Building systems on pvp

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I propose a solution to improve performance on pvp servers, Impose a foundation limit per zone. If the players in advantageous position are placed, the time of degradation will not be bound and will last one hour for all the surplus foundations. Solutions: The flags system is not bad for preventing players from building in the area, blocking the number of foundations would force players to use the flags. - Imposing a thrall limit prevents the storage of thousands of thralls in a database, limiting the number of thralls per clan, the lifetime of thralls could decrease gradually once the limit is exceeded. (only for excessive thralls) -Solutions: The setting up of traps on the walls likely to shoot arrows would necessarily be limited, because the construction would limit what would improve a lot of things in terms of server performance.

No. Nein. Niet.

No foundation limit per zone.

This will cause (another) mass exodus of players.

That is my opinion and that is all I have to say on this subject.


I’ve been playing for thousands of hours on servers [PVP] the system where players are forced to lay thousands of foundations on the ground to survive destroys the performance of servers. So give your opinion if you want but I would like to know where you play history to understand why you refuse that?

2400h ( I think ) hours solo****, Officials, Private PVP only servers. Easily played 20+ servers. Currently resting with the gods

Since E.A + All DLCs.
My opinion has worth as a solo.

You aren’t forced to lay thousands of foundations. It’s just a convenient, easy and toxic way of defending yourself and attacking others.
Low risk and low reward. Anything else?

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Play more in official pvp and we will see :smiley:

Since we now have to establish credentials before we’re allowed to have an opinion, here are mine: 3400+ hours, most of them on official PVE and PVE-C servers, played since EA.

That said, my opinion is “hell no”.

First of all, you’ve got a few things mixed up. The follower cap has nothing to do with storing the thralls in the database. It’s about reducing the performance problems arising from the need to run the thrall AI on the server.

Second, building pieces are the least expensive player-placed elements of the game. Thralls and pets are the most expensive, because they have the AI aspect. Placeables are in the middle of those two when it comes to costs: they don’t have AI, but they do require animation and lighting on the client, so they will create lag. So if you’re looking for performance problems, foundations will be the last thing to look at.

Third, when solving performance problems, the rule of thumb is to eliminate bottlenecks one by one and observe the results before going to the next one. Otherwise you have no idea how your change really affected the game.

Fourth, I would normally be happy about an idea that proposes a new mechanism, such as claim flags, as long as the proposal shows that the author thought things through. However, given Funcom’s track record, I don’t think I want them messing with one of the most basic core mechanics in the game.

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I don’t know how or why the performance is bad, I just know when u come close to some base with many thralls or many buildings you can’t move anymore.

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