This Land Claim thing needs to get some attention... COMMUNITY OR MODERATER ATTENTION NEEDED

Game mode: Online PVE server 3502
Problem: Bug
Region: Fertile Highlands just east of New Asagarth

So I’ve build this decent sized base… making sure to build the outside walls first so I know where my claim is… Now some player(s) has put a foundation piece by the corner of my base’s outside wall and is now preventing me from completing one of my towers and even build inside my wall… the outside of the tower is complete… I just can’t build stairs inside now or anything… This needs to get the attention of someone, or a Moderater needs to come and break this ONE foundation piece right outside my base… I’m really getting tired of people building so close to me that I can’t finish my buildings…

Steps on how to reproduce issue: something
2.have some A-hole put a foundation piece by your building completely unable to build, even inside your wall to a certain distance
4.this is effing stupid

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I feel for you. Also moderation would be nice for people who decide to build in a griefing type method. For instance on our server (2727 - Xbox One) we have a person who built a huge set of walls blocking the newbie garden from the desert. Thankfully a civic minded member of our server built a giant staircase to go around the walls but still blocking off whole access points to the map is a bit low.

The new Decay System that went to live on PC will help with this. Hopefully we can put it out on Console soon as well. Absolutely understandable that this is frustrating. That is the reason we made adjustments to the decay system and we will do more improvements to address this mechanics wise.

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