Limit Amount of Structures Per Player

As of now, there is absolutely no limit to the amount of structures you can create. To combat this, you guys added siege weapons, explosives, a purge, avatars and so on. So far, it’s fixed nothing. Some of those features cause people to quit the game and still there are players who will create massive bases of no life proportions that directly impact the entire server and it’s players. Maybe you should cut the root before the issue even is able to grow and that can be done very easily. Simply, make it so there is a limit of how many structures a single player can put in the world at a given time. It can be a high number and maybe it can increase as you level, but we NEED a limit.

Building should be strategic. You should put together a base that does it’s intended purpose, rather than grief players, block resources, and take large portions of land that you don’t even need. Remember, we share servers with other players. Unless you’re a high level, it’s impossible to eliminate everyone to have enough room.

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Bases are part of the survival fetured the meta is vanilla the only decent way to counter massive build is to buff raid fetures one of the mosy stuff people do is grinding for builds and raiding to get stuff for get even more builds tho

Buffing raiding to exceed avatars which already wipe many hours of someone’s gameplay, will only result in a further declining playerbase which is ALREADY happening and has happened in early access. Me and a group of players I played with, have all quit various of times after being wiped in early access. Maybe only official servers should have a structure limit. Also despite avatars being present currently, it has done nothing from players from blocking and taking over larger parts of land, especially in the lower tier areas where higher levels don’t even bother going to.

Land ownership, structures, and raiding has NEVER got a proper balance in this game. Lets add more, that unlike other games in the similar genre, Conan Exiles allows you to build a base very easily. As you level, it only becomes even easier to mass structures. Understand that creating many structures and having features like the purge or avatar destroy the massive amount of structures, all impacts the performance for players and the servers alike.

Remmenber the game is so vanilla dude most of the conan players came from ark survival evolve and are literray traumatize about wipe and stuff conan is not a game to do mega bases is a nomad game

Play on a server that has active admins and enforced build limits. There are quite a number of them.

Large builds are the surest way to destroy a server, as the DB has a hard size lim it and if met, server performance tanks. Performance tanks and players will leave. Players leave and the server dies.

I don’t what you’re saying. People are still building massive bases, multiple in fact because they can. Also not all massive bases get wiped, because in the newbie area, no one will nuke it with an avatar unless they’re truly bored or are trying to help to make room. Not only that, but high level players can build extremely fast in low tier structures. There is tons of flaws in the game, nothing is being addressed and what’s worse, people like you want it to not be addressed. Understand every structure in the server directly effects the server and the computer. This is not fair whatsoever. Even pushing players to build multiple bases as you feel the game is intended for you to do so, is not good for players or the server.

No, I want to play the vanilla game on a public server without relying on a server that may fail and be wiped entirely such as a private server. These are issues that should not be fixed with modifications or private servers. These are game problems. If you’re not in a public server, then none of what I am suggesting effects you. If you are defending multiple bases, massing bases, and avatar destruction, all in which completely stress servers and people’s computers that make servers have lag spikes and issues, than I am arguing against you because of the clear problems I’ve just addressed.

Son you really need to change your opinion of community servers. Officials servers are trash and effectively the wild west. There will be no changes to them, and frankly as things stand now they have a higher likelihood of being wiped or deleted than the community servers.

If you insist on playing on official, you deserve whatever happens to you

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In another words, someone in an official server beat you and instead of fighting back and trying harder, maybe joining a group, you whined and went to a private server where an admin needs to protect you. You know that’s fine, you should have your little safespace, but don’t look down on me and others because you prefer a more safe and easier playstyle and we don’t. The issues I address are game issues that impact the server. Basically, the problem is the game, not the server.

Even on a private server, the only control on massing structures is manual interference from the admin. That is wrong, admins should also set limits of how much structures people create, unless they enjoy a server that struggles and creates lag spikes.

I agree there should be a limit to how many structure you can build. This would stop people from spamming junk all over the map. Larger clans can build bigger basses where solo build houses. I’m a solo player and see no harm in this. If your solo and want to spam garbage everywhere go in solo player.

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I agree with the OP, limit structures…

If you people want to build massive castles, forts, cities and villages take that crap to single player or minecraft where the lag wont affect the entire community your playing with… yup this is an MMO, you HAVE to think about the rest of the population on a server…

Weather you PvP or PvE your server population will make or break you.

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