How are they doing this?

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I built my house on an official PVE server (#3961) and a troll came and built on land that I already claimed. Now I can’t even put lights on my walls INSIDE my own house.

Is there anything I can do? Help

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Have you logged out and back in? This has happened to me a few times and I’ve found it changes day to day. One day I won’t be able to build anything the next I have no problems. Seems whoever has logged on first has the land claim.

Hello @SissyChrissy, thank you for reaching out!

Our team is aware of the issue and looking into it, we apologize for the frustration caused.

In the meantime please let us know if Darkzombie’s suggestion helps.

I’ve tried this several times. This server has paths built all throughout the map. There are a few players that have been here for awhile and they seem bored with the game so they’ve resorted to trolling new players instead of moving to a server with PvP. Players leave the server because of these trolls.

This is why I stopped bothering with pve servers after trying a handful. I’d rather just stay in single player instead. Nobody on pve servers seems to understand the meaning of player versus environment… Not to mention, everyone just solos anyways, or strictly sticks to the one or two people they already knew before joining the server.

The later isn’t surprising, considering how easily you can be scammed in this game if you either join someone’s clan or bother making your own.

This is a pretty common problem on PVP servers too and it absolutely sucks. This is one of the reasons you see miles of land claim spam around player bases, b/c all it takes is hard to get rid of foundations under the mesh to prevent people from replacing building pieces. Its game breaking to say the very least and people abuse this regularly.


Looking into what specifically? How they’re doing this or cleaning up the server? Can you provide me with more information?

I think this will not be easy to fix as the algorithm to prevent overlaps will be very complicated in my opinion. As i suspect (correct me on this if i am wrong) landclaim will be circular around a building piece. Let me explain what i mean. Lets say i place a foundation block that will claim land in a circle around it in a 10 meter radius. Now someone else is placing a foundation block 11 meters away from mine. This land in 11 meters distance is not claimed by my foundation anymore so he can place it. The landclaim of the other foundation block however will now overlap with mine. This overlaped area now is completely blocked for both of use

Either the system has to bend the landclaim of the later placed block wich would mean the landclaim around the second block is not circular anymore. It would be the circle minus the overlap. I quess this will be a very complicated task in more complex scenarios.
Or the System has not only to check if the foundation block you place itself is actually in allready claimed land but it has also to check if the resulting landclaim of your block is going to overlap with some one elses.

But i have the impression that the landclaim radius is not fixed for certain building and one building of equal size has a larger landclaim than yours or vice versa. In theory the landclaim of the wall someone build next to your base should only barely tough your base but shouldn’t overlap with whole your structure

not complicated at all. just a simple “if…, else…” or “true/false” piece of code. “if foundation is owned by player allow placement, else deny placement in radius <10m”
just a simplified example, mind you. wouldn’t know what language they use for the game.

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I have a feeling through dealing with the same issues that the shape of the build determine the shape of the land claim.
Example. Someone has built a square base right on the edge of my land claim. I have been able to build walls paralell to theirs but not cut the corner like you would be able to if it was circular.
When the claim overlaps you can’t build a foundation, fence or wall but can place a wedge ceiling or stairs.
This also seems to effect placeables.

Your example wouldn’t prevent overlap of lanclaims. that is the real issue. In fact foundation block would have to be not closer than 20 meters from each other to prevent overlap. Closer than 20 meters leads to landclaim overlaps. How to deal with this now?. technically landclaim ends ad 10 meters. And meter 11 there is no landclaim and its free to use. Land 1 meter next to you is allready claimed. But you also claim it.
That shouldn’t happen

I am of course not sure how landclaim actually really works. If each building piece in itself would lanclaim in a circular fashion the entire landclaim would roughly be shaped like the building i quess.

I think we can all agree on that it is possible to overlap landclaims and this is something that is not supposed to happen. If you claimed a land around a certain distance around your buildings no one should be able to claim that land as well. but this is what happens.

I also have dealt with this recently. Nothing you can do about it since you cannot destroy structures in PvE when diplomacy like in my case failed.

so you bother quoting me, yet didn’t bother reading what i said… very “wise” indeed…

So when all you can come up with is a condenscending attitude than when don’t need to speak again. I did read it but i am no programmer and since you didn’t care to explain your example thoroughly i might missunderstood. but sure, if someone might have missundstood you all there is is arrogance. Have a nice day

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