Griefing Issue on Server 1001 PVE

I have an issue with a russian clan that tries to build a wall all around and block my base.
They have build it half way so far. they were calling me arab and tried to use racial slurs cause my steam ID says i live in UAE (I am not from here tho).
I am on server 1001 its an official PVE server so i cant do anything about it.
Is there something that can be done ? I tried and build some blocks to the obelisk so i can at least teleport in and out from there but its ridiculous they have filled the jungle with walls and trash placeholder buildings.

I am pretty sure they have used the duplication exploit before because they have filled the map with T3 walls and bridges that extend from the volcano to the Jungle and around the map. We really need an admin on this one.

Thank you in Advance.

Its been 15hours and no reply from anyone?

What should the reply be. There is no rules against it.

If they cheat you can try report it with evidence. Then they will get a steam ban.

Funcom doesn’t mod their servers. You’re on your own.

Well I’ll do it my own way then.

Yup, grief, exploit, do anything you want on official servers, there are no repercussions whatsoever. The only way to get into trouble is using 3rd party stuff and getting flagged by battleye.

Well my base is now all around blocked by a ridiculous wall cause of racism… if thats not griefing i dont know what is…

Any moderators or community managers have any comments ?

Same problem on #1822 with a “Mercenary Cult” clan building walls around new players/bases. The lack of moderation is crippling some of these servers.

If you refer to the others posts as well as the many posts on here. Noone from Funcom will do anything for you.
See the following link for an official Funcom statement about your problem

Well there you go all you are going to get no go back to the game and retaliate or get a new server. Or try a dedicated server that has a moderator because Funcom doesn’t and will not get them and also will not do anything about this.

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