I sign in online and a clan built me into a place I can't get out of now

Official Server 3755. This clan just harasses everyone in the server. They have built me in and I have no escape. They build blocking vital spots all over the map.


He can’t they built around him he’s trapped

Vote with your feet - just move to some private server with reasonable Admin.

So they grief, and he leaves. That sounds just.
How about on PVE, if screen shots are provided, the player get banned for being a d…k.
PVP, and even PVE-C, i could see the strategy part of it, and could retaliate some how (or server could by killing them over and over). This is just being a d…k. Period. There is no way to get retribution on them, so they do this. Cowards. POS Cowards.


We have a clan on our server who is constantly building useless structures along the river to claim land and prevent others from building. When I say useless, I mean they do not have doors to get in. They are simply boxes taking up space.

They have walled in several players and placed signs announcing “We found this player on our lands and have walled him in because we are major D…KS!”

It’s a PvE server, so there is no way other than a purge to destroy their garbage. We really need a mechanism to handle players like this other than walling them in when we can, so they get the message. And we have done that.


Ask Funcom… They DO NOT WANT to do anything about griefing in PVE servers. So what can we do? Leave official PVE servers, that’s all.


or hammer them with complaints. Its called the will of the masses.


Unfortunately, PvE servers belong to the first players to build in such ways. Players who act harmfully and in the worst ill ways to the rest of the players, they belong to all who grief, harass and do all kind of wrong doing which, to Funcom, lies in some sort of legal loopholes they allow, and therefore do nothing (or too little) about it.
Like I’ve said before, I just can’t believe that the best option for us is to play alone, in single player, locally.
That’s just wrong in so many ways.

I found officials inconvenient in many ways. They are free though. Funcom can’t deal with the amount of kids who think it is funny to block the rest. It could be that op did something which warrants the walling off. We will never know. Private servers are a good alternative. I moved to one and don’t regret it. If you can’t be asked to deal with others in general single player is available as well. Funcom could shut the public servers down and open sub ones. Then they could offer the GM service but I guess then people will complain that it is unfair cos they have to pay extra.

Why not to make extra servers with month fee along with free ones? The main drawback of private servers is possibility to close when owners get tired of paying for hosting. In SP you do what you want but nobody will see it except for screenshots. Payed official PVE server with more strict rules and with GM would be a good alternative for those who like to build much and to show their work to other players. And payed PVP server would be good for those who want to compete honestly.

Imo, if Funcom choose to rent a lot servers with only a max of 40 people connected together and as much free of rules as free of paying fees by players; It’s because it’s the option that cost the less money. It is not like Funcom with Age of Conan or the Secret World doesn’t how things works in online gaming.

I am still just trapped in a box they built with no way out. Thank you everyone for the responses.

You have ways of overcoming this.
It is possible that you have innocently build somewhere that is preventing a boss or world boss from spawning. Or blocking access to a resource or thrall farming spot they consider important. As you tagged that you are on the PS4 platform it harder for them to let you know that your base has done this.

But if it’s purely malicious then there are several things you can do to get on with playing. If it is pure griefing and you don’t have a huge amount invested in that character on that server it is worth considering logging in every week to maintain the base BUT explore the other servers in your region to see if others have a nicer group of players and THOSE ones don’t play on it.

If you want to stay on that server:

First explore if you can get back into your base if you leave.
If you can climb up from the outside and jump over then you can bring a thrall or pet back with you… the thrall should teleport to you when you jump down and get far enough away from him. Then you can load them up with items and then tell them to stop following you. They will go into scout mode and eventually teleport back to their Guard position. Sometimes it takes until the daily server restart before that happens but usually it about 15-20 minutes. Ensure their Guard place is somewhere secure in your alternative base.

You can bind yourself to a bed in the current building. Get naked and store your items in chests/cupboard. Then select “remove bracelet” to die and select the desert to respawn at instead of your bed.

You then have some choices depending on how important the first base or the items you left behind (resources, thralls, crafting thralls etc).
First you can look to build a blocking wall if your own around THEIR blocking wall so they can’t get close enough to refresh the timer.
Whilst you out wait them you can die and spawn at your bed to refresh your timer.

You can establish a second base. Importantly put a BEDROLL only in this new base so you stay bound to the bed in the blocked base IF you want to keep it. This second base is where you can tame a bearer/fighter/archer thrall or any pet to take back to your base to load up with goods to get them out of the blocked base.

Just to emphasise: To keep your current base you can die and respawn at the bed inside it and refresh the timer.


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