Blocking content on Official server #3545

Dear support!
I understand the game is about building ,but you should draw a line. On server 3545 (ps4 official) there is a tribe who called PRIME. They blocking the volcano entrances with huge buildings,gates,etc . I attach some pictures for you. Those buildings make you unable to capture any thrall from this part of the map,what is OK,but they blocking even essential ways to get to the dungeon inside the volcano and with that they blocking me to get to a content in the game what I paid for! I tried to talk with them none of them replying for any messages. I hope you can help me out on this!

Well they are definitely blocking getting thralls out to break if you’re on road of the pilgrim.

Are they blocking the cave entrances to just get in?

If you can get in, you can always build a small base inside with a wheel for the thralls you want and then carry em in inventory out to where you have a base.

Sucks that people do this crap, but there’s nothing funcom will do about it.

Well in that case they can just pay back my money and I leave this game for good

Is this a PVP server? If it is just place a few bombs on every door step they have. at least be a pain in their side if they don’t want to let you get access.

Bombs are soooooooooooooooo easy to make, why do people cry about this stuff.

Probably a PvE server.

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