Griefing on official server


I suggest to have a report system.

Currently i’m playing on the official server #1038 Pve-Conflict and there are a clan of 2 players who are placing walls all over the map to block access to many areas.

They know there are not moderation, so they do it in continue.

The fact is : If they want to block a base of a player, by placing walls around his base, they can and there are no possibility to remove the wall because the server is PVE (Invulnerable building).

Thank you

Funcom has mentioned in many threads that they will ‘not’ provide any moderation or assistance with griefiers or harassment. And for that reason a report system would be pointless.

A funcom rep would just say that the decay system will eventually take care of it (Which I guess is true, but that could take months or years.) or suggest moving servers or renting your own…

This is common with these types of games. I still do not know how to deal with the kind of people that do this. I will say, sadly, I have done with when I played Ark PVE, a clan did something similar to that to our clan, and we just waited out until their structures were abandoned, destroyed the foundations and pillared them back.

It is kind of the reason I didn’t even start Conan on PVE, pillar wars are real and they are ugly lol. I hated it

I come from a community server where the admin decided to change rules at the last moment.
That’s why i joined an official server, the rules are set but…You can meet people like that.

Yeah, unfortunately there are downsides to all types of servers. The only way to be 100% sure everything is fair is to start your own server. I ran an open server for 7 Days to Die a while back, it was a lot of fun.
Other than that, I typically play solo, co-op or on a locked dedicated server with a few friends.