Land claim issue

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Bug
Region: South West US]

[Land claim bug.

There’s guy who built a wall nt so far from my base. While I know that I can’t build within a certain rangr of it, it appears as if the land claim extends all the way into structures that I’ve already built. ] I have a building that I built long before this guy put up a wall yet I can’t place anything inside it b/c of land claim bug

Have you tried logging out and back in while in the area and trying to place your item? It has worked for me in the past.

This happens to me occasionally with my neighbour. It seems whoever was last to log in has control of the questionable area in our case. So what wak is saying works a lot of the time for me. I think the boundary system needs a bit of fine tuning. New claims should not be allowed to be placed where it will extend into an existing one. I’ve had it where I can’t build inside my house. Couldn’t even put a torch on the inside of my walls lol :joy:

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