Players climbing over my fences

How? And how to stop them from entering my courtyard?

PvE? PvP? PvE-C?
Playing official? Playing on modded server?

One guy goes up, and very close to the fence. He lies down. Next one is abit below the first guy, and lies down (all while climbing). Now the third guy can jump on the botton one, up to the upper one, then over the fence. Done this myself, not sure if it fixed… Been some weeks since ive done it. Official servers PVP and PVE- C i`ve tested it on.

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Yea I saw 2 stand on eachothers head while climbing, how do they both get over it then? Any tips on countering this? Funcom when are you going to fix this?

Actually pretty smart

Yea, still dont know how the lower one gets over it tho…

Anyone know how to counter this till it gets fixed? I think an overhang with fences should help?

So emotes breaking again the “game” :smiley: Fc should get rid of them, if they cannot handle exploits with them.

Fences min should be 2-3 wall high with fences. Reason i say this is with Agility Perk you can do a double jump over … ie stand on a rhino + your clan members head and you can make it at times over a 2 high wall.

I typically go with 3 high + fence and make sure they are all the equal height (no step downs). If i have to step down, i use add 3 foundations with a zig zag pattern fence attachments next to the wall as it steps down…as this stops people climbing and double jumping into the base as well.

Simple fix is to put spikes on your wall. May not look appealing but it works.

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You can put your fences or foundations on top of a roof.
Like this: ÷ Spiked fence
/ angular roof

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Better idea use foundations fence only on outer wall and leave foundations out except bottom and then the second layer make it normal that way they get stuck and lose there stuff when they die lol they be :rage:

3 high, walls of foundation so anticlimb fence goes both over under. AKA no walls.

Wait hold up. The issue is people climbing over fences. And we know people are using each other to climb over, and the victim is watching them do this instead of shooting them?

You make no sense. Can you please rephrase that?

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I love the ingenuity of players. Also, the idea of a human ladder sounds hilarious.

I mean, I guess this is a problem, but it’s still worthy of a round of applause.

you can build your defenses like this:


This prevents people from doind human ladder.

but there’s another trick, this one is less functional but in some cases it helps too.


Look at the difference between the wall on the right side and the one on left.
You can place this building piece a bit lower (crenulated), people can’t get between the crenulated on top and the spiked fence on bottom


bare in mind that bottom layer can also act as a highway around your base if they get between them. Imho making the fences zig zag (blue pattern) is also more optimal and cheaper.

As shooting with exp arrows i can kill both fences for the price of one (ie shoot at the red x… zig zag same defense cheaper on resources… making 100% 2 rows really offers no value in terms of defence but costs more.

Thanks for the tips everybody, Will try some stuff out, already moved base to a peak, used normal walls instead of foundations and only fences at the top to not give them something to rest on, they can still try to climb over I guess but its alot more risky now, I like the overhang idea and zigzag ideas, Will try to incorporate them.

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