People surrounding my base where I can’t build

Me and my friends started playing today and got the foundations of our base up on our pve server and took a break. We logged back into our server and we found a guy who built a small hunt near us, and surrounded what we built in foundations where we can’t build anymore. We had a big base planed out, it’s around 150 foundations. Is there anything that can be done?

Same thing happend to us. we had a 6 man clan and was building a big base and logged of for like 4 hours and now theres like 5 half built houses like 10 feet from our base.

They’re literally just placing foundations in groups of two around our base

You have to wait tomorrow for raid time and get a ton of orbs to blow the foundations up.

That’s how the devs intend “dominate”, you spam the whole server full of foundations so no one other than your clan can build anywhere, the rest leave the server and your clan won a free server from funcom. Profit!

/sarcasm mode off

That’s stupid logic. It’s a freaking PVE server, and not one with raid timers. If you want to do that crap, go to pvp

And this is why I never play on official servers for either Ark or Conan :slight_smile: Too many inconsiderate/immature individuals out there.

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If only there was an official pvp server with free slots… :smiley:

So go play on a PVP server and let the people that play on PVE enjoy the game :smiley:

There are a lot of people that are total dicks. They delibrately built to fence you in. Reasons like that is why my streaming group went to a private server.

As for your issue…wait a few days and don’t raise a stink. The nozzle will probably get bored at your lack of reaction and go to the PVP servers where he belongs. Then the ruins (decay) system will claim his stuff and you can build again.

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