Suggestion: Make fence foundation / ceiling stacking easier?

I already posted it hahahahaha. You must not read my post, saw my video.

Anyway i’m not even playing this anymore.
It’s just a testimonial for the players who still plays official.

If someone wants further proofs of what i’m saying or anything like that, i don’t mind sharing then on private. But i’m not going to flood it here.

i don’t know why i’m getting flagged here… i’m not ofending anyone, even mefistos whos is clearly trying to disqualify me. =|

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He only came here because I brought up his post and someone linked it. He came to share his experience, it’s fine if you don’t believe it, but there’s no need to act rude

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I agree. @Kholdenn and I have never agreed or gotten along in any thread ever. But right now, @Mefistos, you are the one who is being rude and out of line. What difference does it make to you, or this thread, whether he was rightfully/wrongly banned? I posted his noticed because it specifically says he was banned for causing server lag. Right or wrong is irrelevant.


Im not rude, its just irrelevant to topic, it started to become conspiracy theory storm about bans and probably is just lie as there is no proof.

More posts like he does and this thread will probably end up closed by mods.

So you think it’s not rude to call someone delusional and accuse them of lying with no proof?

Your suggestion was about making stacking easier, you are the one who brought up stacking in the first place. How is a player discussion his experience with stacking off topic?

We have seen the message that FC sent and stacking was one of the infractions listed, if it isn’t an infraction it simply should not have been even mentioned.

Stacking can not both be a non-exploit and also lead to player bans. This is a direct contradiction

I’ve seen the post from someone at FC saying that it’s not an exploit (at this time) but that post predates the ban, so if it were accurate at that time it apparently changed

Of course FC could clear this up but chances are they absolutely won’t.

So why was stacking listed as an infraction at all?

If I get a ticket for speeding the police don’t just add other non crimes to said ticket.

Either stacking can be viewed as an exploit by the people in charge of the bans or whoever banned the player made a mistake by listing it as one of the issues.

It’s probably more analogous to getting a speeding ticket and the officer wrote down the speed. 50mph isn’t a crime in itself, like on the highway for instance, but it certainly would be in a residential area.


But it would still be speeding, just like spamming would still be spamming, regardless of whether stacking were involved.

They gave three reasons for the ban, one of the three was stacking. That makes no sense if stacking is not an exploit, which we have been told it isn’t.

It could just be the employee made a mistake and listed a non exploit as a reason for the ban, but it isn’t consistent with the rules we’ve been given

I read it differently. I read it as one reason for the ban, intentionally lagging the server. followed by two examples of how it was done, stacking and land claim spam.

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Both the other reasons given were known ban-able offensives on their own

It would be like banning someone and including “building” as one of the reasons, it’s superfluous information that does nothing but obscure what the rules actually are

Yet, there IS A QUOTE POSTED UN THIS THREAD FROM FUNCOM REP that says itvis not an exploit by itself. But you know FACTS…ppppffff


That’s part of my point, it’s unclear and contradictory information, and the ban was issued at a date later than the post saying it wasn’t considered an exploit at this time

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well, land claim (within reason) is not bannable and spam is subjective. So clearly Funcom decided it was an excessive amount of stacking and land claiming. Anyway, I read it differently, which is why I gave the analogy of the officer including the speed on the ticket. That speed is only illegal in certain circumstances. :man_shrugging:

EDIT: When I started posting to this thread I was of a mindset that all stacking was an exploit. I was forced to rethink that stance based on Hugo’s post and until there is another post stating it is an exploit. I have to believe he meant what he posted.

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Yet using logic, they don’t see tmstacking as an exploit. Using it maliciously to negatively force ping issues and server performance is. But any mechanic used to “crash” is used in bans. As was stated in other parts, the “art” of stacking was not the issue. The issue was they used it as part of hard to clean up spam only to crash/high ping server. Lights are not an exploit, but if I knowingly place 1000 and server crashes, and I do it repeatedly, that is exploiting the lights. Does that train of thought make sense now?


It’s much more likely to get closed by mods if you guys keep fighting and getting flagged. It might have been a lot better to just flag his stuff as off-topic and be done with it. If enough people agree with you and flag it themselves, it gets hidden. Like it did.

No, it’s not. Driving a car is not a crime, but intentionally driving a car over a pedestrian is. Storing things in a bag isn’t a crime, but doing so in a store without paying for those items is.

I could go on, but I shouldn’t need to. In fact, I shouldn’t have had to write even that, because we’ve already talked about this, you and I, in this very thread. At this point I’m running out of ways to explain this behavior as anything other than a refusal to change your mind regardless of the evidence presented.

“Speeding” is a word that denotes a specific abuse of “driving a car”. There is no one-word way to describe “stacking foundation fences in a way that abuses the technique to the point where performance is degraded”, but feel free to invent one and propose it to Funcom as a way to avoid people nitpicking what everyone else in this thread seems to understand.

And yes, now I’m being antagonistic. Knowing when to change your mind is just as important for a healthy discussion as being right.


I know people get away with rule breaking all the time in this game, which too me says that regulation is spotty at best when it comes to enforcing rules.

Sorry that I’m inclined to believe a mistake was made on the part of moderation in this case.

I’ve not invented anything, I just apparently see this situation differently than you

If stacking isn’t against the rules, as we’ve been told, there is absolutely no need for it to be included in a reason for a ban. Is that really that far out of an opinion?

The enforcement of the rules might be inconsistent and spotty, but that has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion. We are veering substantially away from the topic, trying to convince you – and perhaps a couple of other holdouts – that stacking isn’t an exploit.

And honestly, this reply is as far as I’m willing to go. Either you’re capable of recognizing you were wrong and changing your opinion, or no amount of evidence and rational discourse will do it.

When it comes to @Kholdenn’s case, I am not going to take sides, because it’s his word against theirs and none of us here have the actual data or even the means to get it.

However, whether it was a mistake or not is entirely beside the point of this discussion. The discussion is about stacking as a technique and whether it should be made easier, or removed, or left as it is. As part of that discussion, there was some conversation about whether stacking is an exploit or not.

There is irrefutable evidence that Funcom considers stacking not to be an exploit. You’ve cast doubt on whether that claim should be believed and based that doubt on a minor detail of how a particular word was positioned in a particular sentence. Despite that, most other people in this discussion seem inclined to accept the same shared interpretation of what Hugo was saying.

Then you decided to dredge up @Kholdenn’s ban as some kind of implication that stacking is against the rules. Several people in this discussion explained how a particular use of stacking can be considered against the rules without stacking in general being an exploit or against the rules.

The evidence presented so far was enough to change @DaVice’s mind. What is stopping you from doing the same? Over the course of the last few posts, you have simply restated the same arguments over and over again, without actually responding to any counterarguments.

Yes, it is. It’s not just “far out”, it’s wrong. I’ve already explained why and so have others. If you have an actual reason to believe otherwise, you might want to state it. Otherwise you’re just derailing the topic.


Please keep your comments civil and on topic.

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Hey there, we’ll proceed to close this topic due to the constant derailing.

One clarification before that. Foundation stacking is not an intended mechanic of the game, but an exploit of the building system. We have fixed previous methods to achieve this but there’s still some methods working. They are not easy to fix and can cause previously built structures to be destroyed, which is why the current methods have not been fixed yet.
While you can do whatever you want in a private server (as long as it follows their guidelines), in official servers we will take action if these structures are abused to cause grief to other players or negatively impact performance.

Regarding claims of wrong bans, please do use Zendesk to appeal bans in official servers. Do also keep in mind that before any action is taken, we review the information sent to us by making use of the server logs as well. While you may or may not disagree on some bans, they don’t come out of thin air.

Thanks for your understanding.