Pillar abuse on PS4

Hey everyone, there’s this huge issue that a bunch of trolls on the server are absolute ABUSING, the pillar land claim function. They’re surrounding entire people’s homes and they aren’t stopping.

Please help before every major clan that’s invested so much time into the server just ups and leaves? I absolutely love this game, and all I’ve made on PvE server 3520. I’d so appreciate the assistance.

Totally agree, this issue needs addressing ASAP. I have a relatively small patch of land and cannot finish my build because the land around my meager building has been surrounded by pillars contained within foundations these will not auto decay for over 141 hours. There is no reason for them being put anywhere near my base other than to stop myself and others building on the land anywhere in the vicinity. This is griefing. It needs addressing. I am on server 3508. I have photos saved that I can provide if necessary. Please can we get an official reply as to what is being done to address this.

The land claim feature is very necessary and likely won’t change any time soon. It could cause problems like the ones you’ve brought up in this thread for PvE servers because you don’t have a way to destroy these buildings. Decay will eventually remove the structures.

I’ve moved this to feedback since this not something that Customer Support can address at this time.

That’s not a helpful answer. There should be some sort of restriction. The land that I am in has been peppered with pillars. This means that new players have nowhere to build. These griefing tribes simply place pillars everywhere. There are some near my base so I cannot complete my structure. The owners of these pillars are nowhere to be seen. I honestly have no idea of where their base is, if they even have one. Basically at the moment there is nothing stopping someone from logging onto a new server and putting pillars everywhere so that no one else can use it. Trolls love this. This is what they do. It’s up to you as the developers to find a way around this so that people can actually play the game that they have paid for.
Please pass this to development, not just to get shelved and forgotten in feedback.
This issue needs addressing.

Can we for example have a specific section or form where we can report the relevant clan and server and location away from these forums for you to investigate and if you feel that the pillaring is beyond what is considered reasonable then you could remove that clan or at least have a look and remove their pillars? Or contact them and warn them to remove.
Just making suggestions.
There has to be a way to address this. If not I may start trolling these servers too until something is done to ensure that fair play is adhered to.
I wouldn’t mind if they were actually using the area but just to pillar everywhere makes it unplayable for many.
I understand the need to ‘claim a piece of land’ for building purposes but this is way beyond that.

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