Thoughts on brimstone blocking

Just wondered what everyone’s take is on people who block up the brimstone lake on Official PVP servers … and should it be a no build zone ? Don’t get me wrong I know some people will say it’s a tactic but really ?

And by blocking it I do not mean building a wall around it … spamming shrines and t3 foundations everywhere to stop it spawning

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It’s a dick move but I’ve never been on an official server where it wasn’t blocked, at least building blocked and claimed. There are other places to get brimstone. Honestly, the lake has lots, but fighting those rocknoses with their glitchy animations is so freaking annoying I’d almost thank them.

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A clan just did this on our official server yesterday. It is definitely a dick move by clans looking for attention. These type of clans tend to get bored or rage quit fairly quickly because of their pathetic need to feel powerful in a video game.

Just be happy they havn’t DDOS the server. That is a whole other level of stupid.

Yeah I’m just sick of fighting 20’000 spiders instead and getting half the brim lol … I just don’t see the point in it either …

I could understand if an alpha felt that threatened by a tribe why they might block it off with a wall and doors so only they have access but when people are clearly trolling (blocking it and only logging into refresh… not even playing that server) and ruining the game for everyone else it should not be allowed … at least if it was just a wall you have a little bit of a chance of clearing some land claim and claiming it yourself so they can not build further …

If I spent the whole day farming the caves I still would not have collected half the brimstone I needed to make bombs to blow up the mess on the lakes lol :sweat:

Fair move on PvP. You want to limit your enemies resource supply. It’s part of the game and its obviously the intention of the brimstone blockers to make farming harder for you.

That’s not the intentions of most people that do it tho … a lot of EU servers brimstone is blocked up to annoy enemy’s they can not raid legitimately…

For instance …
The server I am playing on atm has no ‘alpha’ (not sure how people determine clans status as alpha) 2 equal tribes having pvp … we had no need to stop them making bombs, we want them to attack us (is that not what pvp is ?) … they thought equal so no need to block up brim… obbis I can understand …but some noob tribe come along because they were raided by a clans member on a previous server, then block up brimstone … no intention of staying on the server … simply join and spam it with land claim you will not be able to farm the brimstone to destroy it with :woman_shrugging: then just log in too refresh it

I don’t need to farm it but new people joining see the shrine spam and leave … no wonder servers are dying


I have noticed the ones i have seen blocked are from clans that got offline raided and wiped while over a holiday or such. It is a rage move, and they eventually move on to another server. It is kind of a parting shot to the server. One that lets the whole server know it is toxic. But it’s as a legit as offline wiping a clan.

I don’t know, on the Asian servers people seem to do it on a whim. ‘Hm, what will I do today…need to farm some more black ice. Actually, f**k it, I’m going to foundation spam from the Unnamed City all the way to the Galleon.’

If it had a good drop rate in another spot… I wouldn’t care really.

What I enjoy of PVP is P on the P… not take map, and prevent anyone else from having a chance.

the whole, anyone new to server is SOL hardcore style… Most people who take the spots are just trying to hold server for them only, and anyone foolish enough to show up, is cannon fodder so they can feel special as they murder you in OP style.

Then again, most fun I had was on private server that had rules against blocking stuff, but this left the 3 clans on even grounds and was a blast.

again… some people just like OP others. I like even battlefield. Its more fun.


Blame battlemetrics, if people couldn’t track each other there’d be a lot less revenge. I remember almost a year ago I just so happened to break into an alpha stronghold, that erm… well a quarter of it collapsed… How was I supposed to know it had stability issues… and they hunted me down on 3 different servers planning to wipe all clans I was part of.

Now do i…

  • Support war?

  • Support Raiding?

  • Support cross server revenge play?
    No, it’s toxic and I do not feel your decisions should haunt you for playing the game the way it was designed to be played because some vindictive users are utilizing third-party software.

Under normal circumstances when I get raided I take it with a grain of salt. I just rebuild and maybe go to war depending on the circumstances. No harsh words needed, a lot of people trash talk and I don’t find it necessary. I just smile, be friendly with everyone like I normally do and make things happen instead of getting heated but I don’t get so hurt or into this gang mentality that I have to smash all opposition wherever they reside. It’s just sick, people use Battlemetrics to punish others and or make them quit.

I mean really, a decision I made on one server effected over 17 people between 3 other servers.



Don’t have battle metrics on consoles, but i know what you mean. Whenever former enemies show up on a new server i am on, I know its a matter of time before they come after me. so i have to strike first (right???). That is why i think the event log should be character names only (or just not at all except damage or killing…but that’s a whole nutta story:/). The game needs an in game messaging system on consoles to keep from finding my psn id. IF i like you, i will add you as a friend for PSN messaging. If you are a troll, there has got to be a way for Funcom to match the server, character name to get PSN Id if they need it for punishment/investigation.

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Conan forces me to play offline on Xbox … not just so they cannot join my session but they have an idea where I am from seeing my profile … if I’m in the un-named it will say … if I’m in the highlands it will say… if I’m in the desert it will say🤦‍♀️ If I’m surviving I’m in the volcano … they get a general idea lol

But yeh that was kind of the idea of the thread … is it a tactical move blocking it or trolls getting revenge :woman_shrugging:

I just see people abusing the fact they can block it off to make it harder for people to actually enjoy the game … plus it’s not like you can mass farm brimstone like you can other resources… dropping the gather rate was a mistake but now people can not farm it at all or get pathetic amounts farming the few caves

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Same on PC, I don’t like the idea of having to add someone just to have a conversation with them either. The friendlist is for just that, friends. Not everybody’n’their brother you need to speak to in private and local text chat is the least private thing I’ve ever seen. It’s not a few feet around you, you’re practically on megaphone.

Xbox actually shows your location?

Yeah kind of … it would tell them what area I’m in if they looked at my status …

Oh that’s dumb… Tbh I would like to know who even thought it a good idea to implement such a feature and ask them why.

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If I’m sat on the menu it will say … is intensely fascinated by the menu

If I’m in the highland or Greenland’s it will say… wandering the wastelands …

If I’m in the volcano it will say … surviving in Conan exiles

Un-named it will say… exploring the un-named city …

Few others aswell lol :woman_shrugging:
I would love to know who put the remove bracelet button next to the re-create character button too :joy:

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Probably the same person that decided the final quest would delete it too… Yeah, no worthwhile reward like a character rename/redesign. It deletes your character and you lose all your stuff forcing you to start from scratch.

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On an official server vs a mean alpha - if brimstone is blocked there is no point in playing. With avatars switched off (temporarily for the past half a year) you don’t stand a chance. That’s why certain servers are empty. That and glitchers scaring people off.


PS4 is the same way as XBOX We go ghosting (all psn detail private and friends only) to avoid that, but if i go to another server, my PSN ID is still listed for all to see. so if a former enemy of a toxic war shows up, they can identify and harass. I could care less, as keyboard warriors don’t bother me, but I can still understand those it does bother and feels like harassment.