Suggestion: Make fence foundation / ceiling stacking easier?

Hey there, we’ll proceed to close this topic due to the constant derailing.

One clarification before that. Foundation stacking is not an intended mechanic of the game, but an exploit of the building system. We have fixed previous methods to achieve this but there’s still some methods working. They are not easy to fix and can cause previously built structures to be destroyed, which is why the current methods have not been fixed yet.
While you can do whatever you want in a private server (as long as it follows their guidelines), in official servers we will take action if these structures are abused to cause grief to other players or negatively impact performance.

Regarding claims of wrong bans, please do use Zendesk to appeal bans in official servers. Do also keep in mind that before any action is taken, we review the information sent to us by making use of the server logs as well. While you may or may not disagree on some bans, they don’t come out of thin air.

Thanks for your understanding.