Foundation Spam and Walling off the Dam

Hey everyone!!!

Just wanted some advice on how to cope with this type of player?

I play on ps4 and also on an official PVE server. While the majority of people who occupy the map with me are kind and courteous, there is one particular clan who is less so. Their base frames the Great Dam which has made it inaccessible, as well as where the water exits. Not only that but they’ve built long rows of foundation, claiming land they are not using (in the direction of Telith’s Island). Roughly they’ve claimed about two map squares worth which is very disappointing because I love to explore! A friend I’ve made on the same server messaged me with his grievances, explaining they’re prevent him from accessing a stone/journey step (I’m unsure, I’ve never gone out of my way of completion). In this respect, that has spoiled some part of the game for him. I had to stop playing on a different server because of a similar instant; large empty, unused structures with lengths of sandstone foundation walls stretching into the horizon. :frowning:

I don’t see them on a lot when I play but they must log on at least once a day. It’s likely there going to stick around for some time. I suppose I wanted to commiserate as I know it’s likely nothing can be done. Do you have any similar instances and what came of it?

Thank you for reading! I hope you’re all safe and healthy!

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