Players using exploits

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [US]

Is there absolutely no way to report players still using the layered fence foundations glitch that was supposedly patched out? I have ran into two different clans using it on 3776. Ones in the crevice, they literally have about 100 layers of fence foundations blocking every entrance. Once you get so deep on one set of doors you cant place anything on top of the foundations so you have to go through the grueling effort of breaking through the layers ground level, I used roughly 300 bombs before the finally managed to stop me the first day, so i come back the next day with ymir. Who did get me impressively deep, but still ran into the same issue. They out number me 10-4. We put up an impressive fight but its very frustrating that they resort to exploiting to survive.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Be a douche
  2. Use a supposedly patched exploit
  3. Profit

You can report an exploit here. Harassment and Griefing Issues

I’m not entirely sure that what you are describing is part of what was patched out. Sound to me like they have rows of fence foundations with doors on them. If that’s the case. The fence foundations would all be occupying there own space. The patch focused on items that were occupying the same space resulting in server crashes.

Hello @MaxStone, thank you for reaching out!

This doesn’t seem related to the patched issue nor an exploit, as Wak4863 mentioned, since as you’ve described it the building pieces don’t seem to overlap ( which was causing server crashes when abused ).

wait, so you’re saying because a clan spent a lot of time layering a ton of fence foundations to secure an otherwise easily raid able base location (most ground bases can be bulldozed right through with enough bombs and attackers, thus why most pvp vets build bubble pillar bases high up) that they are somehow exploiting? Did you even think to use explosive and gas arrows just to blow through their doors or actual walls instead? You do realize if they actively defend they could just as easily throw water orbs and swing repair hammers on the other side? As it stands currently there’s really no point in building a ground base b/c suicide bombers (naked players who bring 4 or 5 bombs at a time from a nearby fob) can just power bomb in swarms over and over again. Fence foundations through the inability of being able to place bombs on top slow this down. The clan you’re up against is smart and deserve credit in fending off your attacks.

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That is some good advice

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