Can we go back to the old way of fence stacking

Talking about where we could make a cross and the. Square it off and then add pullers into the squares. Since the normal stacking way has been removed.

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unlikely. devs probably don’t know how to code that back into the game.

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Is a shame. As I always liked building like that for my walls of bases. Really helped during purges too

Yeah, won’t happen. It was used in a very messy exploit to take down servers if I recall. So they had to remove it

If you’re willing to run an older version of the client and server you can have all your fence stacking and everything. Anyone wanting to join will need an older version of the client. After you get it set up, just turn off auto updates everywhere it applies.

Anyway, I think that’s the only way you can get the behavior you’re after.

the last time someone posted about this on the forums they got banned as funcom deemed this illegal lmaoo

Just build with what we got.

Fence stacking was insanely boring to do anyway. It was just a necessary evil because others also did it. But even before it was removed I’ve made a bunch of great bases with no stacking.

Yeah yeah offlining is easier without stacking, but if people really wanted to raid you, no amount of stacking would save you anyway. I’ve seen plenty of people being onlined in Deserters Gutter and how much more stacking could you get?

The problem shouldn’t be fixed with the build method. They will never create a balance where offlining is hard enough without making onlining impossible.

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I doubt that very seriously @KatnissEverqueen, There’s noting in the ToS or anywhere that says you need to maintain the latest version - at least not that I’ve seen - maybe you can point it out to me? And I’ve mentioned this before myself - in more detail with settings, script logic, and etc. and no one from FC said a thing about it. Should be 100% legit to do this.

It will make your server unapproachable for people who only maintain the latest version. But just PW protect it and explain to your friends on Discord or whatever, how to log on.

I believe they can. The problem is they don’t care.

As Exiles, we should be allowed to innovate with a flexible and open build system. Hamstringing us like this is not good for the game, and it’s the third reason FC should simply remove PvP as an option.


Any suggestions? If they make offlining take 4 hours, how are you ever gonna get in to a base with people defending? Imo, making that change would just make people only offline, cos anything else would be a waste of time.

Off line protection? Hasn’t that already been discussed a lot?

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I don’t want to derail this thread, as it’s important to realize all the little things we’re giving up with the loss of this amazing flexibility. Conan Exiles was just flexible enough to let us build both Real-World Giant Castles and Tiny Homes. Vanilla.

However, if Funcom would wipe underperforming servers all at once, set up 24/7 Raid, and:
In exchange for Fence Stacking give us a defensive building piece that’s especially costly.

  • A tall placeable Garrison (T1, T2, T3) that shoots one omnidirectional arrow at slow rate
  • When loaded with archer thrall shoots more arrows
  • Place two of these before your weak spots
  • Cannot kill archer thrall
  • Must kill tower, after which thrall pops out and you still have to kill him/her
  • Maximum 4 per landclaim
  • Always on, irrespective of Raid

TBH I would love more passive defenses like this in general…

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We already have them. They’re called archer thralls and spitting pets with the “stand and defend” option set - along with an “Attack Distance” of 50m. And you can have as many as you would like spaced about 3.5m from each other. They’re kinda squishy at 10 to 20k HP each but that only makes much of a difference if one assumes there are no gods in this game, or that bombs aren’t pretty easy to make. They are even “especially costly” like is being asked for. Takes a few hours each to build them up to optimal levels.

It might be interesting to have a building piece that offered better archer protection tho - like restricted targeting angles pillbox style, for 200K HP? [And if no archer or pet present then back to 100K] But with the AI and the CD (collision detection) as it is in the game currently I don’t see this happening - maybe in version 4.0?

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If we’re talking PVP. Be a PVPer and adapt to the new rules. An incapability to adapt is just a PVEer with a red name. Players should rely on their own skill and wits.


instead of per claim limit, just use existing altar rule, cannot have them closer than 12 founds. And use vault/treb rule. they do not create land claim, so have to be attached to enough pieces for full decay timer
Also tier of thrall determines default if out of arrows
T1 flint
T3 Steel
T4 Hardened Steel


That’s some piercing truth right there!


Getting back to the OP, it seems to me this shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place. Besides, that density of pillars is certainly taxing on the server. Blow into enough bases and it’s like a niagara falls of doubt about whether you can stay connected. It wasn’t until @biggcane55 mentioned the key the other day that it all makes sense now. This is why these topics are important in their collaboration.

Just because you don’t agree with an opinion doesn’t mean its off topic. Since clarification is needed, what I said in regards to:

Can we go back to the old way of fence stacking

Means no we shouldn’t, and why I believe that.

100% happened. Sir Davewolf got banned from this forum for making a post about his server with the old patches.

He even posted the reason in his discord for the server. Funcom claimed he was pirating their game.

Funcom are a bunch of brainlets and it’s about time people wake up and realise this :joy: