Keep fence crossing if possible

As title reads should keep the abliity to keep the fence foundations in a cross formation as it really helps in protection against raids. (Especially when a server has a issue with one major clan that picks on all the newbies in a server) i believe it is kinda like advance building skill knowlage and raises the skill ceiling.

Who else agrees here on this point. Also funcom love ur input on this topic as well

Nah, that was the problem in the first place.

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Instead of IIIIIIIIIIII as a wall, wouldn’t normal I_I_I_I_I_I_ still work. Or putting 3-4 walls worth of foundations around base…

or grid, this way when there below, you can drop jars on there heads. >_>

I believe there is a good many ways to defend rather than exploiting a fence build with the “X” or even inner triangle box method. All were not something original and are exploitive of build functionallity. Ingenuity is great but bases are not ment to be totally impervious to attack. builds with the above mentioned designs are expoiting unforseen use of current build programs and should be evaluated before being authorised for general use.

While i can agree to a certain point i can not dispute the fact i find the cross formation works extremely well when u add the pillars inside as a form of defence. And with the fact it is resource heavy and u have to place them in the right order makes it not as overpowered. Its just good use of game mechanics to help gaurd against explosives. Especially when larger Ahole clans spam explosive raids on newbies and solo players.

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