People Building Right next to my base and harassing me


I want to report them because they are way to close to my base there calling me names and nobody on the server will help me get rid of them i would sent a pic but it wont let me pls help

@SneeringRug589 It seems you are reporting an issue about a Private server and not an Official one?

If it is an Official server, then go through the Conan Exiles Community Guidelines - please read and follow the links provided.

If it is a Private server then find out who the Admin(s) is/are and report to them as Funcom have nothing to do with moderating Private servers.

Building close to other player bases is covered by a server-setting. If the server you play on has settings lower than the Official standard, players, including yourself, can build close to each other.

Usually players will respect other players depending who built there first, but that is not always the case. If they were there first then you may need to think about moving (you can take most of your stuff with you). If it gets really unpleasant, and, being PvE, you are not able to remove stuff built too close to you, you can again think about moving base. Of course, if PvE, there is nothing they can do to your base either. Just add some perimeter foundations where you think you should have a border and you should be okay. But if both sides start abuse-building then both are at fault and some accommodation will need to found.

Report to a Server Admin. The Admin role is to deal with server stuff.

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also get screenshots with chat when theyr calling u names and send em to the dev team

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In a pigs eye.

The rules are not enforced. So those griefers their way as usual. We have had tickets with pictures that prove. That was a month ago, still no answer.

We have endured so many attacks from folks building next to us. I put up a wall with all their names on it.

Right now there are so folks trying to move right next to us.
That is after we had to wall off the entire area. I put gates up so anyone could pass thru. Now they are closed because, they keep trying to bring bosses into our closed off area, to kill our thralls. We have lost 12 greaters and 2 named because of this.

One of the players is so pissed he is going to send an Avatar down there. Too bad they cant knock it down due to it being PVE.
Thats the only thing these dummies will understand.

We have the only map room close to the sink hole and it breaks my heart to shut it off from the good players to stop the players.

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