Unknown build limit?

Hello! I have a question. What is the general build limit? My clan recently got half developer wiped (only 2 of our bases got deleted) when we only had 50,000 structures as an active 10 man clan.

We weren’t blocking any spawns or map quests, and we got wiped. I’m enquiring before we go and build another base and get wiped again. I just want to know the boundaries.

Thanks :))


That is a good question and I doubt you are going to get the answer you want. Not sure if it is how big as much as how it is built. I am guessing you are playing pvp . By the end of the weekend hopefully you will have some useful information admin won’t be back till Monday @Community is there a answer to this if so I have not seen it yet. You are probably going to get read the server rules witch I haven’t since I play on private server’s . @Wak4863 any suggestions.


It is pointless to ask for numerical limits. Do you have images of the structures that were wiped? If not then there is nothing that anyone on this forum can suggest to help you. We do not know where you build, what you built on / over, HOW you built or any number of other factors. Numbers are not the issue.


Our two bases were on heliograph heights in the jungle which was your stock standard base, with 30-40 layers of anti-climb and wall stacking and our other one was in the crevice, once again wall stacked, maybe about 100 walls thick roughly.

Both of our bases were fully functional and in use. Conan exiles is advertised as ‘build endlessly’, but it seems you can only build one base? Only thing I can think of is that it affected server performance because of the amount of structures we had in a small space?

I’m not upset that we got developer wiped, like I said, I’m generally curious what the limits are (which is know is a very general question)

You can send ticket to Zendesk to learn why your clan was banned .
There is no actual building limit, there are rules how to build, it means no stacking, no exploits, no hacks. You could be banned with only 500 pieces. A ten man clan is difficult to know who is who and what he does. Maybe a person of your clan build undermase and the rest of you didn’t knew, still you will all pay the prize. These are the rules. For better understanding of the rules search the pages here and read them.
Again, maybe a clan with 100.000 building pieces won’t be banned if they play fair and square. Build with the standard game mechanics and report the ones who doesn’t, because someone reported you and they proceeded for investigation and ban.


100 walls thick? 30-40 layers of anticlimb? Dude you were draining the server resources and everyone else was lagging.


Like @stelagel already explained, if you want Funcom to give you an explanation of why you got wiped and banned, you need to create a Zendesk ticket with the request type set to “Ban Information (Why was I banned?)”

From what you said, it’s most likely that they banned you for abusing the building system in a way that degrades the server performance. Funcom has confirmed that they consider fence foundation stacking to be an exploit and that players shouldn’t use it.

As for the build limit, there is none. What they want to prevent is the kind of build that creates problems for other players, and that’s not something that has to do with the number of pieces you use, but rather how you use them. For example, fence foundation stacking…


With 30,000 pieces you can kill the server on your own without counting the other 39 people. (In case of purge / other players try raid your base / or when you/your clan mates respawn on your base and server need instantly loads all your buildings every time).

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It would be nice to know which count of building pieces in a local area makes trouble.
@Snake are the 30.000 something you or someone tested?

30.000 sounds much but in real it isn’t so much.
A simple empty 20x10x10 cube needs more than 1000 pieces. I think this size could be enough for every bench, wheel, animal pen map room and stuff you need. This cube needs also stairs, floors and walls. Then you grow up fast to 2000 pieces.

If you don’t build only a stupid cube on perfect floor this can be much more.

But even now you don’t have any protections like walls and anti climbing. I am sure here you will need the next 2000 pieces. Don’t think about the shrines and alters that maybe should be in this walls or buildings.

But let us say you need 4000 pieces for an ugly base that have everything you need in this game.
so will 8 bases like this kill the server?

Or three castles that have 10k pieces?

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If there’s 39 other people online. Then there is FAR more this would be affecting. There can only be 40 players ONLINE at a time. If there’s around 20 logged in regularly, there is over 100 active players on the server who pop in and out during a 24 hour period.

70/70 servers for example boast nearly thousand player communities.


That’s a part of what makes the whole thing so difficult - there isn’t one simple number - it all depends on what pieces and how they are arranged. Some simple examples - a 10x10 box (100foundations, 40 walls, 100 ceilings) is likely to use a different amount of processor power than 10 foundations plus 200 torches, or the same number of building pieces laid out in a straight line instead of a square. This makes putting a simple number on it (even a rough estimate) won’t work. (This explanation can go much longer, but there’s already another thread where it’s covered in depth so no need to take this one the same way.)

And that’s the part no one can really answer. Maybe not those specific numbers, but logically there will be numbers where everyone has built within the rules and the server still struggles because there are too many players so the combined total is a problem. I suspect that will go badly, at least the first few times it comes up - because it is likely that someone will be reported (possibly maliciously), and an admin may find that this base (even though it looks reasonable to them) is causing the server to lag. Since they cannot really investigate in detail (or explore the rest of the server), that lag will place the base against the rules (when in reality the cause would be that the server cannot handle that number of players each having a reasonable base) - and this will potentially result in some unfair bans.

I don’t know what the solution to that will be. Funcom expects to get better at this in time and, since there is no official appeals process, my best guess would be that is a role the forums will serve. If people find themselves banned under these sorts of circumstances, hopefully they will be able to come on here and post sensibly about what they think is wrong with their ban (a hard thing to do when frustrated, but the best chance of a positive response). This may help to influence Funcom going forward, though it’s unlikely to solve much for the specific player since that would require server rollbacks.

I suspect that what will actually happen is that people will post angry, information-less complaints, because frustration over a ‘bad’ ban will likely look much the same as tantrum for a legitimate ban. As a result, much of the signal will probably get lost in amongst the noise…


Thanks for bringing me into this @sestus2009

My first question would be how do you know that the base was deleted by the developer? There are a lot of things that can make a base disappear. But even if you are not blocking anything the terms and conditions do allow for cleanup if your build is causing a performance issue.

I don’t know that anyone can “test” a build limit. There is not one in single player and private servers are free to do what they want when it comes to build limits. Essentially Funcom is free to do the same with what is probably less guidance then a private server would have.

Essentially I am no help to you here but I would like to know if there is some specific reason you think or know it was deleted by the developers as you stated.


Its the stacking. Funcom apperantly don´t want that anymore. Easy raid for everyone, that is what they are aiming for. Will never work, since they do not understand how pvp works in their own game with all the bugs and broken mechanics it has. The way they app. want the pvp to happen, makes no sense to the pvp community at all since we all learned the hard way that nobody is willing to repeat. waist hundreds of hours setteling down on a server to get easy offline raided the minute you are sitting at the table eating dinner with your family. The game simply don´t provide enough measures to let you have a break. Without staking your base is gone before you even know it if you are not online. But you can´t do nothing except leaving officials and joining a privat pvp server where you can do pvp the way it works for people and where you do not have to be online 24/7. Some allow stacking, some do not. But the once where it is forbidden, raidtimes are mostly very short in comperison to officials. So your don´t need to stack if you build clever.


Except that’s the big issue isn’t it. How exactly is that “PvP” if there is no P on the other side of the “fight”. If the clan you are raiding, that’s just PvE no matter how you want to try to twist it. That is also not Funcom’s problem no matter how much you want to cry about it. That is the problem of the PvP community not being willing to actually engage in PvP and instead preferring to engage in PvE while claiming it as PvP just to loot some other clan’s stuff. Sorry, but that’s that bed ya’ll laid for yourselves. Have fun sleeping in it.

That’s part of surviving. Build, Survive, Dominate. I don’t recall the tagline being “sit around while Funcom holds your hand so you can go eat dinner”.

Can you clarify this a little? Did the two bases that were removed have 50,000 pieces, or were the 50,000 pieces spread over four bases? (I’m assuming four bases because you said “half wiped”)

Either way, 50,000 pieces is a lot. We have ten members, 32,000 pieces spread over five builds, and our main base is not tiny. We also have 1,300 placeables.

You also did not specify PvP, PvE, or PvEC.

The server we are on has its share of large bases, with two in particular side by side in a heavily traveled area. They both have gigantic, sprawling builds with scores of thralls and animals. I hate going near the place due to the rubberbanding and freezing. One guy has a jungle base that I’ve never really seen, because it doesn’t render for me at all. According to a mutual friend, he has over 10,000 placeables in this one base. Others have large bases with few placeables in out of the way areas, right @Wak4863?

I wondered what the piece count information was intended to do. Perhaps it is just there to let you know how much you’ve built. We have all compared our pieces at this point, and the people with the most difficult bases to get by are the ones with lots of stuff in general.

EDIT: It’s 13.200 pieces. I checked last night.

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50,000 pieces… that must be a helluvalotta stacking. I recently took down a 24x30 base area with a pyramid roof one wall high on the land (high rock) and lots of stairs getting to it’s plateau elevation and after “returning to inventory” each piece (with only a few mistakes) I ended up with less than 1,000 building pieces in my inventory. Imagine 50 of those - OMG… That’s like continent spanning structures.

This for example, is just under 700 for everything you can see in the image. If I added solid walls and a pitched roof to this my calculations still come out to less than 1,500 total pieces. So just imagine 30 of these with walls and roofs (including this height) to get to 50,000 pieces. Or, if it’s only 2 normal stories (two wall pieces high each story) then more like 70 or 80 of these… :crazy_face:


I like the looks of that


We have 3 players in the clan, two inactive. Each player has his own “personal” base. Plus one collective Rear base, three hidden-in-plain-sight bunkers. 7 total “bases,” 7,300 pieces.

What you did to Heliograph sounds like a visual insult. Like open warfare on the eyeballs.

I have admitted in the past to having a pre-ban layercake. I have it on the island opposing Heliograph, but it’s ridiculously modest compared to 100 thick. I wanted a 30-minute fuse, not a 3-day fuse.

Maybe three weeks ago we had a visit from Admin, who stayed for about 4 hours. I have photographic proof of this, although I was not on at the time. Admin doesn’t know me from Teimos, yet I know in my pretty unbuilt server they were likely looking at my setup. I was passed over.

As a player, maybe this is a guidepost.


What?!? You mean they didn’t just auto-ban based purely on the fact that you’d been reported, the way we keep being told they do?!?

(Sorry, feeling a bit sarcastic right now. I should go build something…)


I thought the point of PvP is to just go at it rough and tumble and not get attached to the stuff you collect. You can’t have it both ways…claim to be all about the PvP but also complain about how easy you loose your stuff. PvP is cut throat and if you want to hold and maintain your stuff indefinitely without risk…PvE-C is right over there.