Poeple shouldn't be allowed to block brimstone lake

people shouldn’t be able to build inside of brimstone its annoying and caves on give so little


I agree. We currently have a clan on official 1590 that has completely ruined the spawns in that area and continue to log in early in the morning to place foundations on other spawn areas.

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agreed but on official serves there are no real admins so nothing gets fixed. This is why i always play on good private servers with active admins that can fix the problems bad players make by purposely blocking resources from other players.


its a survival pvp game… hello ??


Only the cancerous pvp people do that kind of thing. That is why I cannot enjoy PVP because they are horrid players.


Pretty sure “PvP” doesn’t stand for “License To Be A ■■■■■■■■”.


Agreed but that is how hard core pvp people think. But in reality they are the cancer of the server. But in reality they are just wimps who offline raid people. But pvp does stand for Petty Vile Players.

yeah, if they dont alow constructions in huge farm places it would help a lot against trolls, 1977 SA PVE-C is full block on the lake not even 1 spot of brimstone… and the same guy blocked SAVANA we also have no Elephants XDXDXD

It’s one thing to build a fortress or outpost or something near a strategic resource. Spamming foundations everywhere just to prevent any of that resource from spawning is quite another. Particularly on PvE servers where other people don’t even have the option to blow up some of it and wait for the respawn.


On a PvE server I agree, PvP server anything goes.


Only the horrid pvp players say that. The cancerous ones who never have a code of conduct. just senseless killing and offline raiding type of people.

I’ve met tons of fine people on official pvp who wants no rules…

100% agree, there is nothing we can do in PVE or PVE-C against these trolls blocking stuff with foundations… idk why funcom dont ban or at least suspend them for a week so everything goes down…

See its funny because you see this as a counter argument to this type of behavior all the time. Looking through the ToS its explicitly stated that griefing and blocking of spawns is a no go they just dont have the bandwith to enforce it.

If the clan took over these places and built bases to defend I could agree with your statement but placing hundreds of foundations and large water wells to stop these animals from spawning is another.

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On PvE or PvE-C, I can agree, as there is absolutely nothing other players/community can really do - except get even in other ways (go block off the offender’s base, troll him, etc etc.)

But on PvP servers - no. As much as it’s a serious dick move, if someone wants to block off shattered springs and control that resource, well, more power to them. And if anyone doesn’t like it - can go drive the offender off the server.

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Thats just not how the momentum of a 40 person server goes though. If you are talking in theory then sure I would agree. When an official server cap is 40 and the offending clans are almost half the server population there is no defending or driving off the offender to a different server. I cant speak about all these instances on other servers but at least on official server 1590, the offending clan logs in after being given the supplies by the alpha clan and that clan goes and does the deed by blocking off spawns. When you think of PVP conflict I hardly think that funcom intended this type of play type to be viable let alone so dominate.

On top of that, these arent traditional bases and conflicts we come to expect and enjoy when playing conan. At least on 1590, these clans are undermeshing and using body vaults.

There isnt really a counter to this play style other than cheating to get under the mesh and thats not something you can expect a player base to do.

If your suggestion is to farm up enough resources to combat the griefs here is a picture of just one area below:

Feel free to calculate how many explosives you would need to remove these foundations and then try and figure out how to do that with the brimstone spawns no longer able to be farmed. This isnt something you can drive off with 20 people half of which are brand new and have no idea this is even happening.


Scorched-earth policy is not a survival technique, it’s a military strategy. So bringing up the survival aspect is a non-sequitur.

And the game isn’t only PVP. You might care only for the PVP aspect, but that doesn’t make it right for the whole game.


Or people can play the game the right way instead of being a coward and blocking resources because they don’t have the walnuts to fight on even ground.

ur savana looks like my server kkkkkkk 1977 PVE-C there is fundations and walls everywhere, and brimstone lake its the same…

its a PVE server but we do have a pvp arena if you want a clean server with none of the cancer of the officials. We make sure the game is played right.