the Tool Cupboard with ressources to prevent decay (cost 10% per day of all building in the area).
  • And add a building limit for example a maximum numbre of *** for walls + foundations, etc …

Then do the same with animals and thralls with food, + a maximum number of them (it is already in the game, need to be activated). And why not pay the thralls with gold coins every day to work for you?

With this implemented and activated in the game, it is not a problem for active players with a 10 x 10 base and 50 thralls. And the servers can run normally.

Else we have the actual situation with players building too massive bases with too many thralls animals, impossible to raid and destroy, just have to log on to refresh and that kill servers.

Then we need a wipe system every fews month, or every month. It is PVP servers, not “build a castle and stay there forever” servers! (+ it clean all dupings items). Then everyone can start fresh and have a chance every fews months.

And it will be more interesting, who will be the next king of the server this month? :slight_smile:

Requiring 10 % of materials of your base per day, plus food for animals and thralls, and some gold to pay for your thralls? How many hours per day are you willing to dedicate simply for upkeep of what you have? Sounds more like doing chores than playing a game.

This idea would give even greater advantage to people/clans with lots of time on their hands who can afford to spend time to gather resources for upkeep, as well as resources needed for raiding and defending.

And what would happen if you miss a day? Maybe your internet connection goes kaputt. Maybe you need to stay at work overtime because a colleague got sick. Maybe you need to take your cat to the vet. Real life has an annoying tendency to get in the way of gaming.


Less than 1 hour per day for a normal size base for maintenance. You can stock materials for fews days. The idea is to avoid to just login 1 minute to refresh a big base for 7 days … and then stay forever on a server without playing on it. And to avoid spam buildings.

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Agreed, the tool cupboard is a great introduction because it regulates A) landclaim / building access and B) decay / upkeep. But there is no

because RUST is great, but it has a totally different concept: PVE in RUST is only a side effect, not equal to PVP like in CE. The emphasis lies on the PVP-shooter-experience:
“Who can manage to get the higher tier weapons in a short time to dominate the playing field and build a base mainly for the purpose of logging out safely?”

Most servers in RUST wipe every two weeks. For nearly 7 years now the devs do a forced server wipe every month. In CE on the other hand, the building system alone gives you enough to do for a year.

A long time ago, the CE MAYHEM-servers used a shorter wipe cycle, but only a very small amount of the CE community were actually playing on them, so they were shut down.

So because of CE´s longvity, architectural greatness (and the thrall system), a more sophisticated solution for the land claim and decay system for Conan Exiles would be needed!

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Is it really a problem on PvP servers that people log in once a week to refresh their timers? I think that’s a problem that can be solved with a trebuchet or two.


I realize that this thread is tagged as PvP, but a 9-foundation radius limit sounds pretty restrictive for even a solo player let alone an entire clan. Would each additional player in the clan expand this radius, or would each player get their own cupboard that could add to the shape of the other players’ cupboards?

It would be a completely new paradigm, that’s for sure…

You can add severals cupboards every 9 fondations. Just play RUST on an empty or training server to practice.

Sometimes it is interesting to see what others games do to take back good ideas.

Oh definitely, but given how tedious it is for us left-handed gamers to get a config setup for a new game, I don’t lightly install a new game for that sort of thing. :sweat_smile:

Does each cupboard need to be filled independently, or do materials placed in one propagate to other cupboards in the same contiguous structure? Also is the clan limited to 1 per player, or can they make as many as they want?

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I wioll always back to an extent any idea that requires playing the game to up keep a base, no matter how big or small.

But to insure the tool cupboards are accesable enouhg to be attacked, it needs to work in a 180 degree radius, not a full 360. here is why. If i can bury these things under wall stacking, ceillng stacking, then in PVP it will not change much. By making ti 180 degrees, that means i would have to have them set up along outer wall lines. this would allow for them to be attacked, and would allow for as many as you want to be built.


Yes. Only connected building pieces in the influence radius of the TC are considered the same structure.

Clans are not existent in rust. Now there is a feature where you can “team up” with people, but it is merely to mark your allies on the minimap. Building ownership is also regulated by the TC: You register at it, you can build. If you clear the list of registered players, they cannot build there any more. You have to lock doors or chests by putting locks (key or code). This is the way clans share buildings in rust :slight_smile:

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I am not sure if I understood correctly, but your sketches look like you want the TC to be covered by one wall only? In the rust universe, if you get access to the TC (no lock on it or you manage to destroy it and replace it so you can register) you have building privilege. So, one wall will be a little thin maybe…
And in rust you cannot dismantle building pieces. So if you would have building privilege in CE, would you be able to dismantle what someone else did build?

What!!! I have posted about how Clans hurt CE, and now I may have to try out Rust, if this is true, to see how it plays out.

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Yeah, i saw that after i posted LOL. Maybe an imbalanced where it is 2 foundations in the front, and 7 the back. so you can at least build some defense in front…Good point.

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What this game needs isn’t a TC but rather a way of clearing foundation spam all over the map.

Hopefully the upcoming siege update will include opportunities to use thralls as sappers, battering rams… on elephant and rhino mounts, basic manual destruction using a pick or a pickaxe.

There has to be a reasonable method of clearing unwanted spam that is not 10x or 100x more resource and time consuming than farming, crafting and spamming the foundations all over the place.

Which is easier to get 15 black ice, 4 insulated wood and 3 steel re or the 20 or so bombs needed to destroy that foundation.

It’s a fabulous idea. This prevents players from outright trolling servers, and necessitates a constant flow of trade. As always, it should be a server option. So if some people here don’t want it, it can just be toggled off.

10% Is a bit much in my opinion. A slider to adjust the intensity of the upkeep is necessary, and ideally, a server-defined cost curve. That way, loners wouldn’t be too hard hit, whereas sprawling troll bases or alpha clan boxes will be very costly to have. Which is fabulous.

If this was an option on servers, sure. On official servers, nope right out. There is no simple solution to the problem, as evidenced by the endless threads about it since forever.

I’m in the same boat with others that have limited game time, I have no interest in spending my game time on upkeep rather than progression. Or worrying that if I can’t spare an hour my timer will run out.

Go farm a bunch of trebs or explosives, then find the cancer clan spider foundations and blow up random ones in the chains. They’re not running around checking all of them, and the broken chains will decay. I’d sooner be in favor of limiting the overall number of foundations/building pieces placed than implementing a farmed upkeep system or copying the TC model from Rust. Building in Conan can’t even be compared to Rust, Conan is a slow buildup game, Rust is a ‘grab what you can cause in 2 weeks it all goes away’ game.

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Not always, because sometimes the retain ghost connection (bug???). At least it use to do that. I haven’'t checked in a while. One used to be able to daisy chain 2 to 3 bases, and then destroy the foundations linking them manually, but retaining the ghost claim together, and allowed for easier refreshing.

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Honestly foundations should just either be redone or banned. Many servers refuse to let their player base to use them because they lag the server a lot. Using ceilings as foundations is a much better system and reduced a lot of lag.

If you want to reduce more lag you could consider limiting the amount of vaults/chests per clan. The more entities there are, the worse the lag is.

10% maintenance per day is way too high. In fact I think any maintenance would subtract from gameplay and make it tedious.

I like that in a PVP server you can build a castle if you want. I don’t really agree with this suggestion. In fact I think it would hurt gameplay far too much to be a valid / good update.

This values optimization over gameplay at too high of a cost.

This is the only item i support.

@berserker I may be late to this conversation but from what I’ve read, you all want to create and entirely new system that will F tier the game. The solutions posted by others thus far are no where near viable & will make a lot of ppl including myself quit. I host my own server. I have many hours (years) put into the game. I know what the issues are. Plz take my advice; Majority of ppl on conan do not want a wipe server. Plz go play rust if that’s what you want or fortnite.

Pvp servers are not “build a castle and stay there forever” i agree. However, if you raid them, take all their loot & dont let them build back up, they’ll get tired & quit. Eventually all of they’re old buildings will decay. (This is the best solution FOR NOW) I will say that there’s certain areas players shouldn’t allowed to build (silent legion dungeon, oblisks, shattered springs etc.)
You dont want to make the game more grindy that what it is already (it’s really grindy now with the recent patches btw.)

Also, you can do what I’ve done on my server. It works really good to say the least:

  1. reduce land claim radius to 0.1 (or 0.2)
  2. set building decay multiplier to 0.5

What this does cut spamming down dramatically & warrants players to build things on foundations if they want it to stay there longer. This will will cost them more materials so they’ll be more selective when doing stuff. Decay timers being put on a 0.5 multiplier is not as bad as you may think. It normally takes 2 weeks for bases to decay on officials 0.5x of that is a week. Still enough time for ppl to have lives while also cutting down on spam. These are resources funcom already has. We do not want them to dedicate resources into creating a whole new system that’s not guaranteed to work. This post is also for Ignasis to see as well.