Can we have an actual discussion about this? Please?

This is not a call for Admins or People to clear a server, this is supposed to be a discussion about something our community seems very divided about, please give it a chance before it’s locked.

We’ve discussed this before on the forums and usually the opinions are split between

“I think we should be able to deny an entire server the ability to fight back from foundation spamming brimstone or other resources, because we have the resource”


“There shouldn’t be build zones on important resources, such as brimestone”

I agree with both to a point. I don’t think people should be able to spam T3 foundations all over the lake that spawns Brimstone. Not because you’re not allowed to wall off contested resources or what not. That’s fine. But when you place a “foundation” on top of a spawn, removing the spawn all together, that’s dumb.

Not only does that punish people who need the resource, but even if you have the resource through other means, be it diving or caves - you have to spend more than you get in return over time removing the ‘foundation’ from the node, in addition to having to wait for it to Respawn after clearing the foundation piece blocking the node.

Walling off or hindering access to a node is different. The node is there, you can farm it if you get past the obstacle preventing access. Blowing up a wall to get access to resources I (PERSONALLY) Think is alright.

This isn’t some pedestal, “hear me” post. My opinion on something like this isn’t the only one, or the correct one.

But when we all know there are people who still cheat to this day, who still dupe or find other exploits like passing through geometry to get into your base without using explosives - we can’t just leave out the possibility that, these people do ‘indeed’ join servers in order to ‘ruin’ the community that exists there. By spamming foundations, or blocking random areas of the map or trying to reduce performance.

These things happen and we shouldn’t ignore it.

That said though, people do get salty and claim hacks and cheats at everything that inconveniences them, this waters down the argument that someone may be hacking but that too, happens.

It’s really hard to have a discussion on the subject because there are far too many people who would rather rile you up than contribute to the conversation. It’s better to 'Troll you" for the memes than to actually discuss something a big portion of the player base deems a problem.

I think “walling off” a resource is a far better way to deal with something like this, by making it impossible to 'build on top of a valuable spawn" (Brimestone, is the example i’ll use but you can add anything if you wish). Because that way, you’ll get gameplay incentive from both kinds of players.

The people who want in, to get the node and the ones who want to keep you out defending their resource. This adds to the game instead of ruining it.

Especially when you encounter servers like 1031(?) where people come and refresh the foundations everyday to keep them up if any are destroyed.

It negatively impacts the community that want to play with other people on an official server, so that they can experience all the game has to offer, when people who have the means actively disrupts the server.

There is one thing to claim something.

It’s different when people seek to destroy the server.

I am almost 100% certain that a lot of you, who may read this - have joined servers that are old, that have T3 foundations spawned ALL over the map, from the most southern reaches of the map, coming from the first ‘spawn’ to the top of the frozen mountains of the north. Explosions of randomly placed foundations everywhere.

Why would that even be okay? - It’s clear, at least to me, when someone is doing it to ‘claim’ a resource and someone is doing it actively to destroy or ruin something.

However this thread goes, I hope that we can at least talk about ways as a community to fix something to make Conan better, so more people play - so we dont see oceans of empty servers, especially, when the Expansion/new map is coming out

PS: Don’t have time to fix typos or grammar right now, I hope it was readable

A Tofu.


I’m spilt… mostly do to so many playstyles.

On my servers (old days of ore…), we have clear rule about foundation spam and blocking stuff.

7 of you stomping 1 person isnt allowed. You ether set up a time as a group to murder each other… or don’t siege. Thou, most of time we set up a PVP zone. Clan one gets to build a sub base here, and Clan 2 gets to build across from them. Both in view of each other, with space to attack between.
Or we had massive fortess built, and everyone kinda banded toughter to attack it, (it would be run by a few of us on 2nd psn’s and loaded with npc’s)

I do get why some people are on the Build, Domanite, etc etc side… they just want to stomp a mud hole in everyone else face, and prevent them from ever having a chance. They wanna be Mike Tyson in the Tyson versus a 5year old, 18 rounds no hold bars arena pay per view.

They don’t want a fair fight, just to be most badass player in all of lands. So they block stuff… struck there epens, and chuckle at all that would dare try and play the game,

Most of live server are packed, pve or pve-C or pvp, theres people who just have nothing better to do then server hop and log into old accounts and own/troll servers.

You pretty much get lucky time to time and find empty beaches, and pray later areas arent swamped with foundations. Its issue that needs to be address…

/shrugs, there been several good suggestions on how to solve some of it, and change up how game is played. After 2+ years? Nothing is likely gonna be done about it now.

Private server with active Admin is pretty much only way to play this game, next to offline.

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Totally agree with this post

If you want to see “walling off stuff” on a whole new level, join #1337 (Asian PVP) and you’ll see why Funcom really needs to adress such things.
One clan there completely closed off the starting area with a chinese wall from east to west. If you start there as a new player you can’t even reach the river.

I think official servers are doomed to fail with the current rules.

you just need to fill a report with proper material, ie a video, showing that you are logged on this server, showing a little bit the wall, showing identity of owner, with location indicated shift +ctrl +alt + L , and action will be taken within one week to ban the clan and remove the wall.

policy of funcom changed may be 4-5 months ago, and they now really treat report and do ban action.

I agree this is an issue, but I think the best option is for Funcom to create and implement some kind of scaling upkeep system to existing structures, based on how many structural pieces you have.
Make this a setting which can be entirely disabled or customized by a server admin. Private servers with active admins can manage their own servers, but at least officials would have a soft build cap where scaling upkeep costs would essentially make it impossible to do this kind of stuff without investing a lot of time and effort to maintain it.

Conan has an extremely generous land claim system and a non existent upkeep system (logging in 1 time a week is all you need to keep your stuff active).
This is why we have these issues youre talking about. We dont need admins or players reporting and demolishing things if they simply added a scaling upkeep system OR a limited land claim mechanic so it would be harder to spam foundation everywhere.
Such changes would have the downside of limiting or ending the more helpful stuff people build for public use, but at the end of the day, I think its worth it, especially since private servers could be more loose with claim and build rules/limits.

We see how badly people behave when left to their own devices on official servers, therefore, we need game mechanics designed to limit that behavior (or at least make it more time and resource intensive).

See, I agree with this. As someone who has played a lot of Rust, they can mimic that system. But even there you can stockpile a bunch to make sure the base doesn’t fall apart. But it’s something and it scales with the size of the base, It’ll also remove a lot of “Old relics” and “destroyed bases” and I’m sure that if old buildings decay entirely and are removed from the Server, the performance of said server will go up.

It’ll also prevent people from literally spamming structures everywhere.

I also think we should take action against people whose sole purpose is to “Destroy” or “Ruin” a server, just because.


Conan’s biggest issues has been twofold:
No limit building/landclaim on official servers and no upkeep system for said building/claims.
This affects both pve and pvp on official servers, and it is a chronic issue where you will see empty servers full of ancient player structures no one has the resources to clear.

Rust is also a game I play and I’d be okay with their system. But I think Conan could simply do okay with a scaling upkeep mechanic which is based around a total number of building pieces, past a certain threshold.

small base = zero upkeep
multiple small or one large = minor upkeep
foundation spam/walling off entire sections of the map + many small and large bases = massive upkeep requirements that make such behavior unrewarding.

Whatever the solution, rust-like system/scaling upkeep system/both/something unique, they need a system by which massive builds, irresponsible builds and griefing builds are stopped by the mechanics of the game, in order that we can minimize the need for active admins on officials.
Less admins, better mechanics to prevent this crap is my ideal solution.
I dont want to stop anyone’s fun, but its clear that the current system is not working.

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