Suggestion: Make fence foundation / ceiling stacking easier?

Everyone on pvp server (except newbies) knows that you have to stack fence foundations and ceilings to be able to defend yourself. The problem i have with it is that it’s so annoying to actually do this. If that’s part of the game for long time, why not make is easier so it’s not a chore to do? Plus new players would learn mechanics faster. The only downside of this i can think of that new players would be able to build better from start and people would have a bit harder time to raid them - which i think it’s good outcome.

What You think about that folks?

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Well… virtues and vices aside… I would file that under “the learning curve”.

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Yeah learning curve… The problem comes when you already know how to do it and have to go through it everytime, it’s so annoying, not fun, just chore. It feels like You deliberately need to exploit system to make it work.

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I believe that it would be awesome to build without bugs at all, not only this feature. Plus I would like things that wasn’t in purpose to be done then not to be done. I know stacking fences style, almost everybody does, but all this time the conversation points stacking as an exploit. So it would be nice building programing to not allow exploits, after this if something was able to be done not to be a players fault anymore.


That’s because that is exactly what is being done. Don’t get me wrong, stacking is ‘expected’ in the PvP community, right up until a player/clan feels you have done it too well, then it gets reported. That doesn’t mean I am proposing we eliminate stacking, I just think that it is an exploit anyway you look at it and don’t think it needs to be streamlined.


That’s why, I suggest they do something about, be able to stack them without trouble…
Disabling stacking is not an option as it’s only one reason you can build on non meta spots - without it you would have build only wedges honeycombt with all doors on whole base and only few meta spots would be viable.

This is exactly the pvp attitude that exists most in this game, especially in the official servers. Starting from minor issues like exploits and then to hacks. No fair play, no honor. This exact attitude is emptying the servers. A lvl 60 full epic and legendary will attack to a new Comer just because he can. A veteran of the game will use exploits and land claims to avoid an attack… Pathetic…
Enjoy your empty servers, nothing else

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Then like i said, it will make meta spots only spots to build which is not good idea I think. There’s huge map, imagine if most of spots would be useless, too easy to raid? Why not make it possible to stack fences / ceilings normally? How it could hurt game?

That’s nothing new, in pvp gameplay you always choose the best tools to be able to compete, the problem is how to make weapons / tools etc be balanced and not just 1 meta best thing - we want to have choice, same should apply to pve - not just one best weapon but many to choose with downsides and upsides…

Cheating is different thing, it should be taken care of.

Read what I wrote, cause it will make only meta spots viable? Imagine huge map with only few spots, rest just for newbies that will get raided with few bombs which takes few minutes to get.

If You raise bomb cost you may need to increase cost of materials to build as it will unbalance things around which may be impossible to balance, not to mention only meta spots will be viable which is my biggest concern. Again I don’t understand what is downside of making possible to build 5 fences in one square or 4 ceilings?

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New players must have a safe zone and the right to have pvp amnesty for an amount of time. The way pvp is right now does not attract new players, it is not competitive, just lions and gazelles. Especially now that you cannot avoid a fight. You, the veteran pvp players, must protect and help the new players, teach them how to grow fast so you will have a fair and equal fight.


You can help few individuals but You can’t help many. Game should provide more information for them.

Maybe it was not intedned but always could happen do be when developers choose to… Many games take ideas from players and adapt to players style, impement something in game based on that, that’s not a valid argument.
I have given arguments why stacking should be part of game, you got none.

Ironically if stacking didn’t exist then builds would take up more space.
Ie stacking allows to condense footprint. So let’s say I stack 10 deep now. that is roughly 2 foundations wide. if it was “fixed” then I would just go 10 foundations out. So really stacking is better. Both cost the same, smaller foot print. And as of now stacking that deep is the only speed bump to slow offline raiding.


I really, really don’t want them to change the building system further.

The initial patch to fix the cross fencing killed off several building options that are only possible with mods now.


They didn’t. They disallowed overlapping building pieces, because those were being so heavily abused that it affected server performance. There’s no way to disallow overlapping pieces while allowing cross-shaped fence foundations without adding more code for that special exemption, so it was most likely easier to just let the cross-shaped fence foundations go.

And before anyone accuses me of being overly pedantic, this was an important distinction. When people start abusing a game mechanic to the point of degrading server performance, Funcom looks for a way to prevent that. Cross-shaped fence foundations don’t lead to degraded server performance on their own, but overlapping a fuсkton of building pieces in the same small space does.

Also, please don’t take this as a personal attack, but I find it ironic that you complain about PVP players requesting nerfs, yet you’re doing the same thing here with the building system. Some of us on PVE(-C) servers use these “exploits” as advanced building techniques (e.g. “laminating” the foundations with ceilings of choice).

I really don’t want building system to be nerfed because people are making their bases sturdier. If that is causing balance problems, find a way to solve those balance problems without crippling the builders. Besides, @biggcane55 hit the nail on the head: nerfing the building system would only make the foundation spam even worse.

So let’s try to think things through a little better and propose solutions that won’t screw things up for a huge chunk of people.


I never said stacking should be patched out (or fixed). In fact I went out of my way to say that I am not proposing it be eliminated:

I understand exactly why stacking is used, I just disagree with OP that the Devs should ‘make it easier,’ I also pointed out that the reason he said it feels like an exploit, is because it is an exploit.

Let’s not pretend that stacking so many fences into such a small area isn’t having an effect on server performance. There has to be a better way to accomplish what you want without condemning server health.

I’m pointing out again that stacking is an exploit. Whether it’s a social norm in PvP or not, is irrelevant. Bringing excess attention to it, like requesting it be ‘made easier’ will likely have the opposite effect that you are looking for.


I really wasn’t arguing about whether it’s a social norm in PVP at all, or suggesting that it should be made easier. I was replying to an argument that the ability to build like this should be removed.

As for whether it’s an exploit or not, I maintain the same position as always: the word “exploit” has a pretty clear definition in software, and I prefer to use that one. That definition requires the resulting behavior to be unintended. One way you can be sure it’s unintended is if it requires you to use a bug. The other is to have it confirmed by the devs. Everything else is a guessing game.

To be completely honest, I really don’t care at all if these building techniques are considered exploits or not. Even if Funcom came out and confirmed it’s an exploit, I would still be against their complete removal from the game, for the reasons I already explained in the post you quoted.

I am not asking for these techniques to be made easier – that’s the original poster’s position, not mine. I am simply opposing the arguments to remove it, regardless of whose arguments they are.

Anyone* who thinks these techniques should be removed from all the game modes needs to go look at the Temple of the Gods contest winners. I invite you to pay special attention to the winner in the PS4 category. That build would have been impossible without the techniques we’re talking about in this thread.

If someone abuses these techniques on a PVP server to degrade server performance, that should be reported and handled. This is just like reporting anyone who puts an enormous amount of light sources in a small space in order to deliberately cause client-side lag. These building system abuses do get reported and they do get banned. That should be enough.

* I am aware that you are not arguing for that, DaVice.


Because math. Stacking does not occupy same space. That was why crossing had a worse impact, and could crash a server.
Stacking is limited. Fences in between cannot have ceiling for each one.

So the math says 10 fence foundations = 10 fence foundations whether 1 foundation apart each or 1/4th foundation apart. Actually to get the same effect it would have more, because now I can put in ceilings and even pillars.

The OP is saying that if offlining is going to be never truly addressed, at least allow us to fence stacked easier.

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