Limit buildings

The server I am on used to be great with rendering, and little lag. Now due to multiple tribes building thrall bases with tons of vaults everywhere and shrines used as protection it has caused the server to slow down alot.

While the problem is caused by building abuse or rather too many buildings, I think the solution is not to limit building, but people realizing that this is no mmorpg.
Conan Exiles works best when small communities play. With that meaning not 300 players rotating all day long, each with its own city state build, but actuall 40 players playing preferebly on the same time zone so most are online. That way bases dont become too much of an issue.

Another approach I think could be studied is changing the way fighter and archer thralls work.
Instead of having they be a full AI clogging the server when everyone has tens of then on bases, they could be changed to some more static defense like operating a cauldron or balista or archery post.

See my issue is seeing someone litter their base with alters and vaults and then have multiple bases doing this. While also having thrall bases at every major thrall settlement just ruins the server. Like maybe have a land claim limit. This clan on my server have 5+massive bases with thralls, shrines, and vaults all over.

Thing is, it’s hard to stop this as valuable resources are on different areas of the map. Let alone valuable thralls.

When I need black ice am I just gonna run from the Highlands to the Temple of Frost to get it? No, I’m just gonna put a base near the ToF.

When I need gold am I just gonna run from the Highlands to Road of the Pilgrim and into the volcano? No, I’m just gonna put a base near RotP.

When I need silver am I just gonna run from the Highlands to Sepermeru or the Jungle? No, I’m just gonna put a base near either, or both.

When I need volatile glands am I just gonna run from the Highlands to the Jungle? No, now I’m definitely going to have a base at both Sepermeru and Jungle.

There’s 5 base areas just for materials and doesn’t even take into account Mounds of the Dead or Black Galleon for T4 Thralls. Even the Den to a lesser extent.

Why build a base at all those locations if you can just place a map room there to tp back to your base instantly?

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A structure limit would be a good idea. Then people would have to think a bit more about what they build.


I am against a structure limit because everyone should build as they want as long as they not blocking poi’s. That’s the reason many people play this game, because they can build very large castles for example or other large buildings.

I don’t want a limit what i can build :slight_smile:

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The only limit I can see being semi valid would be limiting temples, like one temple per base, seems silly you can put a mitra and set shrine right next to each other, not like the priest would get along.

That said I think a slight change to map rooms would help reduce the number of bases. Right now you can go from a map room to an attuned obelisk. What if they make it so you can go the other direction from an obelisk to a map room you attuned to as well. You still require a map room so doesn’t unlock travel without you having built and attuned to at least one map room, but now the player can travel to an area and teleport back so they don’t need a sub base right next to that resource area. If you could take a dragged thrall with you it would make it even better.


More purges would help with building spam


I do agree with you. But with your bases at each area do you have 10, 20, or even 30+ vaults covering the ground with another dozen or so altars. That’s my issue. If it were just bases it wouldn’t be an issue but its bases with all that trash. But on the same hand going to each thrall settlement and seeing the same 5 clans having thrall huts at every single one just bogs down the server.

one mans trash is another mans treasure

i think those limits if ever should be set in the server-rules.

Limiting building in the game itself will again punish some players (example: privat servers or single-players), while others will still found some workaround or exploits, especially on official servers like usual.

Set those limits up in your server-rules, and make them respect with active admins.

Of course, for me not each tribe or clan need 20 bases and 50 outposts, also not each base needs all altars still. But i love also build freely and not be restricted if i chose do so on my own server or in a single-play.

Not the game mecanics and limits has to be increased, but the community managed and moderated in an appropriate manner.

now that the yellow lotion potions are limited to 2minutes, you will be seeing more buildings all over the map. these buildings will be near hunting areas, gathering areas, and thrall camps, probably obelisks too. Why? to house all the cauldrons and yellow lotus flowers spread out in the map so we can respeck our character for the task at hand.

Those that want it limited do not appreciate the benefits of building for the task.

Do not limit building. This game is made for building and not to be ruined by jealous Elite gamer admin running servers. Funcom you would me making a huge mistake listening to these people. Serveral people have left several servers and the servers have closed due to them becoming tyrannical and limiting base sizes too much. One even limited it to 1 base and 15 blocks wide, high and, long. That was ridiculous so everyone told them to get bent and left. That’s just one reason. Noone likes a tyrant.

No you wont that’s a lie and you know it. I’m calling you out on that right now. All people have to do is gather about 2k yellow lotus and put them in some chest’s and they will last for god knows how long. When you need a potion get them from the chest and blam, potion made. Whoever gave funcom the idea to put a time limit on those potions was just jealous cause someone beat them at something.

We already started building so nice try. the potion last 2 minutes, the flowers are forever so we store the flowers and will have alchemy pots everywhere so we can make them as we need them. It wouldn’t be an issue if I only need them when leaving the base. This is the only way to beat the 2 minute timer that we can think of right now.

Why would you doubt us building 2x2 shacks for alchemy? We want them available where we need them.

Personally this is why i advocate for the cooldown on the use of the potion rather than a expire timer. 24 hr cooldown would let people fix mistakes without respecing every 10 minutes and stop the crazy extra buildings since there would be no point in building a base everywhere just for the cauldron. Same with the allowing obelisk go to back to a maproom would stop the need for people to put maprooms everywhere

I have always been more for eliminate the reason to need 15 sub bases than limit what people can build.


First of I tought this is a thread about limiting building, which I absolutely do not support, later why, than talking about yellow potion --> hence there is another thread regarding that.

A building limit would restrict creativity and possibilities to expand in PVE, mind you there are small servers as well not only the crowded officials you read that much here.

I do however see why temple or vault spam can affect a server in a negativ way so for those issues I got two suggestions:

Each clan can build one temple per god but remove the placement restriction.

Make it somehow different to structural stability and limit the building of vaults within a range of the first one per base, so you could maybe build about 2 or 4 in a base but not use it as wall or whatever.

When it comes to other issues like thrall bases, I will make a seperate suggestion later, new member seem to face some hard restrictions in this forum, I would propose to use the upcoming pets, like the camel, to bring the thralls back to your base so you basically would just have to build one wheel of pain, and store them in the cages.

Another option could be to make wheel of pains accessible for everyone but with a like instanciated inventory so you would basically not need to build multiple wheels around a farming spot and your thralls could not be stolen.

About travelling it would be nice indeed to have the option to go back from an obelisk to your maproom but why do I sense some PVP-players might completely agree with this idea :smiley: