Pillar/Foundation Spamming Blocking NPC/Resource Spawns

One particular clan, Illuminudies, on Official Server #1823 PvE Conflict is spamming pillars/foundations preventing NPCs from spawning normally in the New Asagarth/ Wardtowers area. Since this is a PvE server there’s no way to do base damage and it’s extremely annoying when a whole group of NPCs simply don’t spawn because of their selfish actions.

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Hi there,

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with any griefing issues in game. These foundations will become destructible after a set amount of time. We are looking into improvments into this system that will prevents issues like this from happening in the future.

How about implementing a griefing system? Seems like that’s something that is needed, or is it because yall put the game out and made your money why bother? Just because most players are adults doesn’t mean ANYTHING, people on these servers do these types of things just to annoy others with and know nothing will happen to them.
How about no cave building, no building within ■■■ of resource spawns, or Better yet hire a few more people to check into this issue???
You would think grown adults would act right in games but no, no they don’t… Its the same in every game same crap different game!!!

They got their million games sold…so atm they counting their cash…no time to waste on some childish idiotic bunch of manchildren being ■■■■■■ pillaring and blocking access. To them… they sold you the game provided a server thats it they done…till the next game comes along…then they’ll do anything they can to get you to buy it…thats when you kick them in the balls and tell them exactly they say to you…and buy something else. Its that simple companys only listen when the money dries up…look at EA bunch of douche bags. But hey its a hellova game thou… Too bad no one mans the fk up and drops the mighty banhammer . until then…its aGive us the cashhhh sorta thing. Hope im wrong…thou…its so easy to fix…but oh well.

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