Land claim boundary

How is this still a thing funcom!!! Someone has built inside my land claim somehow and shut down MY land claim??? I can’t even build inside my own walls, I can’t build INSIDE my house wtf!!! How do I fix this garbage?? How are basic bugs STILL here??? Ffs fix this crap and maybe you won’t have so many people leaving that your giving this game away 12 months after release!!!
Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey @Darkzombie

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Are you in a clan in that server?

Thanks for reply and no I’m solo not in a clan at all.

And it seems to have extended even further inside my base I now can’t place anything, anywhere behind my walls. This is ridiculous.

Do I wait for a fix or am I better off walking away from a weeks worth of effort to start again and maybe have it happen again? Any info would be nice. Hell I’d settle for a “ we really don’t know” :man_shrugging:t2:

Come on, that last part really doesn’t help your case. Be calm, collected, and PM employees, go through the report process.

Use your options. Don’t scream obscenities at people because of a bug.


I had this problem too but where my cousins island is. Right across on my island, I got the “this land has been claimed” notification. I’m on separate island. This makes no sense. I now have to give him a fence to place down for me, if able too.

Fair enough. You are entitled to your beliefs.

Actually, pockets in underpants would be useful. U could hide money and your id in them on vacation, so if you get robbed, chances are you will have some emergency cash :slight_smile:

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Wait…you DON’T have pockets in your underpants?


I had this issue as well but its actually a easy fix of logging out the server the logging back in, it’s a simple fix due to a error in the coding that fixes when you log back in to the server you are on

It isn’t so much that they are hiding anything, rather you are being flagged for violating terms of service.

If i log out and log back in i can get pcokets in underpants? Sweet :slight_smile:


@WhatMightHaveBeen no pants no pockets. This post needs some fun


Ironically, i am known to forget pants during raids. So i just go around chanting “Give me your pants!!!”


Just as a red shirt covers your blood, brown pants will cover your fear.


I do like to wear brown, because like UPS, i deliver :slight_smile:


Doesn’t fix anything. The bug occurred when it let someone else build inside m land claim. Until that building is gone the land claim is still affected.

What are you on about?

Didn’t swear didn’t name call. Look fanboy you can defend this company all you like but bottom line is they are terrible with treating customers and they DO in fact hide any comment that says bad stuff about their little company. If I’m not swearing or using derogatory comments but my stuff is being deleted it’s called censorship and is a violation of basic freedom of speech. Well done funcom a new low for you.