PVE-C Trouble Building in the Mounds Multiple Servers


Guys I’m at a loss for words here. I tried to be cool about this but on all 5 different official PVE-C servers I’ve been on the mounds are completely built up with massive city sized bases, and whenever I try to build there I get people raging at me for “building too close to my base” like they own the entire map section. Every. Single. Time. Is there a server with any free space there? I don’t want to go to pvp because then I won’t be able to build at all without the constant fear of the base I worked hard on getting destroyed. I like the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the mounds and I don’t really want to build anywhere else. But I also don’t want everyone raging at me when I try and put my base wherever I can fit it there and it just so happens to be too close for them even if it’s on the other side of the mountain or ravine. I’ve gone through not one but five whole different characters just to build there and no success at all. I’ve even had a few people say they reported me even though I’ve tried to stay as far away as I can from their bases. I’m trying my best here I really am. I just want to build a base in the mounds. I’m not even trying to build a damn city like these people, just a single building. It’s like people are hogging up the entire map section and complaining to no end when other players try to build there. I don’t know what’s up. I want to get along well with a server but everyone loses their minds whenever I try to fit a base in the mounds like I’m ruining their whole cities and empires all over the mounds. This is multiplayer right?

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Yes. Unfortunately, there are people who see the game as their personal playground, act as if they own the place, and everyone else as just an intruder. The game attracts all sorts of crowds, and it’s a shame you were unlucky to run into a crowd like this not once, but several times.

I also know there are nice, helpful and welcoming communities out there, so I can only suggest that you keep searching. You may want to approach and try to communicate with a server’s player base before investing too much time into leveling up or building bases so as to find out what sort of community they are.

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What happens if you ignore them and build anyway? Unless it is their server, what can they do?

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I agree just build there.

They can, and probably will, get upset. Whether or not that’s a reasonable reaction is a different matter. In any case, it won’t be a constructive approach towards good neighborly relations.

The best thing I can suggest is trying to open communications with these clans. Ask them why they don’t want you to build there. Ask them what harm would your house do. Explain to them what you want and why. Ask them what you could do to be accepted. Yuo don’t need to give in to unreasonable demands, of course, but there’s a chance that with some diplomacy, you can find a mutually acceptable solution.

They were absolutely unwilling to listen to anything I had to say, then proceeded to wall me in when I logged off for the night. It’s actually a great thing I was able to respec for grit otherwise I would have not been able to escape. In fact, in their mind I wronged them so badly by building in the map square next to theirs on the other side of the mountain, that I don’t think they would have listened to me no matter what I said :sweat_smile: I took the place down and salvaged what resources I could from dismantling it, then talked to someone else not too far away and they said it’s fine to build near them (since the mounds is built up almost everywhere). It’s just a huge shame that I had to waste all this time and resources. That clan will be the first place I loot if and when they decay lol. But now I have a pretty large hill all to myself and the neighboring clans have absolutely no issues with me being there, so that’s a positive :slight_smile:

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