Clan walled my base around

Clan build a wall around my base. Constant harassment, even killing me. Any other way to report these ppl.

Unfortunately, Funcom lacks the moderator resources to deal with online bullies. Unless they block off essential areas of the game world completely, it’s unlikely that any action will be taken. Here’s a link to their official response:

It’s a pity some players take “competition for resources” as an excuse to be jerks towards others, but such is the nature of people.

As much as it might suck, in that situation they don’t appear to be breaking any rules.

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built horizontal elevators, just abov e the foundation line, and you will not be blocked. and repay them with the same love.

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Nice rant again…BUT HE TAGGED IT AS PVE. So, yes he can get all that stuff together you told him too, and well I’ll let the rock do this for me until it gets flagged…

It would be super easy not to see it happen, for 2-3 players that’s like 10 minutes of work, then 5 minutes of circle jerking at how funny they are.

Sure, if he was a pro PVP player and went in with the mindset that he is surrounded by 75% ■■■■■■■■, he could have avoided that. But like your average decent person, he probably didn’t expect anyone to be a dick in PVE. First time I joined a PVE server, I wondered why in the hell some clan spiderwebbed the entire highland biome. A reply like that doesn’t help.

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Sorry that happened to you. It is, however, part of the land claiming mechanics of the game. Even if it is rather a dick move on a PvE server (I assume you actually mean PvE-C since you refer to them killing you).

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I would say abandon that base. Find a spot that is right on the edge of a no build zone and build there. There are plenty of no build zones in that area, if it is the small lake by New Azgarth. Just find the zone, put up some markers (I usually put up pillars along the edge as temporary markers) and then start your base. They cannot wall you in that way. Once they realize that you are smarter than they are, I am sure they will move on to harass someone else. Also, find their base, and start walling THEM in. If they have thralls/pets outside, kite a few epic mobs to their base. Dont get mad, get even :smiley:

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There you go!! Someone with a solution! That’s how you play the game. You don’t go trying to report players that played smarter than you or call “killing me” harassment". THAT’S PART OF THE GAME!

LOVE the way you think @JJDancer. Keep it up. Good Job.

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No, you’re not a child throwing a tantrum; you’re the person communicating in such a way as to provoke others to flag your posts. A child has an excuse to their misbehavior - the inexperience of youth, as well as a brain that is not yet fully developed in their emotional and cognitive capabilities. You, on the other hand, do not have that excuse.


I think at this point it is enough and before the personal attacks will be more I will close this thread now