Land claiming bug

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [North America]

[On official pvp we are at war with a clan. We have around our base landclained with foundations and alters etc. the clan were at war with has some how taken over our land (that is claimed already.) we cannot build around alters, vaults, attach to existing foundations. This has just happened today. The only way this clan is getting any type of upper hand on us is strictly by exploits and bugs. Is this something that just happened with the patch? Please respond as soon as possible. I love this game but am getting very frustrated with the all the exploits and bugs that set back clans that have put time (and money) into this game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.make foundations
2.try to place attached to existing foundations or around your land claim.
3.says land is already claimed even when it is owned by you.

This is a known bug for a very long time. Log off where the land claim is and log back in you should be able to build on your land.


But how could an enemy build inside of our land claim? Literally in between three alters spaces evenly apart.

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The game is bugged dunno. It happens to me all the time.

Some days I can build right up to peoples bases other times my land says owned by someone else.

Again logging on and off a few times fixes the issue. As long as you are standing in the problem area it will acknowledge your land eventually.

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Usually right after server restart, it’ll let you reclaim your land. It has to recalc that plane of land claim during restart.

This is a picture of our alter and me trying to place a bedroll after logging off and on 5 times

Hello @ModestNovice, thank you for reaching out!

The team is aware of this issue and it’s being looked into, could you please share further details on how far they’ve built into your claim?

@Hugo here are some pictures of what they have built. As you can see in them they are inside of perfectly spaced out alters, as well as between buildings or huts that we call a “battlefield” for when they try to come and attack our base.

This does suck. But at the same time, i hate altar spamming as well. Doesn’t mean ehat they did was right. I hope they fix this, and some how fix the spam land claim in general. I think both go hand and hand tbh. The more crap for the cpu to calculate, the more chances for exploiting like they did.

We only spam land claim around our base for treb and god purposes. But if you look at the other clan on the server we are fighting they have alter/thrown/ foundations in several key places like brimstone lake and on top of the iron spawn by mounds of the dead. Said clan is trying to ruin the game for people and we are trying to bring the life back to the server.

Oh i know why it is done, but it doesn’t help. And i have been part of clans that do it. I am just saying the health for the game suffers because it is the only way to defend because the siege of raiding is beyond broken. As far as PVP goes, the raid mechanic is just tossed in and not well thought out at all. It is a spam driving component that needs a serious overhaul.

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I agree completely

I think it’s a fair (bomb or trebuchet it if you don’t like it) and viable option in PVP warfare. They aren’t using an exploit. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, alters don’t have as big of a land claim as you would think. If you are ever concerned about holes in your area claim, I would suggest kicking out a clan member. Then have them run the area with sandstone foundations placing them where he or she is able. I can make a bet that’s exactly what they did, ran with a block until they could place down. Placing alters as land claim can end up with many land claim holes due to you having to be further away when placing another alter then you do other building pieces. As for why you can’t build on ”your” land now, it’s because the buildable area has shortened due to two opposing clans having two different claims.


@Zeb awesome, thank you for the feedback. We blew up the places today and started foundation claiming spots between as well. I appreciate the feedback!


No issue, I’m happy to help to be honest. If you have any other questions or need help just tag me whenever. :yum::slight_smile:


We have someone using this exploit on our server. They built within 6 foundations of our base which shouldnt be possible. They also dupe and use other exploits.

Here you go. 6 foundations away.

Silver Fox (@AcSilent) Tweeted:

Rather than using loose placeables such as temples, which do result in smaller, individual claim radius and thus holes in your total claim area, it might be best that you extend your claim with foundations linked to your main base.


That is 6 foundation lengths between two bases. Linking shouldnt matter. I dony think its related to placeable holes.

It doesn’t look like a hole. It just seems to be at the edge of your land claim.