Land Claim Dispute?

Hey guys, I’m wondering what I should do or what I can do, there’s a player that chose to build a sandstone cube specifically and directly across from my base, which is pretty out of the way, and I’ve heard from other players that he’s constantly complaining about me and my clan every time we expand our base even a little bit and calling it “griefing”. Last I checked, base expansion is in accordance with server rules as long as it doesn’t block content, wall off other players, or trigger a lagfest. We were there long before this individual and have been looking for new ways to grow our base the entire time we’ve been there, which, again, is intentionally out of the way for that reason. I haven’t had direct communication with this player due to the times we’re online, but I’m not sure what to do about this situation. He’s decayed and rebuilt a solid 3 times in the exact same spot in front of our base, and I’m genuinely considering putting a map room or something there to finally be rid of him if and when he decays again. I have to add that I have no problems with people building near us, the server is for everyone, but building directly in front of our base then complaining about us is a bit ridiculous. Any suggestions guys? Thanks!

Be very strict about building rules, because you know what he will do once you occupy that space, right? He’ll report you.

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Hmmmm very true. Once he decays it should be fair game, but a report isn’t something I’m willing to risk. I’ve heard of bases getting reported and everything gets wiped whether it was in accordance with the rules or not. I’m not sure how to resolve this…

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Try talking yo the guy. Be polite. If nothing works, the only way is risking it and placing a maproom there.

Take screenshots of the affected area showing the dropped block, preferably showing how far from his base (and yours) it is - in case you need to replort him too (works both ways).

If you are developing your base and spreading further out then as MarcosC says, you could be up for a report yourselves.

If PvP then you BOTH have the option of bombing till one or the other or both glow in the dark.

You were there first as you say so…?

(just always do the screenshots or a video streaming for evidence should it ever be needed)

Much appreciated guys, I’ll go over my base and triple check it’s in accordance with even the smallest building rule, and I’ll make an attempt at communication if I see them online. I know he doesn’t like me (despite never have interacted before somehow) but I will straight up give them any resources in game they want if they move anywhere other than right at my land claim line lol

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did you know that some people don’t like to talk? .

and report the houses of others players just for the purpose of having fun?.

Ah yes, I’m hoping that’s not the case, but if it is I won’t hesitate to return the favor :sweat_smile:

I don’t find that its fun. but for some people yes

Couldnt you just treb them?