Toxic players in pve server blocking the road and building a wall to block access to my house

Hello thanks for giving me a place on ur website, im enjoying your game ( Conan Exiles ) i juste wanted to report some guy’s are blocking the road in the game and also blocking me everywhere im going and that’s happened in an official server ( 3020 ) they are also building a labyrinth wall around my house to block me to Don’t get access to my house those nice people are in a clan named ( Ntodos and Hijos de Crom and WeeD ) for no Reason they want to destroy everything im building and also they blocked the place of teleportation and also blocking a public bridge and not only that some places animals spawn blocked and glitched ( some boss and normal beast ) please check out our server it’s not acceptable some people here doesn’t care about the games all they are searching for it’s to block other players !
That happening in ps4 severs, number of this server is : 3020 and official .


I feel your plight mate, I really do. Funcom doesn’t, and have said they won’t, police issues like this on Offical Servers.

They’ve several hundred official servers, which would require several hundred additional employees to be active admins on them.

It’s frustrating. I’m dealing with a foreign clan (out of my country) being a public nuisance on the server I’m on as well.

Your best bet is to report each of them through PS4s system for exploits & or harassment, and if you can, try to talk to a live PS4 Agent. Explain that the group of players are griefing and harassing you in game. Try to get screenshots to help your case.

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Welcome to the comunity. Thank you for reporting this. This is the kind of behavior that exists to the official servers. Do not expect miracles, however you are another voice that filling the jar of complains about official servers. One day this jar will be full and they will have to react. Patience my friend and welcome to the family :wink:.


quiet they will not do anything … they only ban honest people … those who cheat go on.

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hello, since funcom will not help you and you can be sure of it, act accordingly. grow elsewhere and claim the areas surrounding your base with sandstone foundations just like we do in pvp to prevent the trebuchets from mounting. don’t let it ruin your gaming experience. counteracts the evil of these individuals. remember that funcom rewards the toxic player and not the honest one. do not give up

also I advise you to give them the same medicine. check their bases and check if there is the possibility of claiming the territory around them so that you can come to agreements for the good of both

Find a new server. Do it now, it’s not worth the fight. There ARE good official servers.


Move your base, and build pathways off it in 4 directions. North, South, East, West. You can make these as small bridges, or a short road leading away from your base.

Don’t be excessive, but the purpose is to make walling your base in next to impossible. An example, pick a valley, build a large tower base in its center, and at the top build horizontal elevators that span to the mountains on either side, and a stairway into the adjacent valley. In front of your tower, build a road, 40 to 100 foundations in length, and make it fancy. Same with the back. Sorta like a red carpet for visitors, line it with a couple “store fronts” or statues. Make it pretty.

People will appreciate the stairs, and elevators.

Also, don’t build very near to obelisks. That’s asking to piss off the local Grinch. He wants it, if you have it he will hate you for it. Just build “nearish” to an obelisk. A couple minute run, slightly out of the way but not really. If you really want to, you can build a SMALL road that leads to your base to secure access. But make it petite, and good looking.

Basically, be polite, try not to make enemies, and build a base with a technically small footprint, but one that has a technically LARGE footprint.

P.S. As of a few patches ago, you COULD build an elevator over someones wall if you were high enough above it. Dunno if you can do that now or not.

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so should he give up? be more serious. he must fight injustice and not leave the server where he always played by letting the toxic player win. it’s easy to recommend a new server when you’re not involved. shameful

Unfortunately I am on PC, Or i would come join you in griefing back.

If ppl banded together and joined a server where this is happening it would soon be sorted.

welcome to they dont care and their greatest hit < wheres your money!!! >
1- edit your post youre not allowed to point where the issues is. ony the server.
2- there are over 1000 servers to choose from not counting the private ones. so if youre not happy about your situation. shut up. leave the server you’re on and start from scratch on a new one. if this doesnt make you happy you canalways spent 120 usd a year to own your very own empty populated private server.
3- also forget the refund. if you player 2 hours and 1 second on steam OR if you owned the game for more than 14 days and 1 second there is no refund available

wouldnt be sorted out. use that brains of yours to think beforehand :wink: its a never ending wheel

Believe Me I have over 4k hours PvP on Ark… When the bullies start getting bullied they soon quit…
And we had a group of 6 ppl who regularly did just that.

not on here. its the other way around. griefers on here love doing thuggery

As i said Untill you turn it back on them.

Same situation on pve-c 1036. Spam claims everywhere, purge manufacturing via pet pens, purge pulls on player structures, abusiveness in global chat, it’s a mess. We tried fighting back, but it’s 4 players in 4 different clans that get a kick out of bullying anybody who doesn’t play as they want you to play.

Please send for me too. Pvp is not my style, never was, i give it 1 more month top.

What funcom could do is give active members here moderator status and allow the moderators handle issues such as this on official servers. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea when U think about it. As it would help the community massively and certainly there would be plenty of users on here that could be valued and trusted with said task and wouldn’t even need to pay said mods, as we all are here and playing the game because we both love and enjoy it. Just a thought to help solve a few issues such as this on official servers

keep[ dreaming. its not a private server. and giving power to tnatrum players in pvp would be the end of it

You read my first sentence and then retorted, ignoring the next couple paragraphs of my post. Try again.

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