Is the wall glitch still a thing?

I am asking because I am on a pve conflict server and I can’t seem to keep a certain guy out. I put crenulations all around my walls last night and when I got on today he left explosive jars on the doors INSIDE my walls. I am changing all my crenulations into t3 fencing but if he is still getting in, it isn’t through any game legal means. I’m not situated under anything he can drop in from and the tops of my walls are all one layer so he isnt able to climb above my fencing.

And this guy isn’t above using glitches. When I was putting up my crenulations, I got all but one corner, logged off, and when I had gotten on the next day, he had used another glitch where he placed fence foundations at a lower elevation right next to my base so it would tell me “land already claimed” when I tried to finish them. On MY walls!

I have similar Issues with an exploiter on official server #1040 but he also knows how to break buildings on pve. carefull with those jars.

good luck with funcom doing anything. ive sent emails, posted here, Message them here, even called in norway which they dont pick up apart from once that the guy didnt know anything just wrote my email down.

Chances are nothing will happen, though take and post screenshots just in case. If your server is not official then you can contact a server admin.

If its official then chances are that you will gt the “we dont moderate our servers cause its too expensive” reply. what they dont realize is that by not solving issues that are actually brought to them they provide a bad customer service and let the expoiters/hackers roam free to ruin other peoples experiences too. That leads to unhappy customers and bad reviews on steam etc etc So they just perpetuate the problem.

good luck.

Yupp. I have tons of screenshots.

Had any luck yet ?

So far, the fences seem to be working. I’m keeping an eye out, though.

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