A Plea to the Development Team Regarding the Upcoming Patch

Friends, Exiles, Funcom Devs alike, lend me your ears.

I understand the reasoning for removing fence stacking from the game as it severely affected server performance. My question to you is; why patch something without an immediate counter-solution to the problem? Maybe adding more health back to doors, or reducing the amount of damage explosives do (might help with the people who drop bombs during PvP for insta-kills too)

In terms of that ever-elusive ‘balance’ to the PvP portion of the game (where I’ve spent most of my several thousand hours), this is a drastic change to the effectiveness of base defense. Where with the stacking I could easily withstand a bombardment of 200-300 bombs (a pittance in the grand scheme of things, looking at my dragonpowder stashes) and have ample time to spawn, fend off the invaders, and potentially respawn if needed.

Without the stacking? A clan can easily roll up on my base and use the 30-40 bombs it’d take to get through a couple t3 doors and walls to get into my main loot.

Between softer builds, the fact that major cheesy exploits still exist, (emoting to constantly use the 4th hit crip/bleed for spears / intentionally missing with katana to heavy hit with a spear and do a huge amount of bonus damage / invisible spears / duplicating items on server resets / infinite stamina glitch with flexibility kits and the improved climbing boots / etc) , the ability to actually play competitively against other clans isn’t working the way you and yours intend for your game to be played.

So I ask, nay, I beg you to hold off on removing fence stacking until an immediate solution can be imposed to make raiding harder, because as I stare at my fire-bowl cauldrons crafting easily over 2k dragon-powder I weep for those who have to rebuild.

Thanks for reading, please keep the comments about the post and not diverge into QQing about myself or my opinions of the game. That’d be great, thanks.

  • Valaris

I understand why this worries you, it worries me too. However if this will improve performance across the board… It is a sacrifice I’m willing to make. I’m a builder myself, so this does very much impact how i construct bases for my clan. However server stability has been an issue since day 1 … I would rather do everything the can to fix that, then I can adapt afterwards.

I agree, and I’m not disagreeing with them removing the stacking either. I merely wish they’d somehow counterbalance this foundation building method being removed, with something to still make raiding difficult.

My understanding is that this is being done to prevent people from using fence foundations in a way that is not intended. Sticking them to foundations and under fences from what I understand is intended. Stacking them 9 deep back to back or vertically with nothing behind them is not as intended. Crossing them is also not as intended. I do have a few stuck between foundations for looks in a few places, I am not sure that is as intended and will find out when they patch the game.

My other concern is how this will affect gates. Many of my grander castles use foundations or walls to close in the sides (gates are the most awkward piece in my opinion.) these obviously clip for effect. I hope that is left alone.

Well said, agree completely. Thanks Valaris!

I think you may be missing his point.

If I may rephrase to what I think Valaris is saying, raiding is WAY TOO EASY without using these ‘unintended’ stacking mechanics to provide a modicum of defense.

Farming hundreds of dragon-powder is easy, and with the current mechanics is required.

Take away that requirement, and nothing is safe.

Some other mechanism needs to be implemented to take the place of this ‘unintended’ mechanic as a mechanism for base building that actually keeps people out. :slight_smile:

Most likely what is going to happen to most people is that a piece will be deleted and your house will lose stability and collapse…(buying popcorn and beer for the patch release…)

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SO GENTLEMEN AND LADIES. Just got confirmation. They’re removing instances wherein multiple building pieces exist within the same space. So long as you are not repeatedly glitching fences into the same space, you’re fine.

Bit of a language mix-up between what I consider fence-stacking and what Funcom’s fixing. WE’RE GOOD BOYS.

As much as i agree with raiding (especially offline) is way too easy with the way building is intended, having something built out of an unintended mechanic–as this is now stated to be–should not stop the fix. It is technically an exploit, even if the intentions of using the exploit are noble and innocent in nature–not necessarily nefarious. And exploits should always be patched asap to avoid it being used nefariously. In this case, people are quitting the game because they can’t log in to there server and just play the game without getting constantly kicked.


pop corn and beer at the same time??? Ugh…



I see, american thing.

what are FRIENDS for if not to educate:)

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Raiding as a whole needs to be rebalanced - from gods all the way down to orbs. The reduction in door HP was both very good but also very bad, meaning it makes raiding more achievable with fewer resources (ie promotes more combat activity) - but also means to counter it, thresholds need to be essentially spammed to make up for it. Rather than 2 airlocks, you’ll encounter 3-4-5-6 - an annoyance for the raider and the poor sucker who lives in the base.

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build on an elevated position i guess.

yes we understand that, but problem is that it will also prevent people who simply try to make their base able to resist to 300-400 bombs who can be easily farmed in few hours. Because since they lowered the hp of door some months ago, the only viable defense for a ground base was to multiply door stacked on one foundation.

So as the original poster explained it for game balance reason, it should be a good idea; at same time than when issuing this patch to bring back the hp door at the level it was in the past and who was a good balance : 50k
or lower power of bomb.

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I’d be willing to consider bombs being removed completely except as a mechanic for siege equipment. I’m a solo player and it was ridiculously easy to grab some jars and blow open my neighbors base. When the game first came out I remember looking at the explosive requirements and making a note that I might be able to afford those after a few months of farming. Now it’s so easy my neighbors stole some animals and an hour later I blew a giant hole in their wall all by myself.

Get rid of bombs and make the siege equipment mechanics more robust. Or make the bombs much weaker.


You use bombs for meteors? Whst are you saving orbs for?

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not talking about Arrows….